Album Review: “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” by MAX

papLast week I went through the newly released music and I thought would just be a song, didn’t think it would be more. An hour later I went back on this month’s playlist to see that I had added about nine more songs than just that one. So that’s how I found out that the artist MAX had finally released his album!

Let’s start it off with the title track “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” and I have to say I really like these jazzy-pop songs he puts out, they’re refreshing and makes you want to move. That’s how I technically got interested with him after he released his track “Puppeteer” (on the EP They Say Max in 2014) it had the same flare and I always had trouble not dancing to it! It also gave me a lot of old school vibes while listening to it and this song is doing the same! So good! The next track is the second reason why I’ve become addicted to Max. “Gibberish” it features rapper Hoodie Allen and what really gets me is that there’s really nothing to the actual beat that makes it stand out until the chorus comes on and you hear the bass. It’s now on my top songs of all time!

Third is called “Wrong” and I really like this. The beat is heavier and bass-y all throughout the damn thing! Can I just say Max has a sexy voice? Yikes! I don’t like a lot of falsetto voices but like the song says “it’s better when it feels wrong” and this track features another rapper by the name of Lil Uzi Vert and usually I don’t like when rappers have their own part in songs, this counted for “Gibberish” too but as I listened to it, the more I liked it. This next song was featured in either last month’s or February’s playlist and everytime I go on Spotify, I hit play on it. I’m seriously addicted to it. I sing to it more than I dance, don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. The song is called “Holla” in case you were wondering. The next is much slower – finally a ballad! This is “Lights Down Low” and you first hear an acoustic guitar and some fingers snapping slowly. By the time chorus starts the whole track grows into a more upliftty beat. It’s very pretty!

This next song doesn’t necessarily sound like him, in parts I thought it was Justin Bieber’s voice, but as it progresses you hear that it’s definitely Max. This also sounds it would be a good as a commercial or promo for the fashion show in December. Mark my words it might be in next show! Anyways, it’s called “10 Victoria’s Secret Models” and it sounds interesting, very party worthy but has these champagne bubbles or effervescence sounds in the intro and throughout the chorus. It’s good, I like it! Seventh song is called “Home” and it has an upbeat sound, but it’s very sexy and slow. Surprisingly, I don’t like it. The beat makes it weird. I don’t know how to explain it. The one after that has a totally different vibe, you can hear some conga drums and makes me think of old salsa music mixed in with a modern beat, it’s cool! This is called “Mug Shot” and it features Sirah. I haven’t heard her in very a long time, glad to hear her again on a song!

The last two songs of the album starts with the newly released single, “Basement Party” and this one is very chill, which in a way didn’t really surprise me. If you’re going to have a basement party, I kind of want something that has a house vibe, this one doesn’t go in that direction, it has that classic pop sound. It’s not like the previous songs he’s released lately but it’s not bad! The next is “Lost My Way” which anytime you see this kind of title you automatically think it’s going to be really slow, like a regular ballad but this wasn’t. Despite Max’s voice going up and down in frequencies, it even has its bass-y areas! It’s really not that bad either!

I think if anybody likes pop music, especially male singers, you’ll like this album it’s a decent album, but not the best I’ve heard lately. Sorry! I’d still give it a 7/10 which really isn’t that bad! It’s a fair score honestly!

Have you heard of MAX’s music lately? What do you think of “Hell’s Kitchen Angel?” What do you like or not like about it?


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10 Things I Like About Spring!


Hey guys!

It seems everybody has been publishing their own posts about what they like about spring lately. I got the idea to do this from my girl Jemma of Dorkface and she is an overachiever and listed 30 different things on hers. I could probably list more than 10 but I didn’t want to stress about it.

I’ve actually never done a post of things I liked about in different seasons. Spring is just starting to turn into one of my favorite seasons. Even though we start the new year in winter, it’s been that way since November and that’s in the past. Spring just gives me that feeling of new things, despite the fact that I’m coming across a lot of bad lately. I’m sure it’ll bring me some good sometime soon!

