Tune Tuesday | The Netherlands 2016



There are a lot of different countries that I feel I may never have to worry about running out of music, England, Australia, Canada just to name a few… The Netherlands is of course, right up on that list. It’s the main reason why I started doing these posts because I wanted to continue to expand the music that I love to listen to and wanted to learn where these musicians were coming from, it just made the whole experience fun to do it like that!

The last two weeks I’ve talked about a lot of metal bands so I think we need to shake things up with some good EDM music!

Starting with Yellow Claw. Yes please! I remember in mid-November 2014, I was in the middle of my 1D obsession and then I heard this crazy beat and I couldn’t stop myself from dancing to it every time I heard it on the radio! You know which song I’m talking about, or at least you should. It was “Till It Hurts” featuring a fellow Dutch artist Ayden! Dear god, this song was my jam! Hell, it still is! Since then, I try not to discriminate the group. They are really good! A little bit of house and trap, it’s just fantastic!

Another one we have to talk about is Julian Jordan. I still consider him a “newbie” mostly because I don’t necessarily hear his music on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure he’s been out and about since Martin Garrix, so he isn’t a “newbie” at all. He’s been at it for a while! He is pretty good too, just starting to find his sound and have others enjoy it too!

Just because I said I will never run out of Dutch music, doesn’t mean I won’t look up new ones that you guys think I should check out! So send me some my way!

REVIEW | Triple 9


Hey guys!

I hardly ever talk about movies, the only time I do is at the beginning and halfway through the year as part of “movies I want to see in” whatever year it is at the time.

I have finally seen a movie that was included on my Movies I Want To See In 2016 – Part One post and it was Triple 9! I was very excited to watch this, but I didn’t necessarily know what it was about until the day my mom put it on. I watched it on my little DVD player I got for Christmas this past year! I finally got a chance to use it, instead of sit out in the living room with my parents… However, I’m the only one who watched it that weekend so maybe I should have watched it out there.

As I was watching it, I was busy reorganizing a side of my room and after that I started coloring on my bed, so parts of the beginning I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t pay all that attention to, sorry! All I remember was a group of guys made a hit at a fancy bank, used tasers and bombs! Kate Winslet’s character Irina is a Russian Mobster and I’m not joking! The woman is a badass, but the group is essentially working for her. And there are two corrupt cops, one of them being played by Anthony Mackie.

It’s a very interesting story, but it’s also very quick. I feel like some of the scenes were too short, so you don’t know a lot about the way certain characters are or how they became that person. I like getting some background information instead of having to guess, what happened. The only one that makes sense was Michael (Chiwetel Ejiofor), he got Irina’s sister Elena (Gal Gadot) pregnant and now I guess the term, he is her bitch.

In the way I described it for my mom, it’s like if Bad Boys and Takers had a baby, this would be it… However, it was pretty good. Everytime I thought I knew it was “safe” I was wrong, but I liked that! It always kept me guessing!

Have you seen Triple 9 yet? What are your thoughts about it?


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Childhood Dream Come True!



My future brother-in-law just continues to spoil my sister everyday I swear! Like last year when he purchased her tickets to see an idol of hers, Taylor Swift; he might’ve outdone himself with this one! Back in March, he bought themselves two tickets to the Honda Civic Tour: Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato on August 3rd!

Before I actually start this post, I thought I’d explain the title.

Growing up, I had a thing for boy bands. I mean, early 00’s was the time for boy bands and all the bubble gum medleys. Fast forward about eight years later, a group of boys took that title of “boy band” to another level. Nowadays, the label has changed slightly. Teenage girls like when their favorite singers can play instruments – mostly the guitar or drums! My sister enjoyed Backstreet Boys just like I did, but she kept the legacy going by falling in love with the Jonas Brothers. She was really into Joe Jonas than Nick–he is mine! She had almost every album and then Camp Rock came on the Disney Channel and this produced Blondie’s deep love of Demi Lovato.

