Song Review: “Inside Out” by The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee

Last Friday, I finally went back to checking out newly released albums and singles (yes, I stopped looking for about a week!) and I found a lot of new stuff that I really liked but I’ve been noticing a thing recently were if I see anything relating to The Chainsmokers I’m going to stop whatever the hell I’m doing or in case this case listening to and check it out. This is what happened on Friday and sent Alex and Drew a sweet little tweet that morning of how much I liked the song already!

 I have to say this before hand I’m still loving both “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” a lot. Been trying to slyly guide my mom into liking at least one of these songs but she’s not budging!

Anyways, their new song “Inside Out” is actually pretty good. It’s very chill, I’m slowly liking these types of EDM tracks now. Everytime I hear one of their songs, especially recent releases, they make me think of summer in California. Maybe I should have my nana listen to them instead? I do love the feeling of a gentle wave of music coming around me while I listen to it. The track features Austrian vocalist Charlee of whom I’ve never heard of but she sounds good despite sounding like Rozes slightly.

To me, I always love easy-going types of songs released in the spring. Everybody wants something to chill out to, not necessarily to dance… yet! That’s what everybody does in summer whenever they go to festivals and parties! You lucky bastards! I think this a perfect spring-time song! Hopefully its popularity will grow as time will go on!

What do you think of “Inside Out” by The Chainsmokers?

Music Video Review: “No” by Meghan Trainor

I have been loving Meghan Trainor’s new single!!

I told you last week that I would do a review of my thoughts of both the song and of course, music video! I’ll start off with the actual song. I only had to hear it once, that was it! After that first time I did have to rewind my TV to hear it again because I thought it was the best damn thing I heard all day long! I think it sounds a bit old school pop, like early 00’s Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera! That record static in the intro makes it like Christina’s Back To Basics era, but the whole thing is so catchy and gives you those happy vibes from start to the end. I seriously can’t get enough!

The music video had a similar vibe especially when you first play it and it has a futuristic theme, at first it made me think of Britney Spears’ video for “Hold It Against Me” but you see Meghan and these other women dance together. Meghan did a lot of sexy dancing in this video! …I am loving the red hair by the way! As much as I love dancing in music videos, I didn’t think the moves were very sharp. I think I might be watching too munch DWTS because I sound like Len Goodman! I mean, it wasn’t bad. I felt some of the arm gestures weren’t “attacked” enough, it was very loose and maybe that’s what she wanted who knows!

Do you like Meghan Trainor’s new single? 


Song Review: “Aftergold” by Big Wild feat. Tove Stryke

I am very open with new music, I am constantly on the prowl for new stuff every week! I finally love Fridays again!

For all that follow and talk to me on my social medias you know I love being sent different artists, bands, and tracks and that is how I found Jackson also known as “Big Wild” and his track “Aftergold” on Spotify. I hardly ever get sent songs on there anymore so whenever one does pop up on my messages I do try to listen to it.

A random follower of mine on Spotify sent me a playlist of different chilled EDM music and this was literally the first track off that playlist and I fell in love with it! I love feel good music and I think “Aftergold” has that vibe to it! I like the tropical sounds and bells you hear throughout the song itself, it’s on a totally different level than what I hear on a daily basis. So I thank the person who sent me that playlist!

Now that I say that, last week it was re-released as a vocal version and I’m not going to lie, I almost started crying when I saw that he put a singer on the track. I am a lover of instrumentals, especially with EDM music. I just like how you hear the actual beat that the artist has created. I think adding a singer to the mix just downgrades the whole thing. I’m not judging Big Wild or Tove Stryke (who is the singer featured on the song) but it totally changes my vibes on the song and I don’t like it. I usually don’t like doing bad reviews, but it didn’t start off that way! Just remember that!

Which version do you like better? With or without Tove Stryke?