1. Cooler days where I can sit on the porch with our cats and not have to worry about the bees and wasps flying around and freaking me out!
2. Dogwood trees full in bloom – when they’re white is my favorite!
3. Coloring eggs for Easter!
4. Going on for long walks and falling in love with Earth’s beauty!
5. The weeds!
6. The end of basketball!
7. Spring cleaning!
8. Prom season!
9. Farmers harvesting corps in the fields for the summer vegetables.
10. Grilling outside!

What are some of the things you love about spring?

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Song Review: “The House Of Shame” by Lacuna Coil

So on Friday, we finally got to hear this first single off of Lacuna Coil’s album Delirium  and I have to say, I’ve been keeping up with the band’s production process since late last year. And the fact that I’m even excited about this new album is a little interesting considered I didn’t care very much for Broken Crown Halo. When I saw the lyric video popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook, I actually didn’t click on it I just switched onto my Spotify and pulled it up on there instead!

Let me just say, I am in love with this song already!

The track is called “The House Of Shame” and I kind of figured the theme would be a very schizophrenic throughout the whole album, at least I’m hoping it will be! I might be a little disappointed considering the song kind of supports my theory. From the time it starts, you get that eerie feeling with a slow intro but then immediately it switches and gets heavy as crap and Andrea does this scream or roar whichever you want to call it! It has that signature Lacuna Coil sound of the guitars – I really love gothic metal music! Cristina has posted on her official fan page on Facebook that she was doing a lot with her voice in this record and we got a snippet of the power in the choruses. It’s very good! It literally could become my favorite song of the month no joke! It’s that bad ass!

The new album releases on May 27th!

What do you think of Lacuna Coil’s new track, “The House Of Shame?” Are you excited for the new album?

Meet Chipper!



So I think it was three weeks ago I was to publish a cute little blog post about my neighbor’s brand new puppies! My mom went and stole a couple in two days and we’ve been having puppy fever! We thought our cats were enough for us but I guess not. What I thought was very interesting though was the fact that we can’t have any more kittens, but two dogs in our neighborhood were pregnant and had a big batch of pups! Lord help us!

Now I’ll say, this little guy isn’t necessarily ours. He belongs to my sister. Yes, she and Brandon took one home with them. She’s been wanting a Rottweiler for YEARS! She almost got a chance to have one back in January, but my dad basically told her no and they never got one, they ended up with Sammy instead. Well, one day while at home they came over with us to see them, all ten puppies! Oh my gosh! My heart couldn’t take it! Somehow Brandon got her to go home without one that day, the next day my mom brought over two more and they ended up with this one because Brandon said he wanted a darker one. They originally named him “Yadi” after Yadier Molina of St. Louis Cardinals, but the next day I woke up and went on Facebook to see they had changed it to “Chipper” after Chipper Jones of Atlanta Braves, who was my papaw’s favorite baseball player.

Chipper is a lap dog. He’s going to be around 80-100 lbs and he’s going to be a big softie! Which there’s nothing wrong with that! Our dog Chance was a pit too and she was the sweetest thing on the planet! He likes to bite feet – basically anything he can get to! He knows how to sit and stand, not on command but he’s getting there!

He’s loving his “brothers” Gru and Otis already! It’s poor Sammy and Toni that don’t really like him at the moment. Hopefully they’ll both be okay with him as he gets older! He likes to play with the cat’s toys than his own! They have a weird looking “skunk” that looks more like a black and white spider named Stinky and our family dog ChiChi has these two little bears I shared during February’s photo challenge. She loves the blue bear, but she doesn’t really play with the pink one so when they brought him around the first time he came over to the house I grabbed that and he just kind of took to it so it’s now his little chew toy named Pinky! They got him a couple of tennis balls and other chewable toys like a bone and knotted robes. My sister puts them into an old lunch bag that she now calls his “baby bag” because whenever they go somewhere they bring his toys with them so he’s not too bored with himself and at least attempt to stay out of trouble!

