Birthday Bash | Part 1



So last week was my birthday and the celebration was divided into two days: the actual day of my birth and the following weekend. The reason why we did that is because if I don’t hang out with all of my family, it’s just weird! Even while my sister was gone for 2 hours to collegea a couple of years ago, we went up there to visit for my birthday as a surprise! We have lunch at Steak n Shake, and walk around the campus for a little bit. Blondie might be closer to home nowadays, but between she and Brandon, they both work and have classes during the week so we had to resort in waiting for the weekend to hang out with them.

Besides, I wanted to spend my actual birthday with my nana and the main reason was because since papaw has been gone, holidays and even birthdays are not the same anymore. I know my papaw was around though, because I woke up super early that morning with the story of the fact he never got to finish his Red Lobster meal for two days, because I decided to come early! It was something he would tell me every year, that he never got to eat all of his meal. Sorry papaw!

Despite the fact that it was my day, I originally wanted to keep everything a surprise from my nana, wanted her to have that look on her face of us coming into her house celebrating my birthday like we used to, but in order to make sure somebody baked me a cake, we had to tell her. She told me that she’s still surprised because I had kept that secret for like three months but she understood that making sure there was a cake or in this case cupcakes, was there that I had to spoil the surprise. After telling her, I started making another banner like the candy corn banner we made for Halloween. I made a “Happy” with a selection of dark colors and “Birthday” had the more vintage colors. We even found a green that matched the living room carpet in her house!!

I am a cupcake fan, I think I’ve always been more on the side of cupcakes because I don’t like a big slice of cake as everybody else. I’m also not a big fan of frosting either! I think I’d rather have a naked cake instead! One of these days, I’ll figure out how to make those cake pops because I feel like they’d be more up my alley than anything else! Sorry to continue down this slope, I don’t necessarily like chocolate cake anymore either! This was the one year that I got to have a vanilla cake because half the time it was divided up between my family and my nana and papaw! My papaw was more about ice cream and cookies than he ever was about cake in general though! Well, besides the occasional apple pie at Thanksgiving – that could only be served with chocolate ice cream!

Anyways, she had my mom buy her some skull paper liners for the muffin tins but she’s also used the aluminum foil liners and something about that or the temperature in the kitchen and they became very dough-y after baking! They still looked like cupcakes though, they just looked tough because of the spiders and sugar skulls on the sides of the liners! She baked them the day before my birthday as I wanted to help decorate them. So we colored them with greens, blues, and orange with the white frosting but I wanted to try something that I had seen on TV quite a few times.

I’ve seen where if you don’t have a piping bag you can use a ziplock baggy by snipping off  the sides and just pulling the frosting through the one side that has a decorative tip (I originally had one, but it got lost in the bag!) and just to see what that does. I think it would have worked better for me if I could have seen what I was doing! Since I was using my right foot is my guide, I couldn’t see around it so I was literally checking every five seconds to see if I was even hitting the cupcake at all! We didn’t put a lot of icing into the baggy so I could cover three cupcakes and majority of the frosting went on the bottom of my foot! I think with more practice and maybe switching the feet around, I could do it better!

After that, we just hung out for a bit… looking over some of our family history and talked too much about a secret project. No, I won’t tell you and no, it has nothing to do with my blog or anything for Disability Horizons! 😉 So that’s all I can share about day one of festivities! I’ll have a second post up not next week, but the week after! Next week is already booked up enough as it is!



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