Favorite Booktubers!



So I don’t know about you guys, but I really miss talking about my favorite bloggers/vloggers on here. I stopped doing those types of posts because I realized I was starting to consume a lot at a time and wasn’t really reading the blogs that I had chosen for the posts. I only picked those people because they were the last I talked to and I wasn’t even reading or watching their content.

Booktuber – A person who talks about anything book related on YouTube!

I have had plans to get back into my reading game but everytime I want to get a book, my mojo just disappears. I am constantly on Goodreads looking through my blogger friend’s profiles and what they like to read. It’s actually become a bit therapeutic for me to go off and search for more books to put on my TBR list. I’m not just on Goodreads though, I actually started using YouTube to look up different book hauls and even bookshelf tours!! At the end, I ended up liking a few people on accident! Luckily, I have a small list of girls who I tend to watch more than others and I wanted to share my favorite booktubers!

  1. Abookutopia – Sasha was one of the first booktubers I found when I first wanted to find some new books. I think I found her from another blogger who watches her channel and I ended up following her both on Twitter and Goodreads. One of the things that I’ve been worrying about if I ever start vlogging or making random videos on YouTube that nobody will ever understand me because I talk so fast! And then I found Sasha and she kind of made me feel better because she is a fast talker! What I find interesting is that she’s so fast but easy to understand. Even when she just flies through different book in a haul, she gets so excited and her personality just explodes!
  2. Little Book Owl – Catriona was my second booktuber that I started keeping up with on a daily basis. She’s the only one I’ve found so far that isn’t from the US. She is from Australia and one of my favorite things she was doing because she went back to Uni and took a feminist course, so she was “forced” to read different novels and short stories from different women and their stories. I’ve ended up putting a few on my list to keep track of in case I ever want to purchase them. She’s definitely quieter compared to the other girls, but I love her just as much! She’s also very nice too!
  3. Katytastic – Kat was found in the middle of the pack, I think I was watching a book haul after haul and she was one at the side of the site. I think there are a lot of similarities between her and Sasha, besides the fact they’re both fast talkers and have giant personalities. They also like the same genre of books. I like to read YA and if I ever need a new book in that genre then I know to go off on their channels and stay there for an hour or two! And yes, I have done that before!
  4. Readbyzoe – Zoe is my latest addition to the growing lists on booktubers! She is another talker, but she seems to have a very sweet and gentle personality. I’ve just started watching her videos and my first was the BEA (Book Expo America) and unboxing haul she put up last month! I added quite a bit on my Goodreads I’m not going to lie!

Are you a bookworm and addicted to these booktubers? Who is your favorite?


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