The Next James Bond



This idea has been stuck in my brain for almost a full year! Or whenever the media decided that Idris Elba would make a great James Bond, but apparently the director disagreed with everybody, and even pissed off quite a few people with his comments! I’ve never been interested in the whole “James Bond” hype but I do enjoy the newer films that feature Daniel Craig, but it may be from the fact that I have a huge weakness for anybody with blond hair and baby blue eyes so it may not be about the movies in general!

A fellow blogger and friend Shona wrote a post about her choices of potential James Bonds’ for the future and she even included making the character female by using Natalie Dormer or Emily Blunt instead. Considering I love both of them, I have no problem with this arrangement! After thinking about it every night, I decided that I wanted to list a few of my candidates too!


1.) Gerard Butler

If I had written this post after I watched Gods Of Egypt Mr. Butler would be a little lower on my list. Back in September, my mom rented movies and got London Has Fallen and I ended up loving it so much I watched it twice! (Even bought it for my birthday!)

I think Gerard Butler is the best choice to play James Bond because we’ve seen him play a lot of interesting characters in the past. I would like to see him playing a firm, unability to love, spy if you will that we all love about the James Bond character!


2.) Theo James

The first movie that introduced me to Theo was Underworld: Awakening and I’ve been really interested in the films he’s been in and I think he has a lot of potiental even he never gets the part of James Bond. I think we’ve just scratched the surface of what he can do as an actor.


3.) James McAvoy

I love James, I really do, and I’m not just saying that because he plays an X-Men (same goes to Nicholas below too!), I have watched a couple other movies he’s been in and one that made me think of giving him the role of James Bond is Welcome To The Punch – which I thought was the strangest title so far, but the whole action scenes were amazing! He’s really surprised me lately and I like it!


4.) Nicholas Hoult

Between Nicholas and Theo, these are the two “young ones” of the bunch but I think it’s a good thing because despite the fact that the James Bond character is roughly late 30’s or early 40’s, it means that these two have plenty of time to convince others that either of them could be the next 007 someday!


5.) Charlie Hunnam

Again with the blond hair and baby blue eyes deal, I had to pick Charlie Hunnam!

I think he’s proven himself to be a very serious actor and he’s taken on a lot of fierce, bad-assy roles in the past; which is the reason why I’ve put him so low on my list because I’ve never seen him out of this gritty characters. I think if he was in one film that has some similarities as the James Bond movies where they’re Pierce Brosman era or Daniel Craig, I think it would at least give us an idea if he stands a chance in the lineup.


6.) Tom Hardy

I blame my crush on Tom Hardy on a family friend Mandy, it’s totally her fault! He is very handsome but I also love how stern he is in these action/adventure roles too! I’ve seen him in almost every genre, from a funny role as a spy in This Means War and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises so I think he could be James Bond too!

After writing up this list of guys, I’m going to need a cold shower I think! One thing that I think everybody can agree with me on is that all six look really, really good in a tux so that’s a plus! 😉

What do you think of my list? Who do you think should play James Bond after Daniel Craig retires from the role?


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DIY: Little Turkeys!


Hi 🙂

I think I should come out and say my nana has really surprised me on the fact that she’s been so creative throughout this season! After introducing her to all of the popsicle crafts on Pinterest, she’s really put in the effort in creating new things! I actually figured we’d stop for a month and wait until the last week of November to start on our Christmas crafts because you know those are coming soon!

So when she sent me a batch of different crafts for Thanksgiving, (a variation of turkeys popped into my inbox on Facebook one day! It was scary!) but I didn’t make fun because I was a bit worried on what we were going to do in the three to five hours I tend to stay with her on a weekly basis! She took care of that, but that does mean we are quickly running out of our brand new paints and bottles of glitter!


What you will need for this:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Construction paper or cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Duct Tape (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)

My nana has these old coasters as we’re calling them, they are circular and have two different sides: one is shiny where the other has a grainy texture to it. The last time I tried painting on them, I used the shiny side and it took it forever to dry probably because of how many coats of paint I had to put on it, the one downfall of that side is that shiny texture makes the surface almost slippery, the paint didn’t want to stay where I had put it originally, so it was a pain in the butt! So when we were doing these, I decided to try out the other side and despite the fact I had to put two coats of brown on it, it actually worked a lot better for me!

Before I started painting though, I decided to make my job a lot easier and draw out a half an oval on the bottom of the circle going horizontal for the face of the turkey. After that, I painted big circles for the eyes with white in the upper part of the plain space and once that dried, I painted the surrounding around the eyes and in between with a lighter orange, as it mimicked the flap around its beak. I left that to dry for a bit before I took out the brown again and painted the rest of the area I had made for its face as I didn’t need it anymore. In case you don’t have a brush with tiny bristles, you can use a black Sharpie for the eyes! That’s what we had to use for them!


