Summer 2016 Playlist


Hey guys!

So back in July, for the monthly playlist. I had mentioned that I wanted to wait until the end of summer to release the playlist of summer anthems. Every year we have a certain jam that we listened to like crazy and last year it was Major Lazer’s “Lean On” featuring DJ Snake and Mø. Despite the fact that Major Lazer did release a track, I didn’t think it was as great so I am not including it below.

Apparently, I can never pick just one track, hell no! That would be too easy for me! I ended up putting 20 songs! It’s not a good idea to go track down different songs on YouTube! All of the songs are in my opinion great songs that I heard from the end of April to now. So you might agree and disagree with a few of the tracks I’ve listed but that’s okay!

Be sure to look on my Facebook page after reading this as I will be adding two more songs! One is in the rock and the other is pop! 😉

Hope you enjoy it anyways!

Bring Back The Summer by Rain Man featuring OLY
Trumpets by Sak Noel & Savi featuring Sean Paul
Say by Symon
La La Land by DVBBS and Shaun Frank featuring Delaney Jane
I Wanna Know by Alesso
Thief by Ookay
Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya
Need You by Dillion Francis and NGHTMRE
Alone by Marshmello
Ride It by Borgeous, Rvssian, & M.R.I. featuring Sean Paul
Broken Record by Krewella
This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna
In The Name Of Love by Martin Garrix featuring BeBe Rexha
Let Me Love You by DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber
Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey
Wanna Lose You by Borgeous and tyDi
Chase You Down by RUNAGROUND
Superstar by Pegboard Nerds, NGHTMRE, and Krewella
Closer by Elephante featuring Bishøp
Thinking About You by Axwell/\Ingrosso
Invisible Children by KSHMR and Tigerlily

What song(s) do you think deserve the top summer anthem of 2016?


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It’s A …


Oh yes, we were going to talk about something really exciting! I also feel the need to apologize for the fact that I’ve left this go until the end of this month to tell you that we know the sex of my cousin’s little bun in the oven!

If anybody remembers I finally announced it on here back in the middle of June, is that right? In that post, I explained that I kept having dreams about her getting pregnant and having a baby boy. I had dreams from the start of March all the way until it was actually said on Facebook. First of all, I got up around eight in the morning overjoyed for the fact that today was the day everybody would know what it was. Half of my family was seriously divided, her dad – my uncle wanted a girl… really bad! I don’t know if it was because he thought it would be good payback to have her produce a mini Kristi I don’t know. The rest were all of the male side; of course, we didn’t really care as long as it was healthy!

I spent that day at my nana’s and it was the one time where I was perfectly fine that she was glued to her computer. My cousin was smart, she never really said when the appointment was, she only gave us the date of when we’d find out. So I spent a good amount of my day patiently waiting. I got home from my nana’s around 3pm and I decided I needed a break from sitting up, because my back was really hurting so I got offline for an hour. I wasn’t down for long though, because I kept having the urge to look on Facebook for any announcements. The one time where I needed a smartphone so I wouldn’t have to keep closing my laptop to go keep checking was at that moment! I kept having to fight myself the whole time before I gave in and there it was, her status…


My dreams had come true! She would be having a little guy! Once my nana figured out it was a boy, she figured he needed a new nickname. It was “peanut” and for instances it still is, but now that we also know what his name will be, she’s given him the name “J.D.” or “Jelly Donut” this poor kid! Unfortunately, they are having a baby shower where she lives so I don’t think we will be able to make it. It doesn’t mean I can’t blog about it though. And if I get permission, I’ll reveal his name on that post, so be on the lookout for that in a couple of weeks!

Do we have any guesses? What would represent the “J” and “D” in the name? I’d like to see what you think it is!


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Tune Tuesday | Romania 2016


This is my last new spot I added onto the 2016 Tune Tuesday worldwide roster! And what’s weird is that it was the first place to be added onto my list after discovering the two singers I’m sharing today!

