Song Review: “The House Of Shame” by Lacuna Coil

So on Friday, we finally got to hear this first single off of Lacuna Coil’s album Delirium  and I have to say, I’ve been keeping up with the band’s production process since late last year. And the fact that I’m even excited about this new album is a little interesting considered I didn’t care very much for Broken Crown Halo. When I saw the lyric video popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook, I actually didn’t click on it I just switched onto my Spotify and pulled it up on there instead!

Let me just say, I am in love with this song already!

The track is called “The House Of Shame” and I kind of figured the theme would be a very schizophrenic throughout the whole album, at least I’m hoping it will be! I might be a little disappointed considering the song kind of supports my theory. From the time it starts, you get that eerie feeling with a slow intro but then immediately it switches and gets heavy as crap and Andrea does this scream or roar whichever you want to call it! It has that signature Lacuna Coil sound of the guitars – I really love gothic metal music! Cristina has posted on her official fan page on Facebook that she was doing a lot with her voice in this record and we got a snippet of the power in the choruses. It’s very good! It literally could become my favorite song of the month no joke! It’s that bad ass!

The new album releases on May 27th!

What do you think of Lacuna Coil’s new track, “The House Of Shame?” Are you excited for the new album?