NOTM: Cotton Candy!


Hey guys!

A few days ago, my nana and I had a whole day to ourselves! Which was very weird for us since papaw has passed and she’s been dealing with other things, plus my mom has been working a lot lately too. Everytime that I went over with her, we didn’t have time for us to talk and do our normal things without having other people around us.

Before we left to go over, my mom had to cut my finger nails. As I’ve said in the past, I’m scared of the clippers like crazy! My nails grow so fast that I feel like we have to do them every other week. This time we did it in front of my dad in the living room and somehow my anxiety wasn’t so bad. I still had to breathe slowly but I hardly pulled away from her so that’s a plus! My toes need it too, but I decided to get them painted before the horror of the clippers comes near me again!

For last month, I started this bright look for my nails and I must be liking it because I chose two more colors that represent spring for me!

“Big Teal” by Xtreme Sally Hansen!


I went for the 360 Big Teal for my bolder color this time around. I wanted this last month for my fingers and I actually took it home with me so I could possibly get my mom or dad to paint them for me, but I kept forgetting about it and for my fingernails, I have to be in a mood to have them done.

I really like this color, it reminds me of the sky and the ocean a lot so it makes me happy! One of the good things about this is the fact the polish is so thick that we only need one coat for both feet!

“Hardcore Party” by Sally Hansen


Yes, I actually went with a pink! A very light pink I might add! It’s called 160 Hardcore Party! It’s a good thing I like this shade of pink because I think this is what color my maid of honor dress for my sister’s wedding next year is going to be!

Of course, this was the most difficult color I decided to put on which sucked! Since it’s so light it required more coats, for like two toes I have like four or five coats on them because either nana missed a section and later I start talking with my feet I accidentally hit the side of her hand. Not even two minutes later I tried to move the bench back underneath the kitchen table and manage to chip a nice little part of my big toe right off! Thank god it looks pretty or I would have told her to remove it and add the blue on those toes instead!

So what do you think of cotton candy toes? Yay or nay? What do you have on your nails?



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