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It’s weird to believe that Thanksgiving was just last week and now everybody is decorating for Christmas, which depending on where you live, some people put up their Christmas trees the day after Halloween! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of the amount of food you get to eat in one day!

Since Blondie’s fiance Brandon worked in retail on Black Friday, we had to reschedule the whole day. We decided to eat way earlier than we normally do, which is like 2pm. I ate before 11am and had turkey, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, and two and half giant cookies that my sister made! My “normal” lunch time is like around 2pm because people in my house like to sleep in so whenever I found out what time we were going to eat I was like, okay I need to eat supper late enough but not a lot so whenever the food is done, I will be able to eat a lot of it. Now that’s some strategic planning!


Brandon and I sat on the love seat and even shared my little table so he didn’t have to put his plate on his lap like everybody else. One thing that we never do is watch the parade, like I was just happy it wasn’t the news! My favorite part of the parade are the musical numbers, but after I found out at the tender age of 19 that they were all lip-singing and not playing the instruments, I was very bummed! I still love the dancing though! After we were finished eating, I want to say like 10 minutes my dad just says “well, I think I will go back to bed now!” and he wasn’t kidding, he actually did go to bed and this prompt my mom and sister and very sleepy Brandon that we should go over to nana’s where the rest of my family was getting ready for their own feast.

Notice the ball on the right side!
Notice the ball on the right side!

We weren’t there for like an hour yet and we somehow had to go outside for family pictures, because my aunt and uncle brought down a fairly size table and extra chairs into the living room, so we didn’t have any more room to take pictures in there. My cousins brought down their camera and had trouble getting it set up on the tripod and timer. At one point, we had to use nana’s trash can to prop the camera on because it would not focus. As all of this was going on, majority of us that didn’t bring jackets (like moi) were freezing their asses off! Once we were done, we went back inside and then somebody suggested we do the manniquin challenge. I cannot tell you how many tries we did, our family is not one to shut up and hold for a minute or two so this was its own challenge, but we made it though!

Everybody mostly ate ham as the turkey took its time cooking in the oven. We also stuffed out faces of fruit and vegetables! I was honestly still full from my breakfast-lunch feat back at the house because the only things I ate over at my nana’s were grapes and vanilla ice cream later that evening!

We had some special guests come down this year, my cousin Amy who usually goes to her dad’s for the holiday came down that morning and only stayed until about 4pm after the mini food fight she and my mom had in the kitchen made her sort of late because they both had to get the hair washed by the end of it! Our second guest was a very close family friend Brittany, she was the one to film our winning manniquin challenge for us! We also had a late arrival with my cousin Kristi and her boyfriend Joe got there just in time for the turkey. Once we had our last vistors, we went back into the living room where we did one last family photo where again, we had trouble with the timer but at that point we were delirious and could not stop laughing if our lives depended on it! Trust me, I have an embarrassing picture of me with my mouth wide open to prove it!

To end the day, the kids, who are my oldest cousin’s kids, Dalas and Lynn helped me put up the tree as my mom took Blondie home. When I was working with the little ones, I started to realize how tired I was, so I didn’t fight when my mom came back to pick me up. I was actually a little bit happy to go home and lie down in my bed.

All in all, this Thanksgiving was pretty good! Lots and lots of laughter was involved and that made everything better. We all still wish that papaw could have been there, but knowing him he was probably glad he wasn’t considering how loud we were getting as the hours went on and I can’t blame him for that either! However, I still think he would have enjoyed our crazyness especially the dogs chasing after each other while everybody was standing in doorways and kitchen!


How was your Thanksgiving if you celebrated it? What is one thing you are thankful for this year?


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