Tune Tuesday | Puerto Rico 2016



I’m a bit excited since this week and next will be about the last two new countries that were added to this cycle of Tune Tuesday! I regret not talking about Puerto Rico years ago when I first created this theme!

I think I should start with somebody that we all know or at least should know since probably 2006-07 when he first came out of the mainstream hip hop radio with his hit “Gasolina” which I have to say, you can’t find anywhere else but YouTube! Daddy Yankee is who I am talking about today. In 2006 I think I had my parents get me a CD of his and they did, which my dad was very concerned about because and I quote “why do you want an album that you can’t understand a word he says” sadly they both keep asking this question! Anyways, a good chunk of the album is just live and it ends with like five or six that are just studio version.

Next is a famous duo from Puerto Rico called Wisin & Yandel and I can’t remember exactly how I heard their music for the first time. I barely heard about Daddy Yankee, because I found out him at the end of MTV’s music shows. I want to say, maybe from the Fast & Furious films! I don’t know, but they’re really good, again you can’t understand them because they hardly ever speak English which is fine. Even though they have disbanded, doesn’t mean they both have sucky music careers without the other. They’re very powerful both ways!

If it wasn’t for Daddy Yankee and other latino rappers I’m pretty sure I would hate the whole rap genre! As for all three, if I hadn’t found any of them I doubt I’d ever like Raggaeton as much as I do!

Do you know any more musicians from Puerto Rico that I need to listen to?