As far as the back-end of the turkey, where its feathers are located at, we used our popsicle sticks and I tried to remember what a traditional turkey’s feathers would look like, so I chose both gray and orange, but again to make things easier on me, copying what I did with its body, I drew lines in different sections of the sticks of where to stop painting! This helped a lot for the gray! I added another coat of orange just before we glued them onto the turkey itself because I didn’t think the color went down enough, and I’m glad I did that because two didn’t have enough!

Anyways, after they were done drying completely, my nana took out her hot glue gun and put quite a bit of glue on the tops of the sticks and laid the body of the turkey on top of it. We had to weight it down with something heavu so they would all stick, but it looked really cute in the end!


My nana actually didn’t use the coasters for hers, she cut up small circles of left over cardboard and used that as the body for the turkeys instead! Our methods were the basically the same past this point. We both started using popsicle sticks and the first one she created as painted in different colors that matched (or slightly) the glitter that we had left… Afterwards, she cut up a spoon-like shaped face for it with construction paper and used tiny parts of the paper for the mouth, she used white paint and the Sharpie for the eyes! She originally wanted the rest of the body to be covered in glitter, but when went cleaning in her office again, we found bend-y paper shavings and she glued those on it instead!

Her second turkey is mostly the same method as the other one, but the only difference was the body and “feathers” are covered in duct tape! And with using the duct tape too, she only had room for four sticks as to the original six we used for the other two! She had rainbow tape left over and used it instead of painting the areas. She did have to cut out another spoon shape for its face again, and everything about that is the same as the one above!

So what do you think? Would you want to re-create your own turkeys for Thanksgiving or fall in general? 



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Foods I Want In The Fall


Disclaimer: I apologize for anyone reading this post before (or after) their lunch break. You may want to save this for later because it won’t help you out at all.

Hi 🙂

Last year around this time I started to notice something different about my appetite and what I was mostly craving when the temperatures would basically drop. I was in the mood for anything that was going to go down gently and warm, in other words all I wanted was soup.


This year, soup is still something I want. I’ve gone as far as where one morning I went online to the Campbell’s Soup website and looked up all of the soups they make and wrote them out in my notepad so whenever my mom went to the store next, she could possibly find a couple of them for me so I could try them!

Of course, I still want chicken noodle and vegetable soup majority of the time I go over to my nana’s, but those are the only ones that I’ve tried and fell in love with, so I’m open to try others at home with my folks, they seemed to be supportive with that exchange too! So far I only like the potato soups out of the three I’ve had… I mostly go for the chunky kind because I want something that’ll fill me up, not be this hot liquid force going through my body! I’m not saying on really cold day that wouldn’t be a dream come true but in the last two months I’ve wanted chunky style!


I’ve seen it on TV that fall is the “season of baking”, unfortunately, nobody in my family knows how to make homemade snickerdoodles. I feel like they’re like a standard sugar cookie, the only difference is before you bake it, you add cinnamon on top of them. Everybody knows cinnamon is like one of 3 autumnal scents with apples and pumpkins at the top of the list! So they are the ultimate fall cookie to me!


I’m not an apple pie kind of person. I’ve never been into both pies or cheesecakes in my life and I find it strange because everybody seems to like both of them at times and I’m not like that. I’m also not an oatmeal kind of girl either. I’ve tried it at two different points of my life: younger and just recently and I still can’t stand of something warm with such a sweet taste. It’s just weird!

Once autumn comes along, I want a lot of apples! I get cravings for apples in caramel with peanuts! I’ve only ever had it once in my life and ever since I’ve wanted it again. My mom gets me a kid’s meal (not joking!) from Wendy’s because they offer apple slices and I just devour them whenever she puts them on my plate! It’s ridiculous! I’ve also acquired a taste of apple juice despite hating it as a kid! Same goes with grape juice too!

Banana Nut Muffins

When I was in grade school, sometimes I would go down to the cafeteria and have breakfast. Surprisingly, the breakfasts they would serve us were pretty good. I literally still have dreams of a few of them, but the two of the muffins they would make were blueberry and banana nut. I loved them both, but I loved the banana nut muffins than the blueberry.

It took me longer to find another brand of banana based muffins than blueberry! I remember having a huge craving of them one day and I basically had my mom go out on a scavenger hunt at the store to find me some than besides Hostess, because those weren’t good enough in the banana area as they were with blueberry and chocolate chip. And then one day she found these gigantic muffins that became my guiltiest pleasure ever! They’re moist on the inside and the top of it has extra nuts scattered all over and they’re just amazing!

What are your favorite food(s) to eat or snack on in the fall? 


