Tune Tuesday | Romania 2016


This is my last new spot I added onto the 2016 Tune Tuesday worldwide roster! And what’s weird is that it was the first place to be added onto my list after discovering the two singers I’m sharing today!

The first artist I’m going to talk about has had quite a few dance tracks make it onto the Billboard top music charts in the past. Alexandra Stan is a very known dance vocalist with her track “Mr. Saxobeat” in 2010. You can’t tell me everytime you hear it you just sit still? I sure as hell don’t! She’s released a lot of new music since then and this year she released a brand new album “Alesta” in early March.

Last summer Alexandra released a track with fellow Romanian singer Inna and a rapper that was featured in last week’s post about Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee called “We Wanna” which I throughly enjoyed too much! Inna has been making music 2009, her latest album had a track called “Diggy Down” which was also played a lot around the same time. It features the medley of American act Marian Hill’s song “Got It” and at one time I was so confused because I was listening to both songs so much!

Unfortunately, the tracks I’ve listed above for both artists are the only songs that have managed to reach on the top US music charts. I don’t even think either of Alexandra or Inna’s albums are out in my neck of woods! And I have to say, it really sucks!

What do you think? Have you heard of these ladies and their music?