Christmas Wishlist


So I’ve decided to do “Blogmas” again and despite the fact that December officially starts in two days, I had to put this post up earlier for my family so if you find some mistakes within the post I apologize in advance!

I’ve actually grown to do my wishlists like this now. The whole banner part still sucks, because of the various picture sizes and all that, but I like being able to figure out what I’d like to have for Christmas and my family doesn’t have to ask my mom a hundred times on what I want for the holidays! I feel like while I was making out the banner alone, I felt like a five year old was making it out because of the amount of kid things I had included or saved on Pinterest.

I’d like to point out that some items on the banner are used as an example, like on the picture below some don’t have links because those are ideas for gifts in that category. I’ve selected a plaid shirt on the picture, doesn’t mean you should only get me plaid shirts, anything works!

1. Celtic Woman - Decade 2. Faded Glory Women's Popover Plaid Shirt 3. Beauty and the Beast DVD 4. e.l.f. Jack Of All Shades Nail Polish Set 5. Keebler's Fudge Stripe Cookies 6. Ferreo Rocher 7. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Pajamas
1. Celtic Woman – Decade 2. Faded Glory Women’s Popover Plaid Shirt 3. Beauty and the Beast DVD 4. e.l.f. Jack Of All Shades Nail Polish Set 5. Keebler’s Fudge Stripe Cookies 6. Ferrero Rocher 7. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Pajamas

When January comes, I’m going to be starting on my secret project and I need music that I can listen to that doesn’t require my laptop. I’m going old school, so let’s talk about CDs! I’m looking for something that’ll help me stay productive and instrumentals, new age, and soundtracks/scores are some of my favorites! This is where Celtic Woman comes in, because the “Decade” album being around $40. On the soundtrack side, I like James Horner for the films “Titanic” and “Avatar” a lot! You could also look into artists like Philip Wesley (Transend and Dark Night Of The Soul), Jennifer Thomas (Illumination), Escala (eScala), Lindsey Stirling (Lindsey Stirling and Shatter Me), The Glitch Mob (Drink The Sea), and Bassnectar (Into The Sun).

So I like for more plaid shirts, whether they’re long or short sleeves I don’t care. Right now, I have three that I can still wear but I really like wearing them in the wintertime. I’ve recently figured out that I only have one sweater in my closet right now. It is black and white and covered in skulls but I don’t have any plain sweaters. I still don’t understand how that keeps happening!

We’re moving onto the subject of movies! Now this is where things get kind of weird because I went through the Wal-Mart website and literally had a hayday looking through all of the Disney films. I have a vast amount of Disney classics on my DVR but I am still missing a few others. I’ve been worried that Beauty and the Beast will be going back into the vault soon and I won’t be able to get my copy, so this is like at the highest part of my list in my head! As far as the others, The Aristocats, Oliver & Company, Pocahontas II, and Aladdin and the King Of Theives

If you didn’t know by now, I have an un-healthy obsession with nail polishes. This ideas kind of came out with my mom, nana, aunt and uncle were doing some Black Friday shopping in our hometown, we were in Dollar General and we were in the gift/Christmas aisle and I literally looked up for a moment and saw these small bags full of different nail polishes and now I want one! I don’t care if they come in a bag or a box, as long as it’s more than one it’s good with me!

Again, this is another section that wasn’t left with a link attached with their numbers because they can be a mixture of things honestly! You know we’re getting older when you start asking Santa for snacks and chocolate! While we were out shopping, I came across two types of cookies I’ve been craving but I wasn’t sure what they were called exactly, so I was glad to finally see them at the store! I do like Fudge Stripe cookies but I also love Iced Oatmeal Cookies. They’re like the all-year round gingerbread cookies, for a good chunk of my life I thought these were gingerbread! On the candy side, I like starburst, sour gummi worms, skittles, dark chocolate, Twix, Butterfinger, and Kit Kats. Don’t ask me to choose between fruity or chocolate because it can’t be done!

And lastly to finish out the clothes area, I really love pajama sets! If you can only find fuzzy pajama bottoms that’ll work too! I love the kiddie themes, like Winnie The Pooh (I already have Eeyore!), Marvel or DC, and Mickey. I’m not really into Star Wars and I can’t wear oneises either!

I tried to keep everything relativity cheap, the only thing that was pricey was the Celtic Woman album, but that is their collection over the last ten years, not counting their newest albums “Destiny” or “Voices Of Angels”, if you feel that is too much money, just purchase “Destiny” instead as that is what I listen to the most right now!

To all of my family, if you’re interested to find out my sizes, ask my mom because Blondie won’t know it either! 🙂

What’s on your Christmas list this year? 


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