This Thanksgiving



It’s weird to believe that Thanksgiving was just last week and now everybody is decorating for Christmas, which depending on where you live, some people put up their Christmas trees the day after Halloween! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of the amount of food you get to eat in one day!

Since Blondie’s fiance Brandon worked in retail on Black Friday, we had to reschedule the whole day. We decided to eat way earlier than we normally do, which is like 2pm. I ate before 11am and had turkey, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, and two and half giant cookies that my sister made! My “normal” lunch time is like around 2pm because people in my house like to sleep in so whenever I found out what time we were going to eat I was like, okay I need to eat supper late enough but not a lot so whenever the food is done, I will be able to eat a lot of it. Now that’s some strategic planning!


Brandon and I sat on the love seat and even shared my little table so he didn’t have to put his plate on his lap like everybody else. One thing that we never do is watch the parade, like I was just happy it wasn’t the news! My favorite part of the parade are the musical numbers, but after I found out at the tender age of 19 that they were all lip-singing and not playing the instruments, I was very bummed! I still love the dancing though! After we were finished eating, I want to say like 10 minutes my dad just says “well, I think I will go back to bed now!” and he wasn’t kidding, he actually did go to bed and this prompt my mom and sister and very sleepy Brandon that we should go over to nana’s where the rest of my family was getting ready for their own feast.

Notice the ball on the right side!
Notice the ball on the right side!

We weren’t there for like an hour yet and we somehow had to go outside for family pictures, because my aunt and uncle brought down a fairly size table and extra chairs into the living room, so we didn’t have any more room to take pictures in there. My cousins brought down their camera and had trouble getting it set up on the tripod and timer. At one point, we had to use nana’s trash can to prop the camera on because it would not focus. As all of this was going on, majority of us that didn’t bring jackets (like moi) were freezing their asses off! Once we were done, we went back inside and then somebody suggested we do the manniquin challenge. I cannot tell you how many tries we did, our family is not one to shut up and hold for a minute or two so this was its own challenge, but we made it though!

Everybody mostly ate ham as the turkey took its time cooking in the oven. We also stuffed out faces of fruit and vegetables! I was honestly still full from my breakfast-lunch feat back at the house because the only things I ate over at my nana’s were grapes and vanilla ice cream later that evening!

We had some special guests come down this year, my cousin Amy who usually goes to her dad’s for the holiday came down that morning and only stayed until about 4pm after the mini food fight she and my mom had in the kitchen made her sort of late because they both had to get the hair washed by the end of it! Our second guest was a very close family friend Brittany, she was the one to film our winning manniquin challenge for us! We also had a late arrival with my cousin Kristi and her boyfriend Joe got there just in time for the turkey. Once we had our last vistors, we went back into the living room where we did one last family photo where again, we had trouble with the timer but at that point we were delirious and could not stop laughing if our lives depended on it! Trust me, I have an embarrassing picture of me with my mouth wide open to prove it!

To end the day, the kids, who are my oldest cousin’s kids, Dalas and Lynn helped me put up the tree as my mom took Blondie home. When I was working with the little ones, I started to realize how tired I was, so I didn’t fight when my mom came back to pick me up. I was actually a little bit happy to go home and lie down in my bed.

All in all, this Thanksgiving was pretty good! Lots and lots of laughter was involved and that made everything better. We all still wish that papaw could have been there, but knowing him he was probably glad he wasn’t considering how loud we were getting as the hours went on and I can’t blame him for that either! However, I still think he would have enjoyed our crazyness especially the dogs chasing after each other while everybody was standing in doorways and kitchen!


How was your Thanksgiving if you celebrated it? What is one thing you are thankful for this year?


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Christmas Wishlist


So I’ve decided to do “Blogmas” again and despite the fact that December officially starts in two days, I had to put this post up earlier for my family so if you find some mistakes within the post I apologize in advance!

I’ve actually grown to do my wishlists like this now. The whole banner part still sucks, because of the various picture sizes and all that, but I like being able to figure out what I’d like to have for Christmas and my family doesn’t have to ask my mom a hundred times on what I want for the holidays! I feel like while I was making out the banner alone, I felt like a five year old was making it out because of the amount of kid things I had included or saved on Pinterest.

I’d like to point out that some items on the banner are used as an example, like on the picture below some don’t have links because those are ideas for gifts in that category. I’ve selected a plaid shirt on the picture, doesn’t mean you should only get me plaid shirts, anything works!

