Blondie’s Wedding Dress!


Hey guys,

I’ve been open to discussing my thoughts about relationships and marriage recently, I like being able to talk freely about it. I’m still undecided whether or not I’d ever want to get married. Obviously, Blondie is getting married next year and I get the joy of being the maid of honor and knowing the horror of doing a speech at the reception. God help me!

I am all about tradition, despite not being interested in getting married. I still think the wedding dress should be kept secret from the groom, father, and pretty much everyone else except whoever goes with the bride to find the dress. So when my sister took her future husband-to-be I have to say I was a bit hurt, not because she was breaking traditions but that she decided to not let us, her family go with her instead. So he’s seen her dress as everybody on her Facebook and now her Twitter. I wasn’t even going to publish this because I wanted to keep it as a secret from you guys, but she ruined that idea when she posted the picture of herself wearing the dress at my nana’s one afternoon, so you can thank her for that!

The gown is from the Vera Wang “White” collection. She bought it at David’s Bridal back in mid-February (we had to wait four months to see what it looked like!) I think it’s very pretty, I like the bottom a lot. Apparently the one she tried on at DB wasn’t very full at the bottom and when she put it on the other day, it’s very fluffy! She didn’t want a train but ended up getting a small one. It has these vertical lines, I don’t know what you would call them – ruffles? I haven’t watched enough Say Yes To The Dress to learn all of that! Sorry! It’s a strapless dress, so it shows off her tattoos on her collarbone and shoulder which is what she wanted.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be my first choice. I think I would be married in a black dress or something with lace. It’s too plain for my taste with the front of it. If she likes it though, that’s all that really matters right? I mean, it is her wedding after all.

I’m a bit terrified about going bridesmaid shopping next month. As much as I love dresses and I know she won’t torture us too much on the style of it. I’m more afraid of the price of it. Blondie’s dress costs almost $1,000 and leave it to me to notice the tag when she and our mom were taking it out of the bag. I almost fainted! I’m not getting a dress that’s more $100, it just can’t happen. Call me cheap or whatever, but I’m not purchasing a dress that I’m only going to wear once and probably run over a few dozen times throughout the day! I mean, both of my prom dresses were under $60 a piece! Junior prom was maybe $30 and the last one was mainly for homecoming but I liked it so much that I wore it for senior prom too. It was originally $80 but it was on sale for $50!

I promise I’ll take pictures of everything for when we go dress shopping. It’ll be the first time you guys will see me in light pink or blush! I’m pale as a ghost and I’ll be trying on pink dresses, god help me!



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6 thoughts on “Blondie’s Wedding Dress!

    1. Thank you!! If I ever get married both groom and my dad will not know what my dress will look like… I will keep my mom out of the experience if she can promise me she won’t share any pictures with him! Lol

      And thank you! 🙂


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