NOTM: Summer Lovin’



I’m back for another nails of the month post! If I didn’t have a wedding to attend this month, I wouldn’t had my nana paint them for May! I was seriously thinking of going naked but they look disgusting without some color on them. So don’t be surprised if I don’t publish one for June! Of course, I could change my mind too!

These colors were slightly inspired by a scheme I had in my head while I came up with my questions to host the #USBloggerChat like no joke, orange kept popping into my head like crazy! I also had another title for this, but once I got home I totally forgot it! I thought “summer lovin'” worked too!

“Mellow Yellow” by Sally Hansen:


Despite the fact that I was picturing the color orange in my head, I did’t remember if I had kept it into my nana’s collection of polishes or not. When she pulled out the box, I saw the top of this one and I instantly picked out this one.

My nana and I were seeing different pigments inside this yellow. She felt it had a bit of orange-redish in it whereas I thought it had some gold in it. The best way to describe the right color of it is to say it looks like an egg yolk. I like it in this color, to me this is yellow. I’ve never liked the lighter shades, this is perfect just the way it is! Yellows requires a few coats to get the right shade onto your nails. I don’t remember how many my nana painted on my toes but I want to say three or four coats, which isn’t as bad. Last month after using that blushy pink and messing it up a couple of times, it needed about five coats.

“Sun-Kissed” by Sally Hansen:


This is like one of three polishes that includes the yellow above that looks like what they’re called on the lids. It seriously looks like the orange soda “Sunkist” at least without the fizzies!

This was the exact shade that I had pictured in my head. Once it becomes August or October, I’m going to do like an autumnal colors of nail polishes and weirdly enough I took them when I was getting ready to do my spring-y colors in March! I’m getting ahead of myself though–back to this post! This required probably one or two coats for good measure! It’s honestly dark enough that it doesn’t need any more than that.

After my nana and I finished with our day and my mom came to pick me up, she got a little mad at me because if I had worn what I was supposed to that next day, they wouldn’t had matched my outfit. The next day it looked like total crap, windy and all that so I wasn’t able to wear my original idea. Somehow my mom came up with the plan of wearing my peach shirt, so she ended up getting mad at me for no reason!

So what do we think? Are these the ideal summer polishes? What color(s) do you have on your nails?



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