The first artist I’m going to talk about has had quite a few dance tracks make it onto the Billboard top music charts in the past. Alexandra Stan is a very known dance vocalist with her track “Mr. Saxobeat” in 2010. You can’t tell me everytime you hear it you just sit still? I sure as hell don’t! She’s released a lot of new music since then and this year she released a brand new album “Alesta” in early March.

Last summer Alexandra released a track with fellow Romanian singer Inna and a rapper that was featured in last week’s post about Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee called “We Wanna” which I throughly enjoyed too much! Inna has been making music 2009, her latest album had a track called “Diggy Down” which was also played a lot around the same time. It features the medley of American act Marian Hill’s song “Got It” and at one time I was so confused because I was listening to both songs so much!

Unfortunately, the tracks I’ve listed above for both artists are the only songs that have managed to reach on the top US music charts. I don’t even think either of Alexandra or Inna’s albums are out in my neck of woods! And I have to say, it really sucks!

What do you think? Have you heard of these ladies and their music? 

Join Me For #Blogoween!


Hi 🙂

So I have been thinking a lot about different things to do in both October and November, mostly October since it’s basically the start of autumn! I have been looking at December and what we bloggers tend to do around that month, which is Blogmas. We blog every day leading up to Christmas. People seem to really enjoy those posts and videos on YouTube, but I am more of a Halloween type of person. So I thought and thought about it, and wondered about creating a “blogmas” type of theme for the month of October?

Thus entered Blogoween. 

I am not claiming the name because my luck and some other soul has created it once before and it didn’t get off the ground, because I had never made any connections. It just sort of came to me in the middle of the night like most things do anymore!

So what do you think, does a Blogoween sound appealing to you? As a reminder with Blogmas, you would be doing only 24 days of the month whereas with Blogoween you would be blogging about it for 30 days! Well, that is if you wanted to blog that amount of time. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be blogging for three days, occasionally adding a day or two on the timeline!

If you decide to join in, I thought since can’t do one of those link-ups, we could keep up with each other through social media? I mostly use Twitter, so I thought we could use the hashtag #Blogoween to read other blogs or vlogs, if you’d like to try that out instead, basically do whatever you want with it! I just figured it would be a fun theme for everybody that loves this time of the year more than say Christmas! But let’s face it, Blogmas or Vlogmas are usually the funnest times of the year!

If you are stumped about what to talk about, I will link below some autumn and ‘Halloweenie’ posts I’ve done in the past, if some of you ladies and gents need some more inspiration!


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Tune Tuesday | Puerto Rico 2016



I’m a bit excited since this week and next will be about the last two new countries that were added to this cycle of Tune Tuesday! I regret not talking about Puerto Rico years ago when I first created this theme!

I think I should start with somebody that we all know or at least should know since probably 2006-07 when he first came out of the mainstream hip hop radio with his hit “Gasolina” which I have to say, you can’t find anywhere else but YouTube! Daddy Yankee is who I am talking about today. In 2006 I think I had my parents get me a CD of his and they did, which my dad was very concerned about because and I quote “why do you want an album that you can’t understand a word he says” sadly they both keep asking this question! Anyways, a good chunk of the album is just live and it ends with like five or six that are just studio version.

Next is a famous duo from Puerto Rico called Wisin & Yandel and I can’t remember exactly how I heard their music for the first time. I barely heard about Daddy Yankee, because I found out him at the end of MTV’s music shows. I want to say, maybe from the Fast & Furious films! I don’t know, but they’re really good, again you can’t understand them because they hardly ever speak English which is fine. Even though they have disbanded, doesn’t mean they both have sucky music careers without the other. They’re very powerful both ways!

If it wasn’t for Daddy Yankee and other latino rappers I’m pretty sure I would hate the whole rap genre! As for all three, if I hadn’t found any of them I doubt I’d ever like Raggaeton as much as I do!

Do you know any more musicians from Puerto Rico that I need to listen to?