1. Celtic Woman - Decade 2. Faded Glory Women's Popover Plaid Shirt 3. Beauty and the Beast DVD 4. e.l.f. Jack Of All Shades Nail Polish Set 5. Keebler's Fudge Stripe Cookies 6. Ferreo Rocher 7. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Pajamas
1. Celtic Woman – Decade 2. Faded Glory Women’s Popover Plaid Shirt 3. Beauty and the Beast DVD 4. e.l.f. Jack Of All Shades Nail Polish Set 5. Keebler’s Fudge Stripe Cookies 6. Ferrero Rocher 7. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Pajamas

When January comes, I’m going to be starting on my secret project and I need music that I can listen to that doesn’t require my laptop. I’m going old school, so let’s talk about CDs! I’m looking for something that’ll help me stay productive and instrumentals, new age, and soundtracks/scores are some of my favorites! This is where Celtic Woman comes in, because the “Decade” album being around $40. On the soundtrack side, I like James Horner for the films “Titanic” and “Avatar” a lot! You could also look into artists like Philip Wesley (Transend and Dark Night Of The Soul), Jennifer Thomas (Illumination), Escala (eScala), Lindsey Stirling (Lindsey Stirling and Shatter Me), The Glitch Mob (Drink The Sea), and Bassnectar (Into The Sun).

So I like for more plaid shirts, whether they’re long or short sleeves I don’t care. Right now, I have three that I can still wear but I really like wearing them in the wintertime. I’ve recently figured out that I only have one sweater in my closet right now. It is black and white and covered in skulls but I don’t have any plain sweaters. I still don’t understand how that keeps happening!

We’re moving onto the subject of movies! Now this is where things get kind of weird because I went through the Wal-Mart website and literally had a hayday looking through all of the Disney films. I have a vast amount of Disney classics on my DVR but I am still missing a few others. I’ve been worried that Beauty and the Beast will be going back into the vault soon and I won’t be able to get my copy, so this is like at the highest part of my list in my head! As far as the others, The Aristocats, Oliver & Company, Pocahontas II, and Aladdin and the King Of Theives

If you didn’t know by now, I have an un-healthy obsession with nail polishes. This ideas kind of came out with my mom, nana, aunt and uncle were doing some Black Friday shopping in our hometown, we were in Dollar General and we were in the gift/Christmas aisle and I literally looked up for a moment and saw these small bags full of different nail polishes and now I want one! I don’t care if they come in a bag or a box, as long as it’s more than one it’s good with me!

Again, this is another section that wasn’t left with a link attached with their numbers because they can be a mixture of things honestly! You know we’re getting older when you start asking Santa for snacks and chocolate! While we were out shopping, I came across two types of cookies I’ve been craving but I wasn’t sure what they were called exactly, so I was glad to finally see them at the store! I do like Fudge Stripe cookies but I also love Iced Oatmeal Cookies. They’re like the all-year round gingerbread cookies, for a good chunk of my life I thought these were gingerbread! On the candy side, I like starburst, sour gummi worms, skittles, dark chocolate, Twix, Butterfinger, and Kit Kats. Don’t ask me to choose between fruity or chocolate because it can’t be done!

And lastly to finish out the clothes area, I really love pajama sets! If you can only find fuzzy pajama bottoms that’ll work too! I love the kiddie themes, like Winnie The Pooh (I already have Eeyore!), Marvel or DC, and Mickey. I’m not really into Star Wars and I can’t wear oneises either!

I tried to keep everything relativity cheap, the only thing that was pricey was the Celtic Woman album, but that is their collection over the last ten years, not counting their newest albums “Destiny” or “Voices Of Angels”, if you feel that is too much money, just purchase “Destiny” instead as that is what I listen to the most right now!

To all of my family, if you’re interested to find out my sizes, ask my mom because Blondie won’t know it either! 🙂

What’s on your Christmas list this year? 


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A Day Of Thanks



I love Thanksgiving! To me it’s the perfect holiday of absolute fun and chaos all built into one day! You have family members working on the meal itself while the kids watch TV or if it was nice outside, they played out in the yard. If you needed alcohol to get through the day, that was your business and nobody was going to try to talk you out of it because that other person might need a sip later!

