REVIEW | Roadies

I’m back with another review, this time it’s for a TV show. And no, it’s not Game Of Thrones. I promise you’ll get something like that soon! It won’t be like a proper review like this, but it’ll be close enough!

Anyways, I am going to be talking about the series Roadies this week! It premiered on June 26th on the channel Showtime. I had plans on actually watching it that night. In case I forgot about it I was going to record it, but the more I kept looking into my timer schedule on my DVR, the more I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do anything but watch something totally different. And then I remembered about our On-Demand and so I found it in the “free” slot and decided to download the first episode just three days before it aired. So by the time, this post goes up I’ve probably already watched the second. Sorry!

Since bands and singers go on tours all over the world, they need a crew to help them conduct the production part of the concert. We, as fans, only see the ending result. Roadies are the crew behind the artist or band making sure everything comes full circle. In the first episode, they really captured the essence of what these people do on a daily basis.

I’m a bit concerned about the actual gigs, because I wonder if they’ll have a different opening with every episode? This one they had a band called The Heart And The Hand and they’re, again, a real band. It’s the main band that is mostly made up of actors, which is sort of sad honestly. However, it does shout the question, will there be a different opening in every episode? And apparently the answer to that is yes.

One of the things that I generally liked about it was the fact that had a lot of funny scenes in it. It’s not as serious as I expected it to be but it’s very realistic. I can see the tour and production managers fighting back and forth about different things. I don’t know about emailing a new financial advisor that he’s a “douche-boy asshole” is such a good idea though! I can see almost everything that happened in the first episode “Life Is A Carnival” and I am very excited to see what else goes on with this mix of characters.

I actually liked the whole story; I always think to myself if people in the entertainment industry are going to be able to tell a good and I guess telling a true story about another person or group of people and then how are they going to really show it with a bunch of actors? No, seriously I think about this all the time! They’re adding the actors to the picture, you’ve got Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino who play tour and production managers, while Imogen Poots has the role of aspiring film student, who helps set up the stage. It is a very interesting mix!

So I think I should probably be very honest in this post and say why I’m really watching this show. The reason is because Machine Gun Kelly (using his real name Colson Baker) is in this series and he’s actually acting, he’s playing a real character which I didn’t know that, but makes sense now! My second reason is my Uncle Rick was at one time a real roadie. He helped put together a Motley Crue stage set up. My mom still has the shirt he gave her! And when I saw FFDP I watched the crew set up the equipment and change up the lightning; I thought it was really cool so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Have you watched Roadies yet? If so, what do you like or dislike about it?