I would say she was a normal fan of Miss Lovato until everything happened in 2013, then she started to find real comfort in her songs. She become Blondie’s saving grace. At that time, Demi had released Unbroken. And that was the first album that I sort of fell in love, but I tend to drive people away from different music acts because I, too, can get obsessive! I’d say the last three albums have been her best work yet! As for Nick, you guys know how much I love his music! When I heard they were going to the concert, I told Brandon to take photos and videos for me of him as Blondie would be all over the Demi section.

They had a somewhat bad deal in the beginning, as they got scammed by Live Nation but after panicking for a couple of days, they got everything fixed and repurchased tickets through another site. I thought where my seats at the Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch were pretty nice, until I saw she was like up in front about eight rows from the stage! I always thought my family should have started taking bets of whether or not she’d pass out! (..she didn’t faint unfortunately!)

I didn’t text neither one of them throughout the night, but my mom certainly did! Well, I’d say it was the other way around. Mom wasn’t the one doing the texting as much as sis was! I would say it was about 8pm that Nick went up on stage because somebody had taken a picture of him and my mom proceeded to show me how incredibly close they were to him! By 9pm, nobody was getting a text from the twins anymore. The next day, I was tagged in nine, NINE videos on Facebook! I still haven’t finished all of them despite the fact they’re only a few seconds long.

When they got home that night though, Chipper left them a homecoming present. No poop on the floor, but he did decide to tear up the couch… Now Blondie wants to go to the Louder Than Life tour in Kentucky with a group of her friends to see Skillet in October. We’ll see what happens with that!

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Tune Tuesday | Japan 2016



Last week was about a country where I wasn’t finding a lot of music and now we’re talking about Japan that are really surprising me lately! I have been finding a lot of different music from that side of the world and I’m going to talk about two bands today!

First up is Coldrain, I heard these guys from Sirius XM Octane and I was really impressed. It took me a bit of course, but I finally gave in when they released the song “Runaway” featuring Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix! It’s a very good song and handbang worthy! I’ve sadly only heard two songs by then so I really need to up my game a bit!

The second is a band I found while searching through my Twitter once. Luckily for me, a couple of weeks later they followed me back so whoohoo! You guys know how much I love symphonic metal music, but I’m pretty sure this is furthest I’ve ever found any band to be from in the world! They’re pretty good, I’ve found two different videos of their songs. One is in English and the other is in their native language, which is very cool! I’m used to only hearing Latin sections so this gives them a special edge! I just can’t find anything about them besides their YT and Twitter pages which are covered in Japanese so I’m a bit stuck!

Vegas | Confetti


Hey guys,

Well, we have come down to the last post of Blondie and Brandon’s adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada! I didn’t mean for there to be such a gap in between the second post and this one, but I had no room for it last week. Sorry!

You probably think that since this will be the last post and I am going to take a break from talking about my sister and future brother-in-law for a while? That is not the case! I actually have one other post that kind of goes with these adventure posts, but it’s more like the Taylor Swift concert post I published last year! Keep your eyes out on that one next week!

Right now, we gotta get down to business. As you probably saw in the “Hail Caesar” post that it was very photo heavy, this one will not be that way as they didn’t really do much on that last full day they were there. They did attend one more party tour around, Unfortunately, I don’t (and neither did she!) know what building they stood on top of to get these beautiful pictures! I just thought it was cool that you could see the tall Harley Davidson sign in the background of the photo of all of them blowing confetti out of their hands. Correction: They were in the Fountain Room at the Manadalay Boy!

After the hell they endured driving to Vegas, they didn’t necessarily take as many breaks throughout their journey home to take some more pictures, but once you cross the Indiana border, there really isn’t much to look at unfortunately! They did take Allen home and picked up Chipper, who was staying at a friend of Brandon’s. Once at home, they went back to life in their apartment with their five fur babies!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them throughout the last two months! Onto the next adventure I say! 🙂


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