10 Things I Like About Spring!


Hey guys!

It seems everybody has been publishing their own posts about what they like about spring lately. I got the idea to do this from my girl Jemma of Dorkface and she is an overachiever and listed 30 different things on hers. I could probably list more than 10 but I didn’t want to stress about it.

I’ve actually never done a post of things I liked about in different seasons. Spring is just starting to turn into one of my favorite seasons. Even though we start the new year in winter, it’s been that way since November and that’s in the past. Spring just gives me that feeling of new things, despite the fact that I’m coming across a lot of bad lately. I’m sure it’ll bring me some good sometime soon!

1. Cooler days where I can sit on the porch with our cats and not have to worry about the bees and wasps flying around and freaking me out!
2. Dogwood trees full in bloom – when they’re white is my favorite!
3. Coloring eggs for Easter!
4. Going on for long walks and falling in love with Earth’s beauty!
5. The weeds!
6. The end of basketball!
7. Spring cleaning!
8. Prom season!
9. Farmers harvesting corps in the fields for the summer vegetables.
10. Grilling outside!

What are some of the things you love about spring?

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