Tune Tuesday | Australia 2016


Hey guys!

We’re back with another week and we’re talking about Australia!

I love my Aussies! You guys have some good music! I honestly had two acts that I was going to talk about, but I changed my mind and switched them with two others that I’ve been listening to lately! Maybe you’ll get the previous two for next summer? Who knows!

Australia is starting to climb up my music list, which is sort of difficult considering I’ve got like three other countries that have been doing the same. I’ve been finding a lot of electronica music coming out of Australia, like it is insane, but in a good way! One of the DJs I want to talk about is Alison Wonderland. My memory is a little fuzzy on how I exactly found her music, but I think it was after the announcement for Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Parties dates came out last year (she’s on the line up again!) and the she was the first one listed. I thought it was two guys trying to mock the whole Alice In Wonderland concept and then I found out it was a girl, named Alex and it totally threw me off! At this time it was late March or mid-April and I decided to check out her music and instantly fell in love with it. If I didn’t know any better, I think she’s the one who turned me onto trap music!

Back in 2014, I was starting to break away from rock phase, I had spent five years just basically finding and educating myself on every rock and heavy metal band I could. I think it was July of that year that I literally tried to find new stuff to get myself to stay into it all, and the band Parkway Drive was one of the last acts to get onto my list before the end. They’re a really good band! I started listening to them while I was using my sister’s Pandora account. I was hooked! Last year, they released their new album Ire and I’ve love the song “Crushed” a lot. It seriously makes me so freaking happy!

Do you know any more Australian music I need to check out? Let me know!

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