Tune Tuesday | Hungary 2016



So today, we’re in a new country for Tune Tuesday! This was a later addition to the pack actually and came from Twitter too! Every once in a while I find great music from my Twitter whether the band itself finds me first or I go off and find them. Surprisingly, it’s usually a member of the group finds me first and after a listen or two I add them to my regular listening party or put them on here instead!

I don’t have any other bands or singers from Hungary, so these guys are the first and that’s actually a good thing to say you were the first before anyone else! Sorroinia is, I feel like I found when I went out on a following spree, which happens a lot more than I care to admit. They are a symphonic metal band which right away should make you nod if you are familiar with me! Anyways, they are not just symphonic metal, they have some gothic sounds in their music too! They’re pretty good!

Do you listen to Sorronia or any other bands and/or singers from Hungary?

Explosions In The Sky!


Howdy folks!

A couple of weeks ago, America got to celebrate its independence! A holiday that requires a large amount of excitement and the day where you hear Katy Perry’s “Firework” over a hundred times, but you still sing it every time!

On Saturday, I went out with my parents to Wal-Mart. You can see what I wore here! I am going back and forth on whether I want to do a “recent purchases” post on what I got because even I was impressed with myself! Anyways, when we got back my dad went into town to buy our yearly fireworks. And as usual, my mom got the text from my dad stating that he shouldn’t go buy fireworks (he says this every year!) because he came home with a full box of different of awesome stuff that made me giddy with joy!

Every year I blog about it with very little pictures of how I celebrated it with my friends and family, this year was no different except for the fact that thunderstorms made me very restless. It rained all throughout the weekend, our weathermen said we wouldn’t have any rain, but we did! I was basically a nervous wreck. I thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the night without hearing the electric of pops and cracks and seeing flicks of red, orange, and green explosions in the sky. …I also had a full box of 40 snappers that I wanted to at least make a dent in before the day was over with too!

We went behind the neighbor’s garage for the second year in a row. I ate and proceed to give myself a workout when I was throwing the snappers on the ground of the garage! My Uncle Russell and neighbor Ronnie were trying to help me out by stating I could take breaks in between to breathe and relax my leg, I wish I had listened because I woke up to my upper thigh hurting whenever I rolled over on my left side the next day! As it got darker we dowsed ourselves in bugs spray and I watched my future brother-in-law and Sammy’s boyfriend Alex light firecrackers and something else that I can’t think of at the moment. One of the funnier things that I ended up doing was shooting both potatoes and golf balls with a potato cannon? I don’t know what it was called but it was cool! All I did was push the button in the back and watch the barely seen potato shoot over and basically disappear!

I thought that since I had my camera I would be able to use it to get some shots for my blog! I even have a fireworks filter that I was pumped to try out and every time I tried to take pictures I would either miss or my camera would shut off completely! So I had to give it to Sammy to help me out and I’m very happy that it worked for her as she kept clicking that sucker every time one went up into the air! Next year, I’ll hopefully figure out how to do everything on my own so I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone–Sammy won’t admit to or like it, but still! As she was busy doing this for me, my dad sat next to me taking a break as the younger boys got to launch the fireworks this year, so he got stuck helping me finish the homemade ice cream that JuJu had made just for the occasion! I’m still craving vanilla ice cream by the way!

What’s your favorite to holiday(s) and how do you like to celebrate them?



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My “Game Of Thrones” Tag!

You can thank Danielle of Underland to Wonderland for this tag today! I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do this or just a big review like I’ve done with the previous TV shows! I figured this would require less gifs in this post than the reviews… So I hope nobody’s too upset by my decision!

If you have not finished or thinking about starting to watch the series, I’d really reconsider reading this post! It does contain quite a few spoilers!! So beware!


Which season did you start watching and what got you into it?

I started with season 1 while everybody was watching season 6. I started in May and I finally caught up with everybody else and was able to watch the last three episodes of season 6 with everybody else!

As I mentioned in my Life Lately | Game of Cats post, I was really curious about Jon Snow’s death and everything, but it wasn’t enough to get me watching it until I found out that Natalie Dormer was in it and I caved in. I honestly love dragons too, so I guess I was curious about how these dragons were part of the story!

Sidenote: my mom sent me an article of Jon’s fate as I was finishing the second season! I thought that was kind of cruel!

Books or TV show?

I originally had plans to read the first book, but I found out how thick those books were and I realized the TV show would be the easy route.

You are born into one of the noble houses, which is it?

You know, I actually go back and forth on this question. As much as I love both the Stark and Targaryen Houses, it’s really difficult to chose because they each have their own personal strengths! The women of both Houses are awesomely fierce, it’s amazing!

If you can have one of either a Dragon or a Dire Wolf, which would you chose and why?

Again, this is another hard decision because I think both are an interesting addition. I think my spirit animal is a cross from a hawk and a wolf, so I am going with dragon.


What has been the saddest death for you?

Honestly, there have been quite a lot of sad deaths in this show. I think when those giants were killed were pretty sad, mostly because I’m imagining these gentle beasts in my head.

I’ll be honest though, The Red Wedding just made me angry! I am usually the one trying to guess how a scene or the whole episode will end and I knew a death was going to occur, I mean there’s not many times on Game Of Thrones where everything ends on a happy note, so when it happened I really wanted to scream and throw my remote into my TV! Thankfully, I didn’t do that!

