Learning How To Count Money… Again!


Hello peeps!

Today, I am going to talk about something that I feel I should discuss. One of the things that folks seem to think is that people with disabilities can’t do a lot of things that they need to do for when they’re older and honestly I would slightly agree with that statement. There are a lot of people and kids, who will never be able to comprehend certain things that they were taught in school.

Everybody calls me an inspiration for the fact that I can do things with my feet. Here I am, out of school altogether, going to welcome the age of 25 soon and I still don’t know how to do either one. I take pride in never backing down of different challenges. However, there were still two subjects that I was never able to understand: money and the measure systems. There’s nothing to feel ashamed about, it just means that I’m not perfect like everybody seems to think I am.

My teachers and aides gave me a lot of flack about it because it’s something that everybody should know how to do, but I didn’t. I remember everytime an aide or my mom would show me something, it just wouldn’t register in my head.

So one day, I had my mom count up all of my change that I’ve been saving in my little purse. I sat on my bed while she whispered to herself and counted each coin. I felt bad for having her do that. The next day I went over to my nana’s and I finally asked her something that I desperately needed to learn. I asked if she could teach me how to count money. She teaches me different things, she’s basically the reason why I’ve become this cleaning genie! I want to do everything that a normal housewife would do. I’d be the perfect domestic goddess one day I swear!

And she figured it would be better to draw it out. Luckily, she had a small cardboard, it was as big as a piece of paper and she started tracing around the quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies into rows and wrote out how much they would be at the end. Like, four quarters equals a dollar and ten pennies equals 10 cents. I decided to write out what each coin had on the back of them so I could (hopefully) remember them, so that’s what the bottom of this picture means!


After she got done with that, she started to show me some examples. Do you remember those long, written out math problems you had to answer on a practice sheet or test? She used one of those questions and I thought my head was going to explode! This one here was pretty simple, I put my original answer next to it, but as I was thinking about it more, I realized that there was another way too!

How much change would you need for 28 cents? A quarter and eight pennies or a quarter, one nickel with three pennies!

I dreaded ever having to count my own change that’s why I just preferred to have dollars, but that’s what we get to deal with the next time I come over. God help me!  

I was pretty proud of myself, because while I clean for her I take the extra change I find and I collected 14 cents, so as my mom was putting me into my room after we left, I started to think how much money I had now and I only had to check with my mom once after I confused myself again. Honestly, I think I have over analyzed the whole counting money thing. If I can just stop multiplying when I need to add, things might be a whole lot easier for me!

Is there something that you’ve never been able to learn that was taught in school? 



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