Tune Tuesday | Colombia 2016


Hey guys!

This is a new addition to this year Tune Tuesday travels! I thought I would share with you that Columbia was technically the first country to enter the 2016 rota, even though I found the artist I’m talking about in a bit last August!

First, we need to discuss everything about Shakira!! The belly dancing goddess is from Colombia and I’ve known about this for a few years now, but I seem to always forget about it whenever I do these damn posts! Anyways, I am so glad I thought of her this time! She is one of my favorites! She’s also the one that sort of turned me on to belly dancing! I haven’t talked about it because I feel everybody’s going to want proof. Well you’re not going to see it, at least not yet!

The second artist I’m featuring is J Balvin. I’ll explain how I found him. I was going through my guide one night, it was like really late and as I was scrolling down I saw something on the ESPN channels “Paralympics Opening Ceremony” and I started watching it. I’ve probably watched only a handful of Paralympic games in my life and so I decided to take a chance and watch this. After they introduced all of the teams, the celebrities and other people spoke, they had some performers and one of which was J Balvin. So he’s sort of never left my mind and when I found out where he was from, I figured I’d add him!

Do you know of any other Colombian musicians?

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