OOTD: Catnip Made Me Do It!



So I have a new outfit for you and I am so excited to share this one too!

We had a lovely day over the weekend, my sister came home this time without Chipper and Brandon, but she did make up for it by revealing her wedding dress to us at nana’s house! As much as I want to keep the look of the dress a mystery to you guys, I also feel like since everybody between both families and friends on social medias know what it looks like I don’t think there’s a reason why I should keep it to myself. So we’ll just have to see!

Anyways, it was a beautiful spring Sunday, it was hot but breezy too! I still haven’t went out on a day where I needed to wear my capris so I’m still rocking the leggings! These are my floral pair that I really love to wear out but like most things in my closet nothing goes with them. I technically wanted to wear another pair but I think I annoyed the crap out of my mom when I didn’t know how to describe them. Oops! They worked though so that’s good! The pattern is more of a cheery floral aside to another floral leggings I have where they look like they’re decomposing. The colors are light pink, white, and a vibrant blue almost like tropical ocean blue! They go down to my ankles and are somewhat tight around my waist and thighs, I’m still growing here people, well at least in that area!

Now for the shirt, do you remember of the new marvel shirt I got as a surprise from my mom? Well my dad found this one while they were out the week after! My mom told me that at first he didn’t want to buy it for me because and I quote “have to buy something for sis and the boy.” Sis meaning Blondie and “boy” meaning Brandon. However I still got the shirt! I came home from nana’s with it laying out on my bed and as I read it I was falling in love with it. For a guy who hates cats, he sure picks out a good cat related T-Shirt! As you can see the cat has gotten in trouble and is getting its mugshot. It’s a huge print of it and you can see quite a bit through my arms but unfortunately since it is long, the bottom gets bunched up and you can’t see it; that’s why I wanted to title this post with it instead. So the reason why he got in trouble with the law was because catnip made him do it.

So what do you think of my new shirt and the rest of the outfit? Yay or nay?



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