Staying Overnight Essentials.


Howdy folks!

Recently I had what my nana liked to call it a little vacation. We didn’t necessarily go anywhere special, well I did, but not up north and stay in a hotel for a couple of days. So I guess, we had what normal people would say a staycation?!

We did something similar like this last year when my parents went to a bike rally in late July. We had this set up for a couple of months, I want to say around late April my mom stayed talking with my Aunt Laurie on what weekend it was and for them to come down to watch me. I can only go to Plummer as it has less hills and one main gravel road. As the days came closer and closer, my excitement kind of shot up because it is like a vacation for me because I get out of the house for a couple of nights and sleep over at my nana’s house.

Before all of this though, I got the idea of getting a little essentials that I needed for the four and a half days there. I thought it would be a cute, but small blog post to start off! Next time I’ll finish with what all happened from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon!

Staying overnight has always been a little bit different from when my cousins would stay at our house, they wouldn’t bring much with them. If you have a disability like me, you’ll bring more baggage with you! And you can’t help it of course! I’m pretty sure bringing my wheelchair, whatever type it is, whether it’s my electric or manual chair is the most essential out of everything listed below. I usually sleep with a fan so I borrowed my Uncle David’s fan that he keeps over there, because like me he cannot sleep without a fan!

I had a list of what I needed to bring first, which had the second most important pillow and blanket. I took my Christmas fleece blanket as I figured I would get hot in the middle of the night and didn’t want to suffer in my Transformers blanket. The only bad part was that since I tend to sleep with my blanket right at my ears, and by the time I had it where I wanted it to be it was too short and I couldn’t cover up my feet…


The other stuff that I needed were my elbow pads, we had an extra set so I could bring them but it got too hot with them on and I actually didn’t wear them afterwards. I slept on the couch and my little elbows weren’t even touching the cushions or putting any pressure on them. It was a bit odd. Anyways, Ibuprofen was another all important essential as I figured I’d be in a lot of pain after scooting on the floor; nana’s has carpet from the ’70s and it is rough getting through in a wheelchair and just on your bottom! Surprisingly, I only had to take two tablets on Sunday, I think my body had had enough and was pretty drained from all of the movement I’d done the last few days.  Lastly, deodorant, which is very important after the amount of sweat I had every night!


These next bunch of stuff is what I like to call, the “less important, but activity worthy” essentials! Two things that are not pictured above are my iPod and headphones. My headphones literally quit working on me like the day after we got back home. So they got me through the whole weekend. Thank God!

I took this picture the day before I left, so I should point out that I didn’t take my red notebook there or the floral pencil-case on the left. Inside the orange folder are my coloring pages (that we almost threw away!) and I knew my nana had a box of colored pencils so I could use hers if I wanted to! I originally had plans to do some blog work that weekend, but my mom basically left my notebook and laptop at home the whole weekend and I really liked the detox away from them. I did have my pen, but like I said I didn’t really need it! The only thing I really used was my book. I ended up finished reading it Sunday evening and my cousin “Mayo” brought the first three books of the Harry Potter series to let me read them too.

So what do you think of my overnight supplies? What is the one item that you take everywhere with you?


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