Tune Tuesday | Denmark 2016



So we got another week and this time we’re heading to Denmark!

The first is Myrkur, who is an artist from Denmark. I found from scrolling through another blogger’s posts about her. Steve Says had featured her music on his blog. I actually didn’t even read it at that time, just wrote her name down in my notebook for safe keeping but I have been slightly curious as he mentioned in that post that her music is very dark but has more of an edgy feel to it. I actually like that, so I stored her into the back of my mind.

The next is a band called Akoma. I’ve heard of them through Facebook while reading different posts and interviews from the band itself.  They are a symphonic metal band I originally found on Spotify a couple of years ago. I had thought they were from The Netherlands so I’m glad when the site started to put up their music and I started to listening and liking them, I looked up some much needed information and found out they are from Denmark. Unlike Myrkur, these guys speak English in their music. I actually like to hear both native language and English, so there’s nothing I don’t like about both acts.

Do you listen to any Denmark musicians that you think I should listen to? Let me know in the comments! I’ll need acts for next year’s travels too!

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