Tune Tuesday | Africa 2016


Hey everybody!

So I am back with my summer themed Tune Tuesday posts. I am very excited to get back into these posts again, but technically I’ve been secretly working on them since mid-December!

For the past three years, I’ve been doing these types of posts and every year I add more countries and find out interesting things with every artist or band I write about in each week. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, every summer I take out maybe five or six months and every week is devoted to a different country and their music. Sometimes I have to remove a country from the original lineup and put in another that I’ve discovered recently. Like last year Africa was not part of the lineup because I couldn’t find anybody that I thought would suit but luckily, I have two that will be representing South Africa.

I did try to improve my knowledge of different artists and bands from all of these places and I’ve managed to really scare myself with how many I’m starting to find on my own. You’ll find out what I mean soon! As for Africa, mostly South African music I did have a couple of artists but I later found out that there were both American too, so I scrapped that and put out a tweet and Haley suggested I talked to Kelly, who is really from South Africa! I really love talking to locals about their favorite music in their native homeland. She did not disappoint either. She gave me quite a list that I need to save for next year!

The first artist she shared with me to be a favorite of hers was Stuart Reece and after I read the list I instantly went on a hunt on YouTube. I realized I typed his name wrong but luckily it redirected me to his music anyways. The next is a band called Just Jinjer which to me sound like Philip Philips and Matchbox Twenty, they’re not like a heavy rock band, very mellow and they’re pretty good! I heard a song that came out in 2011 (which seems so long ago) and another that they released back in November.┬áThe last band is called Prime Circle and as I was looking through Just Jinjer songs to hear on YouTube, one of this band’s songs popped up on the side and I had to check them up. These guys remind me, especially with this song that I’ve chosen sounds like 3 Doors Down! Very interesting! I really like this song a lot!