Tune Tuesday | Sweden 2016


We’re finally in October and I’m really sad because after next week, this summer’s Tune Tuesday rota will be over! Don’t worry, I’m in the early works of creating 2017’s! Usually when I get to the last five countries, I’m really happy that it’s almost over, but this year I figured out a way to keep myself interested with creating each country. I added a lot of new countries this year and I had fun sharing the new music I have found in the last year or so!

This week we are in Sweden. Which is another country that I seem to have a plethora of musicians to discuss every year. I think Sweden is an interesting country and has a very steady stream of great music.

I want to first talk about Elliphant, she is an artist that I’ve heard about over the years but never really listened to before she was featured on a Major Lazer song on their album “Peace Is The Mission” that came out in July 2015. I know she has a new song called “Spoon Me” with Skrillex. She is a very quirky singer so majority of her music is somewhat weird but also at the same time very good too!

The second act I’m going to talk about is The Murder Of My Sweet, which are a metal band of course! They have an symphonic rock feel to them, but they’re mostly cinematic rock, which you’d think is the same thing but it’s not. I’ve found the cinematic rock genre is a little more mellow and albums have some concept to them. Cinematic rock is music you would probably hear on your favorite TV shows and movies! So that’s why I like them, because they’re very unique in the music they make!

What do you think? Have you heard of any of these acts?