DIY: Spring Cleaning The Cabinets



I went over to nana’s one day and she didn’t necessarily have anything for me to do. So we ended up finding something to do. She asked if I wanted to help her do a little DIY in her kitchen. We were just discussing the DIY stuff she used to do years ago and she just kind of asked if I wanted to help her tidy under the kitchen sink.

There’s always a few times where I actually get happy that I use my feet, because they’re lower to the ground and I hardly ever have to bend over as other people do!

She has these big cabinets and I thought cabinets with two doors were divided by a blockage in between so things wouldn’t collide together (don’t ask why I thought that I just did!). Since there wasn’t anything in between the cabinet it was much larger! However I didn’t do the scurbing inside the space as my nana did that because I was preoccupied with kicking a bunch of coffee containers underneath the kitchen table! Since that space is so big as it literally goes back to the wall, you can fit a LOT in there. I don’t know how she manged to put about seven of these containers back there! We took everything out of it. I tested my strength with different bottles that were heavy as crap! Once everything was out we moved on to the next part!

She has this peel and stick tape in zebra print. She loves it, so much that a lot of her everyday items is covered in it! She’s always trying to find ways to use it and she found a place under the sink!

This required a medium size ruler and a whole lot of patience. Thankfully we both had enough to balance each other out! The two things that I technically “can’t” do is read measures and use the scissors. Plus learning how to tell time, count money, but that’s another story! Despite this, I still did a lot like holding the ruler and estimating the measure. She had to cut the strip and slits for the sides and divider in the middle of the doors. I put it back down on the floor and took it off the paper and cussed when it kept getting undone from both sides. I can be a perfectionist sometimes! After I got it, it looked somewhat equal on both sides so I patted it down to the ground and then we went on to figuring out what we could do about the back parts. She has two drain pipes and a couple of cords that hang against the sides and there’s a lot of empty space in between that and she didn’t think we’d get that far back to do the tape so we improvised.

She has these cardboard sheets, one side is white and the other is brown. She cut a single sheet down the middle to see how much-needed to be cut to fit in the side of the corner. It still wouldn’t all the way in that area but I used a pen to write on the sheet of a rough estimate of where she needed to cut again and I’m not kidding when I say, I was a little more right than I thought I was! It was shorter a little more than I thought it would but it still fit perfectly back there. And then we did the same thing to the middle section, which needed to be a little bit more skinnier than the first one. She had to cut it down twice until it fit good enough between the two pipes, but since it was in such a strange position I kept losing my grip with it and it got stuck a couple of times. Everytime I tried to move up to grab it I almost slammed my forehead into the edge of the sink! I finally had nana push onto my chair to make me stay there and I got one last time and arranged it in place.

After that we were finished with the whole project. Well, nana was done. I could have done another cabinet if I knew I didn’t have to cut any strips of cardboard or use the damn tape. I put everything back inside the cabinets, but one bottle wanted to fight me (of course!) and literally fell over sideways, but thank god it was already far in the back enough that it wasn’t too much in the way of arranging the other stuff! One of these days, we’ll be brave enough to go through the “big” cabinet that holds all of the dishes, both plastic and glass! That’s another challenge for another day!


A few days ago, I was at my nana’s again and I’ve been dying to clean out her big cabinet that has her dishes, both glass,, and plastic! I manged to clear out a small section of the lower level of it but I’m either going to need to be on the floor or more energy to do the rest of that shelf! Oh, that’s a job for another day!

In honor of spring cleaning, what is/was the first thing you fix up? And no, I will not come over and clean your cabinets! =)


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