NOTM: Go For It!



So I had one other post about my weekend at my nana’s that I told everybody that I would write soon, but since it’s been a couple of weeks I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten a few things and I think it’s just best to skip that post. We also didn’t take very many pictures, it was more of a “be in the moment” kind of weekend and that’s what we actually did, so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to in those four days!

I do have a way of repaying you guys though, in one of the days we went out I bought some new nail polishes. It’s not a weekend away, if I don’t find some new polishes honestly! I keep telling you guys that I’m obsessed and I don’t think anybody believes me ever. I didn’t even last a month with the last pair I had on for July!

These were on the top of the row and I couldn’t reach them so my poor cousin “Mayo” as he would like for me to call him on here, had to grab them for me. It was a hard decision because in between these two colors were like three others that were equally beautiful. I already have plans for next time to just go ahead and grab those other polishes, but maybe not at one time as they were about $5 each!


176 “Mauve It” by Sally Hansen:

I actually got a pink!!

This reminds me of a strawberry yogurt and I know that’s really random, but that’s what came to me first! I picked this and I figured out of the other three plus the one below probably wouldn’t show up as much as it looked inside the bottle. I’ll explain that in a minute! I really liked it though. Despite it being a dark pink, it’s a very cute, feminine shade.


136 “Go For Gold” by Sally Hensen:

I found this one just in time for the Olympics/Paralympics!

Sometimes when you find and purchase nail polishes like this gold one, there’s like a 90% chance that it’s going to take at least five to six coats of polish just for the glitter to show up as good as it does in the bottle. So when I found this I literally went back and forth on whether I wanted it. I ended up getting it but I was secretly praying on our way back to the house that it was the same type of polish I’ve used before many years ago, while it looks sheer it also went on with one one or two coats on each toe!

This was a very lucky investment on my part! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I also bought these two together because they seemed to be like a very girly look. Gold is like black, it’ll basically go with anything! So I’m going to like experimenting with it with my nana’s other polishes!


So what do you think of my new look? Yay or nay?


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Vegas | Hail Caesar!



So last week, we got to read the first installment of the Vegas series; how did you like it? That’s kind of a stupid question to ask considering if you didn’t like it. Oh well…

The night they got in, as you saw in the first post they went out walking around their hotel. So technically it was their first “day” in Las Vegas, they went on different tours around and saw some of the popular landmarks like Caesar’s Palace and MGM. I have a dumb question, what building does that roller coaster connect to? It looks a little weird! Out of everything my sister takes a picture of in her time in Vegas and that’s the one thing I think is weird. I know the strip just memorizes you by all the neon lights but the beauty of the place is best seen in the sunlight I think. She took great pictures of the skyscrapers and of their hotel or castle, whatever you want to call it!

That night after they decided to get to Caesar’s Palace for dinner it seemed like, I never got to ask if they just went inside the place or ate there. As I was busy going through Blondie’s pictures, this little title just came right at me and I just had to go with my gut and use it! She took papaw’s key chain in there too, so he got to see the inside of the building. Afterwards, they went out to Tao. It was a free night there so they got to enjoy themselves in a popular and sometimes celebrity filled place! She told my mom she didn’t see anybody. If anybody is wondering what Blondie is wearing, it’s a sleeveless playsuit she found at Charlotte Russe! She looked hot, I’ll give her that! And Brandon looked pretty good too! I can’t forget about him, he’ll never forgive me!


After they began the rest of the party tours around and the next night, Brandon and Blondie had a date night at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.. This time they wore casual outfits, she wore a dress, it was black with white polka dots all over, but I don’t know what happened to that picture! Anyways,  she ended up getting more night pictures and this time getting more of the area, they almost look aerial!

The next day, they spend it at Marquee at Cosmopolitan, I’m thinking this is like an outdoor party/club. She took video and it was nothing but half naked bodies wooting and hollering with their drinks high in the sky. The ladies of the trip, spent the time in the actual pool enjoying the cool of the water and music nearby. That’s all I can share for now! I’ll try to include more in the next one, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!


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Tune Tuesday | Ireland 2016



We’re back in Ireland this week! I’m so glad to be talking about Irish music again!

I remembered whenever I was going through the archives of my brain of different artists I could talk about for both USA and Australia! Somewhere along the way I stumbled upon Lesley Roy. Her music was a part of my teenage years. I want to say maybe 2006 or 2007! So long ago! While I was busy trying to find whatever happened to her I found out that she stopped singing and went back to songwriting for other artists! I was a little sad when I read that because she has such a real, deep, raspy voice that I felt was the Stevie Nicks of my generation despite the fact that she was in her mid-20s when she released her album Unbeautiful and as I was busy trying to look up videos to use, I also found nothing on her VEVO channel. So I had to result for fan made videos for this post!

Do you know of any other Irish musicians that I need to hear? Please send them to me!