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Birthday Bash | Part 1



So last week was my birthday and the celebration was divided into two days: the actual day of my birth and the following weekend. The reason why we did that is because if I don’t hang out with all of my family, it’s just weird! Even while my sister was gone for 2 hours to collegea a couple of years ago, we went up there to visit for my birthday as a surprise! We have lunch at Steak n Shake, and walk around the campus for a little bit. Blondie might be closer to home nowadays, but between she and Brandon, they both work and have classes during the week so we had to resort in waiting for the weekend to hang out with them.

Besides, I wanted to spend my actual birthday with my nana and the main reason was because since papaw has been gone, holidays and even birthdays are not the same anymore. I know my papaw was around though, because I woke up super early that morning with the story of the fact he never got to finish his Red Lobster meal for two days, because I decided to come early! It was something he would tell me every year, that he never got to eat all of his meal. Sorry papaw!

Despite the fact that it was my day, I originally wanted to keep everything a surprise from my nana, wanted her to have that look on her face of us coming into her house celebrating my birthday like we used to, but in order to make sure somebody baked me a cake, we had to tell her. She told me that she’s still surprised because I had kept that secret for like three months but she understood that making sure there was a cake or in this case cupcakes, was there that I had to spoil the surprise. After telling her, I started making another banner like the candy corn banner we made for Halloween. I made a “Happy” with a selection of dark colors and “Birthday” had the more vintage colors. We even found a green that matched the living room carpet in her house!!

I am a cupcake fan, I think I’ve always been more on the side of cupcakes because I don’t like a big slice of cake as everybody else. I’m also not a big fan of frosting either! I think I’d rather have a naked cake instead! One of these days, I’ll figure out how to make those cake pops because I feel like they’d be more up my alley than anything else! Sorry to continue down this slope, I don’t necessarily like chocolate cake anymore either! This was the one year that I got to have a vanilla cake because half the time it was divided up between my family and my nana and papaw! My papaw was more about ice cream and cookies than he ever was about cake in general though! Well, besides the occasional apple pie at Thanksgiving – that could only be served with chocolate ice cream!

Anyways, she had my mom buy her some skull paper liners for the muffin tins but she’s also used the aluminum foil liners and something about that or the temperature in the kitchen and they became very dough-y after baking! They still looked like cupcakes though, they just looked tough because of the spiders and sugar skulls on the sides of the liners! She baked them the day before my birthday as I wanted to help decorate them. So we colored them with greens, blues, and orange with the white frosting but I wanted to try something that I had seen on TV quite a few times.

I’ve seen where if you don’t have a piping bag you can use a ziplock baggy by snipping off  the sides and just pulling the frosting through the one side that has a decorative tip (I originally had one, but it got lost in the bag!) and just to see what that does. I think it would have worked better for me if I could have seen what I was doing! Since I was using my right foot is my guide, I couldn’t see around it so I was literally checking every five seconds to see if I was even hitting the cupcake at all! We didn’t put a lot of icing into the baggy so I could cover three cupcakes and majority of the frosting went on the bottom of my foot! I think with more practice and maybe switching the feet around, I could do it better!

After that, we just hung out for a bit… looking over some of our family history and talked too much about a secret project. No, I won’t tell you and no, it has nothing to do with my blog or anything for Disability Horizons! 😉 So that’s all I can share about day one of festivities! I’ll have a second post up not next week, but the week after! Next week is already booked up enough as it is!



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Baby Shower!



So, we’re getting down to the wire now! Well sort of, Kristi still has a couple more months to go, but usually after you get the baby shower out of the way things seem to go a little faster in the pregnancy! I like how I say that and yet I have never been pregnant or anything, so I might need to shut up or I’ll have my cousin coming after me!

In the previous post I had mentioned that my family (mom, sister, nana and myself) wouldn’t be able to go up north to the baby shower for multiple reasons. My mom had to work and my sister had made plans to go to Ohio with Brandon’s family that weekend (we had to dogsit Chipper that Saturday and we’re never doing that again!) but like I told Kristi, we were definitely there in spirit! I definitely enjoyed seeing all of the pictures that our family had uploaded during the party though!

It was hosted at Kristi’s apartment at the last minute and it was covered with blue, of course! It looked so cute with the strimmers and balloons all around, I bet her cats didn’t know what to think about them, plus all of the strangers around too! Even though, my Aunt Laurie did capture a picture of one kitten he’s name is “John Wayne” snuggled on an arm rest of a chair!

Now if you remember in the last post, I sort of made a statement saying if I had permission that I would reveal the little dude’s name. Well… I have permission but I have decided to keep it a secret a little while longer, next time I will write about JD will be when he is born, so that’ll be when I reveal his name! I have decided that I will not show his face because I don’t think you need to see his face! I also don’t want somebody to steal the pictures and use it as their own!



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