My family was quite different, there was always chaos but it was mostly from the fact that it was such a small kitchen and everybody would be crammed in the amount of space left in the room. We would have tons of conversations going at once, sometimes it was just stories in general or people directing what to do next if they were in charge of a dish. Alcohol wasn’t necessarily a big thing in our times together either, which considering by the time food was in the oven, there were already enough headaches going around that I don’t think they wanted to wake up in a hangover that next morning!

This year will be our first major holiday without my papaw.

It’s still fresh in our minds that he’s not here. I am not big at talking about it out loud but while I was very excited to celebrate my birthday at the start of the month I woke up that morning, feeling very emotional because I knew my papaw wasn’t going to be there to help celebrate it. So I understand the feeling of everybody getting together for Thanksgiving and feeling sort of weird and possibly ashamed to have fun without him.

In order to make this post a happy one, I wanted to talk about the good times that we got to have with my papaw during Thanksgiving.

My papaw was very infamous at falling asleep in the middle of anything! A conversation, a game, or just simply having the family all in one room! My sister actually took video one time where she went over the entire room and everybody’s talking or making faces on camera and there’s papaw sitting in the doorway with his eyes shut and head down into his chest. It was so normal that we all thought it was hilarious mixed in with a little cute!

He and my nana were always getting their plates first, he always claimed a leg and would put it on display with a big ole smile on his face! Turkey was the main event and he loved it that my dad, his son-in-law would make for the day.

When it came down to desserts, there were basically only two pies that made their appearance at the table: pumpkin and apple. The only pie that my papaw would eat was the apple but of course a simple dollop of whipped cream wouldn’t suffice, he was very specific that you should only eat apple pie with chocolate ice cream on the side. Apparently, it was a genetic thing on his side of the family but as far as I know nobody else likes it that way! All of the grandkids would have to ask to borrow an ice cream bar because we honestly weren’t into the pies. Of course, later on nana would make a sheet cake for anybody who didn’t want pie and the icing and rest of the whipped cream would be left for the big food fight at the end of the day!

This year, it’s going to be hard to not have our head of the table sitting in silence, enjoying every bite whether it was savory or sweet. It’s going to be difficult to not see him trying to watch something on TV with everybody talking or in some cases yelling back and forth because he’d just turn up the volume. We swear he would do this to piss off nana! By that time, sometimes he’d just give up and go upstairs or go back to bed, which confused us because we were a loud bunch of goofballs when we’re together! No wonder the night of one Thanksgiving, he swore we were making so much noise that the neighbors would call the cops on us!

I don’t know what’s in store for today with my family. I just hope everybody’s positive and thankful that we can remember these memories of spending Thanksgiving as a family and laugh at all of the stupid crap we’ve all done and possibly going to do down the road. I don’t want to ever forget about those times, no matter how old I get, they’ll always live on in my mind.

Hope you are enjoying your day! 🙂


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OOTD: Sweater Weather!



So when I had written up my second birthday bash post I forgot to add my second “birthday outfit” and when I went back through to see if I could squeeze it in anywhere I realized that I should just make it a stand alone post! Remember the other OOTD I did and I said it wouldn’t be my birthday without some skulls? I think I might’ve overdid it with this one!

There are a couple of shirts up in my closet that I do know I have but I keep forgetting about them! This one is one of those shirts and it’s a freaking sweater! I still had to wear a tank top underneath it but nevertheless a sweater! I really like it, unfortunately I can’t tell you where I got it because I don’t have a clue!

It’s a white, thick sweater with a few black skull and crossbones on the front of it, some of them have rhimestones on them and a couple of them don’t and they didn’t even come off in the wash, they just don’t have little circles where they would be placed on the design! As far as pants go, I kept up with the whole sweater vibe! My leggings have that knitting or sweater quality to them, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them before on a couple of OOTDs! There are very warm, they were warmer than the actual sweater and tank top!

I decided to leave my hair down for this OOTD which is something I don’t normally do because my hair has gotten so long that it’s just a pain in the ass! I know my folks want me to have it cut, but it’s only going to get colder and I’ve had my hair short in the winter months and it’s not fun so I think I’m just going to toughen it out until hopefully March and by that time it might get as long as it did before I had my back surgeries in 2002! Yes, that is the last time I had really long hair!


So what do you think about this outfit? Yay or nay? What is your favorite sweater to wear in the fall/winter?


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Birthday Bash | Part 2



So I know it seems a bit of a gap from the previous post of the birthday festivities, so if you would like refresh yourself here’s part one!

