Why I Won’t Use Audible


Hi 🙂

Audible seems to be something that people enjoy, they use it on their phones to read a book. You hear a voice and it tells you the story while you’re working or driving in the car. For a lot of people, it’s a good investment, but for me this invention makes me relive bad memories of my childhood.

When I was in elementary school, I had a tough time reading. My family really tried everything to get me to read to the point we went to the library a few times and brought home those little cassette tapes with the book itself. Old school Audible! Since I was already a slow reader, I was even worse with this. I made a habit of losing my place and finding it way later. Whenever we used the tapes in school, I’d be the one who would be way behind or whenever we’d turn the pages I’d end up getting two because they would get caught in the sleeves of my pants! It was embarrassing!


Now as I’ve gotten older and seeing the advertisements for Audible every time I go on Goodreads or watch one of my favorite Booktuber channels, I still cringe. I don’t think I’d like it. Even though I wouldn’t be in a big group of people, but in some cases, I wasn’t in a large group of kids while we sat hearing the book. I just don’t think it would be good on my self-esteem. I think I’d go back to feeling dumb again. I also think I wouldn’t know what the book was about if I use it either. I’ll just stick to my Kindle and paperbacks if you don’t mind!

I just feel better sitting there silently reading to myself. I can comprehend what I am reading and what is going on in the story, whereas I have no idea whether I used the tapes or read it out loud, my brain would be off in Neverland I guess! It’s hard to explain because I feel I was the only one who was going through this and everybody was buzzing by without a problem. I know that’s not exactly true, but for a while that’s how I felt.

I hope I haven’t offended anybody by writing this post. I just decided I needed to voice my opinion on the growing popularity of the app.

I am interested in hearing of your thoughts about Audible? Do you use it? If not, why keeps you away from it?



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