Tune Tuesday | India 2016



I’m back with another week of Tune Tuesday and this time we’re back in a country that I really love – India! Even though I love the country and its culture and music too! It is really hard to find any music from there!

When the show Quantico¬†was just starting to appear as promo on TV I was hearing more and more about Priyanka Chora. She does a great job as Alex on the show but I didn’t know she was also a singer! You should have seen my face when I finally realized it. It took me a bit, I’m not going to lie! I’ve found she does a lot of pop and even some electronic dance music here and there. She already has a deep voice to begin with and it’s nice that it doesn’t change to a falsetto pitch whenever she sings; it gives her more character I think! She has a lot of different singles and they’re actually really good. I’m really surprised!

Do you know any Indian musicians that you think I should check out?