Tune Tuesday | Poland 2016



We’re back for another week!

This time we’re in Poland, this country along with a couple of others are slowly becoming favorites. Mostly because I’m not relying on my friends to help me find music acts from their homelands. Although, I’m pretty sure my friend Ania doesn’t mind at all! She’s given me a good selection in the past so I should never have to worry about running out for a while!

Like I said before though, I didn’t need to ask her for this year’s because I found both musicians all by myself!

First up is Magda, who is an EDM artist. I was looking for more female DJs one afternoon and I stumbled upon her in the process. I actually found out about her like a month after I finished with last year’s Tune Tuesday cycle. I mentally wrote her name out to remember for this year. Somehow like a few other acts, I manage to remember for all this time. She doesn’t seem to have a YouTube channel of her songs. So I’ve had to settle with a mix she’s done either in the past or recently!

Lastly, I found this band back in April, which was cutting it a little close! I’ve had to add last minute acts before thank god, but still it was good timing! The band is called Kingdom Waves, and they seem to be more of a progressive symphonic metal group. They have incorporated a pirate theme into their music! They’re very interesting! Ania had never heard of them before and had to look them and help me make sure that what I was seeing on their Facebook page was indeed Polish! In the songs that I’ve listened have been in English, which is good, but hopefully one day more bands do more music in their native tongue as that’s what I really like about this whole thing!

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