This post contains what my mom, Blondie, Brandon, and I did on the Saturday of my birthday week. My dad was supposed to go with us, but he was basically up and down the night before so he didn’t feel like going; in ways I felt weird it was only to be the three of us going to Evansville, and I really felt bad for Brandon considering he was the only male out of three females! Now he knows what my dad went through before he came into the picture!

I’ve been wanting to go back to Barnes & Noble when we first there in 2012. I would have been fine if my mom had just left me there! I’ve been looking forward to go back because I love being around books. Libraries make me feel a bit weary, mostly because of the amount of people I know that work in our hometown library, but I don’t necessarily get the same feeling as going into Barnes & Noble! There were a couple of things that were different from the first time around:

  1. I was in a manual wheelchair, so I was being pushed around.
  2. My mom and I literally went into every corner of the store!

The last time we were there, I had went online and actually looked up where my books would be located in the actual store. This time I didn’t and I actually liked that because I was able to see everything (well, almost!) but at first I wasn’t necessarily able to find anything I really liked or needed. My mom was finding books for herself and since she pushed me around, I would stop in the middle of looking for books for myself and she’d get into a daze whenever she’d find a book by an author she likes. I’m pretty sure we did this like three times! We were also sent there to find things for my nana too! So we were finding everything for them, but me… until I found a book from the opposite side of the floor..

There is one other book that I bought that wasn’t even on my list to begin with, sort of like the first book I bought, but I love anything on royalty I want to get it so in other words I caved!

When we first walked into the store though it was kind of funny, because poor Brandon had never been into a Barnes & Noble before, so this was his first experience! Once he was inside and he showed me a Marvel fact book (that I ended up buying for the both of us at the end of the trip!) and he basically took off from us, Blondie would go back and forth to us and find him throughout the store! He only bought a Funko toy of Batman. Blondie got like four books about serial killers – if you want to know what that’s about, you should read her new Odyssey article called Why I Chose The Not So Normal Major. 

I have been working on a secret project for the past month or so, and it’s one that I’ve been sort of afraid to discuss out loud but I figured I would share what I prompted this trip to Barnes & Noble in the first place.. I’m only missing one more book because I forgot to go back to get it before we left.

After checking out and realizing that not only did I leave there with only a $1.50 in my wallet, but my mom forgot about one of my books in the bag we grabbed when we first walked in the place, so she had to pay for it and so that meant I went over my budget which I have to say, I don’t care it’ll be worth it later! Anyways, when we got outside and my mom put me into the car, as Brandon was loading the wheelchair into the back I guess one of the wheels came off and at one point, my mom came at me and said, “okay, so no Steak n Shake for lunch”  but like a minute later Brandon snapped the wheel back onto the chair and she came back again and said, “ok, never mind he got it!” and we went to my favorite place to eat out.

15027654_10202150465081203_2052377124398795471_nThe last time we went there was when my friend Brittany surprised me with tickets to see Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown in concert back in May, still think that was pretty evil but I still love the place! Since that day I was in my papaw’s wheelchair, I was shorter and I was unable to feed myself at the table. There’s nothing worse than having somebody else feeding you when you’ve been able to do at home. So when it came to this visit, I was a bit worried but luckily I was at the same height as the table so I was able to eat like I do at home. I was very happy and usually whenever I get this chance, my anxiety will heighten as well because I’m usually worried about people watching me eat but I did not care! I was just ecstatic that I could feed myself – with the occasional spoonful of my milkshake whenever it wouldn’t go through my straw! It was a good lunch date!

The weekend before my birthday, our video store was holding a sale if you bought 10 movies you’d get them for $10, so I was really wanted to go because I knew I had exactly $10 in my wallet. So my mom and I went there Friday morning and went through the whole place because they can never put the ones on sale in their section to make things easier for us! I only found 5 movies out of the 10 and so we couldn’t get to do the actual sale, so that part sucked but I did purchase 5 different movies!

I also need to mention that there is always a perk that my birthday is the day after Halloween, because everything is on sale on my actual birthday! One year, my mom found me some skull napkins at the store and I think they’re too awesome so I’ve never used them! She saw this wreath at the dollar store and noticed the colors alone would make fall in love with it. It’s covered in purple bats, but I think it’s so cute! Right now, it’s located where we put my candy corn banner on my wall! I’m just happy, it makes less noise whenever the fan blows on that section of the room!


So what do you think of the selection above? I might discuss a little bit more about three of the books I got, the reference books on a later post but don’t get your hopes up!


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