REVIEW | Noisey

Hey guys,

We’re back for another review day and I’m still technically talking about music! Back in mid-February I was watching a lot of History Channel 2 because they still aired the historical shows, like Cities Of The Underworld, America Unearthed, and Ancient Aliens. As the month was starting to end though, I kept seeing these promos for a new channel called Viceland and I wouldn’t see them on any other channel except this one. I actually liked the commercials of the different shows they’d be airing once March came, but I  slowly realized that it meant they’d be removing my favorite channel in the process.

I started watching Gayaction which is where Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel go to different countries exploring how each country deals with the LGBT community. I watched it for maybe four weeks and I have to say, I liked it. I thought it was pretty interesting but I stopped and haven’t watched again. The other show I basically fell in love through its promos was Noisey and this was a music based documentary show that aired on Tuesday, I watched it religiously every week learning about the stories of the music and the artists behind it. The one thing I wasn’t really interested in (at first!) was the fact they mostly talked about rap music. I’m not really into that genre anymore but I was so into the show that I didn’t really care!

I think my favorite episodes were when host Zach Goldhaum and his crew went to London, Miami, Detroit and Las Vegas (mostly because it was about the electronic dance music scene), I think I learned a lot about the music, the people, and violence behind it. It was very educational in a lot of ways! I actually used an artist from the London into my Tune Tuesday post about England coming in a couple of weeks! I really want another season and maybe they’ll go to other places and discuss other genres like rock and heavy metal. I really wish they’d go to Amsterdam!

Have you been watching Viceland at all? What are your favorite new shows? Did you like “Noisey” and what did you like or not like about it?