Tune Tuesday | Brazil 2016


Hey guys!

I have a small confession, I was supposed to talk about Bulgaria, but I only had one band and I felt that was too small to mention so thankfully I’m in the “B” because then I could switch it to Brazil instead! I still had to look up a couple for replacements.

Luckily, I remembered one that I followed me on Twitter two years ago while I was still listening to a lot of rock, especially female fronted bands. Not saying I’ve stopped.  I definitely haven’t I’m always on the look out for new band that have one or more females in the band. Anyways, the band Holiness is from San Paolo, Brazil and I want to describe their music as gothic metal. They’re pretty good! And what gets me all the time are these bands from other countries and the singers have clear, almost perfect English whenever they sing! Like how the hell does that work?!?! The second band I’ve selected is Sepultura and if you’re like me and don’t listen to them a lot, but if you like Five Finger Death Punch, the lead singer of Sepultura was featured on the band’s song “I.M. Sin” where he sung the second verse in Portuguese!

Do you know any Brazilian bands that you think I should listen to? Let me know in the comments! 


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