I also think the way Shireen was killed was pretty sad too. I mean, I understand the whole sacrifice thing, but what really gets me is the roles were reversed at last minute. You know Selyse’s feelings towards her daughter were through the seasons 4 and 5, but whenever this happened she gets very emotional and tries to save her daughter. I felt in a strange way, it was too little too late because I mean, didn’t she support it in the beginning? I was very disappointed in Stannis for letting it happen not only Shireen’s death, but also the aftermath of it too!

Another sad death was Rickon, I mean, Jon had to have known that he would be perfect bait against Ramsay’s armies. He reacted exactly the way Sansa was afraid it would happen…

Out of those dead, or presumed dead, who would you bring back and why?

I’ll say this, I’m actually happy that The Hound is alive. I recently heard about Lady Stoneheart, who apparently is a resurrected Catelyn Stark but instead of being this motherly woman as we’ve seen her to be in the first couple of seasons, she’s out for revenge of any one who still talks about and killed members of the soldiers and the murders of her son at the Red Wedding, I think it’s a very interesting concept and so I would like to see this happen.

I keep holding on to a bit of hope that Margaery would magically appear again, maybe as a ghost in one of Cersei’s dreams… I think that would be cool as she was the reason for Tommen’s death and everybody else’s in the Septa.

Who were you most happy to see killed?

Joffrey and Ramsay! Thank you god! I figured I’d be a little bit happy whenever Roose Bolton was killed, but I wasn’t. He should have been dead a long time ago!


Who do you think would make the best spouse?

Hmmm… let’s be honest here. I think both Ned was a good husband to Catelyn and if things hadn’t went downhill for his son Robb and his wife Talisa, I think they would have been another great couple too!

If we’re talking just a spouse in general, I think even though Tyrion has been essentially “burned” twice in the relationship department, I still think he was a reasonable husband to Sansa. He didn’t force himself on her and respected her a lot more than other members of his family… So Tyrion is my answer!

Out of all methods used to kill on the show, which would you rather use to kill and which to be killed by?

I think sticking a giant on a group of men with arrows and swords is a smart move. It makes for a slow death for the giant, but still a smart move!


Tell us your favorite quote from the series!

There are a lot of good ones throughout the series, but I really like “The North Remembers” and “I’m got going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break it.” – Daenerys ♥


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Tune Tuesday | Greece 2016


Hey guys!

Today we’re going to talk about one artist: Xenia Ghali!

I am a big supporter of women in music; I think a lot of people see both heavy metal and electronic dance music as male produced. Over the years, I’ve tried to do my part and help promote these women in bands of guys or in this case women DJs. I don’t talk a lot about Xenia because truth be told, I don’t know a lot about her but I have seen her popularity rise since November of last year so that’s a plus! While writing this post, I was busy listening to different tracks on YouTube seeing which ones to add onto this post and I have to say, it was difficult because I was starting to like them a lot!

I need more Grecian musicians for next year’s Tune Tuesday, who should I add onto my list?

Chevy’s 4th Birthday!


Hey guys!

Our neighbor Sammy, her daughter Chevy recently celebrated her fourth birthday! It’s still pretty weird that she’s at that age because I can still imagine her trying to figure out my wheelchair sitting up in the playpen in my backyard one summer afternoon. There’s something about babies and kids in general whenever they see feet driving around my chair just freaks them out in the best way! Now she’s going to preschool and learning about letters and numbers. She’s starting to become a little being and not this baby anymore!

They decided this year to have the party at the park so the kids could have fun at the playground. The theme was Frozen related, all about the summer loving snowman Olaf. They even had an Olaf cake and pinata! It was all very cute! The kids sat at one table while the grown ups sat at another table. When we first got there, they decided to do the cake and I handed my camera over to Sammy to help me out a little because I was still too short in my electric wheelchair. While we sang Chevy happy birthday, she practically disappeared because she didn’t like all of the attention. It took her a bit to be comfortable to blow out the candles. Once I got my camera back, I moved myself away from the sun as it was beaming on my back and neck. All of the adults had the right idea, they all sat in the shade. I realized when I got over there that now would be a good time to take some photos of the landscape.

When I was junior, I was invited into NHS (National Honor Society) and one of our first projects of the year was fixing the playground out in the park. I wasn’t able to help out, but I always remembered it because it was the first thing our group did for our community. I don’t know if they have replaced any of the equipment that the kids were playing on as we watched from our table, but it’s what came to my mind was that memory.

After the kids ate their cake, Sammy moved on to opening presents. Chevy got a lot of neat things, like tutus, puzzles, bouncy ball. We got her a chalk set that were HUGE! I would never be able to grip one in my toes because they were so big! Right after that, they did the pinata, but they kind of forgot the bat so the kids had to pull on the strings at the bottom of Olaf’s butt! I think it was the fifth kid that ended up breaking it, which actually surprised me. I figured Chevy would end up picking the right one! What got all of us though was as the kids were crouching down to grab the candy, my dad walks up and takes two Laffy Taffys! And my mom took a piece of gum! I waited until the kids were gone from that area to ask for a sucker!

When everybody had a good handful of different candies, I got to move from the shelter house and go towards the swings and trees. I wasn’t that hot because of how much I was in the shade, of course the back of my neck, face and legs were red as can be so both of my parents freaked out a bit, but I didn’t care. I was too busy talking to Sammy and some of the older kids that everything just kind of faded! I really enjoyed being out there and I wasn’t too bothered by the bugs either!

When was the last time you went to the park? 



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