Here are some pictures of him recently!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Album Review: “The Black” by Asking Alexandria

10297611_10153819906045818_5353265450019119261_nI was excited for the 25th of March since probably the beginning of December. When the date finally came and went though, I was busy dealing with life and my demons and I didn’t care about the music that came out that day unfortunately! It was a bittersweet feeling but days later I snapped out of it and finally listened to “The Black” by a band that I’ve only recently been listening to called Asking Alexandria!

The album starts off with “Let It Sleep” and I’ve been loving this track a lot! So happy that Shannon Gunz from Sirius XM Octane has been playing the shit out of this one and the next like crazy! It’s very heavy and dark, but has a good steady medley. Everything works well together! I’ve done a review on their music video and track “The Black” earlier in February but now I finally get to do this and I’m actually kind of excited! If you read my previous album reviews before you know I don’t include the song I’ve already talked about so if you want to know what I thought about track number two, click here. Third is called “I Won’t Give In” and this was the song that basically turned me like oh my god! Everytime I hear it, it builds me up so strongly and I actually believe in both the lyrics and myself that I’m not going to give up and lately I’ve been needing that kind of self-esteem!

Fourth track is called “Sometimes It Ends” and it starts off with Ben Bruce explaining a conversation he had with new vocalist of the band, Denis Stoff about the writing of the new album and how he talked him out of making it about original singer Danny Worsnop. When the actual song starts, you can’t exactly hear what Denis is saying, one of the bad things about using harsh vocals of screaming and growls at the beginning will do to a track like this, but you can still hear the message behind them though.Sometimes things do end but you will get through it. At the end of it, it goes back to Ben talking about how grateful he is about how he’s still able to go out and play music. He also thanked Denis for talking him out of making the record mainly about Danny which everybody sort of thought it would be about him. I didn’t.

The next song is called “The Lost Souls” and I really like this one, it actually might become a favorite of mine! It starts off very soft and a little mysterious but quickly builds and becomes very powerful music wise! The vocals are a little off for me, but I don’t know why because it all goes together very well! I do love the orchestra in the background in the choruses, gives it a nice soft edge to it! Sixth track is “Just A Slave To Rock ‘n Roll” and at first, I thought I would like it and then I heard it and was totally wrong. Everybody has their differences between what sounds like rock or heavy metal and this does not sound like a rock ‘n roll. Now it could be a metaphor of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle now that I think about it, that seems more fair to say whenever I listen to it. Number seven is a song that is very light, not exactly a ballad but still good though! The song is “Send Me Home” and it’s very uplifting and it’s beautiful!

Next up is “We’ll Be OK” and we’re back on the heavy train and it’s very ominous with the soft introduction and low vocals. It’s a good song. I just need to listen to it a few more times and see what happens, because right now I don’t exactly like it. The band’s most recent single that was released like a week before the album came out was “Here I Am” and it’s another slow one. I’ve been ignoring it because I’m not into the softer songs like I wish I was! Number ten is a song called “Gone” and even though the last two were pretty slow and easy going, this is what I call a ballad and it is gorgeous! Piano, orchestra, and Ben’s voice. Second to last is “Undivided” and it sounds a little alternative as I hear some electronic sounds in the intro. I like the meaning of it a lot, this song in general is pretty badass! I actually want this one to become a single! The last one is “Circled By The Wolves” and this gives me the same vibes “We’ll Be OK” there’s nothing that really makes it special, it just sounds like a regular, fuck you rock song. I don’t have a problem with those kinds of songs but I do like for them to sound different from the rest!

I was actually surprised with this album, it was good but not what I expected though. It had a lot of heavier songs which is what everybody was looking for while waiting for it to be released. It’s also not about Danny, which I’m even more happier about because that was another concern to the older fans who have been listening to them for years. There’s nothing about this album that is “bad” it’s just some songs weren’t a favorite of mine. I’d still buy the album though!

What do you think of “The Black”? What are your favorite tracks and maybe not so favorites? 


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