#FWF – Focus On The Good

fwf2016I originally had two ideas for the prompt that popped into my head: photography and singing. It came to me after I realized I had already used a good batch of spring-y photography for today’s post. So I have go with singing for today!

I’ve only had two separate years of choir while I was in school. I did want to try out of Swing Choir when I was a freshman but I was basically talked out of that by a number of people. I liked choir mainly because our director was a great teacher but I’ve always loved the sound of choirs. Which I rediscovered while I was doing Blogmas last year, when I watched Home Alone and he goes into the church and the children’s choir are in there singing so beautifully; I remembered that’s how I fell in love with choir in the first place!

I didn’t start singing until after I had my back surgeries. I’d say it was like a year later that I really started to sing because I finally could! Before, my spine was basically crushing my right lung and all throughout my childhood I had a hump and I couldn’t inhale big enough to hold out long notes or go louder. Different programs from my childhood are playing in my head as I sit here think about it! By the time I was actually singing well enough I was in middle school were we no longer had grandparent’s day programs anymore! So when I was allowed to be in choir I was very happy because then I’d be able to improve things!

What I find interesting is that I don’t think we were taught like the ones in Swing Choir, quite a few of them had to take voice lessons and were probably given excerises to improve their breathing and how to reach those harder notes with ease – who knows! I didn’t think I was given ways to reach certain notes or either I did I just didn’t care! All I remember was in 2013 I really started to find different songs that challenge me. I started listening to Katherine Jenkins and Sarah Brightman and I really loved how they could just shoot up high and make that note last. At that time I was also listening to bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish, and Xandria who had singers that were trained in classical/opera music. So they became great influences for me and I really started to train my voice in their light I guess.

And then somehow when I finally reached those high notes that I had longed for I stopped training myself and sort of lost my magic! I’ve been trying to find ways to bring it back, so I’ve been using different types of music and songs to hopefully coax it out of me again! That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been listening to a lot of Celtic Woman lately! I finally learned a song that the Swing Choir used to sing all the time called “You Raise Me Up” and I was so happy but I am so hard on myself when I have an imperfect moment that I just stop singing altogether! Sometimes when that happens I start the song over and try it again. I’m presistant like that!

It’ll be six years in May that I’ve been on a stage. If I was given a chance I would like to redeem myself after my first solo performance. I would like to do a song that I really knew by heart and felt comfortable performing, but my luck I would get sick like the last time! One thing that does bother me, as much as I would take a chance at being on stage again I would be worried that nobody would care about the actual performance of the song and pay more attention to the fact that a girl in a wheelchair is singing the song. That’s the other factor that always seems to push it out of my mind. I think I would still do it though!


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Life Lately | The Climb



I wish I could explain everything I’ve been feeling for the past week, almost two weeks depending when I publish this. You should feel happy I’ve decided to do this post at all because I was going to not blog for another week or more until I felt comfortable to get back into it again.

For those of you who don’t know, my papaw passed away recently and it’s been a very, very rough time for everyone in my family. I’ve been very sick to my stomach almost every night and somehow messed up my sleep in the process, for two days I think I was up for 20 hours. My body is drained and utterly exhausted with all sorts of emotions.

I have a story to tell; fair warning, it might make you cry!

I’ve been told a lot of stories of the days before and when I was born of my grandparents driving down to the hospital and go out to eat at Red Lobster, well in the two times they did that they never got to finish their meals. At least that’s what my papaw always said to me on my birthday! Anyways, I was told on the way to the hospital with my dad on the actual day I was born they saw a hawk on a wired fence and there was one on the way home. Hawks sort of became a good luck charm for all of us and on the day we went down to see him when he passed, you wouldn’t believe how many hawks I saw in the sky, even saw one on the fence going home!

I’ve seen a couple then and I think Brandon told my sister the story of the symbolization because now she’s been saying things like “hello papaw.” Not to quote The Lion King or anything but I do believe in recranation a little bit and I think papaw’s soul is being past down in these hawks we’ve been seeing lately!

Anyways, the other day I did get a sense of peace. My cousin Chris took his daughter Lynn, wife, and I on a walk around town. I brought my camera with me and I just snapped everything I could! I didn’t have my big chair so Chris had to push me and we hadn’t done that in a while. We kept reminiscing about the time he lost control of my stroller and I fell out of it, I had a goose egg and a couple other bruises but I still went back out there with him again that afternoon! He still did some pop-a-wheelies but no speed racing for us!! And I was perfectly fine with that considering I had my camera between my toes most of the time anyways!

I don’t know what else to share. In a few days I might publish a couple of other posts if I feel up to it. I don’t want to necessarily push myself to write anything. So I hope for now, these two posts will be good enough for now!

I’m also sharing my new article I’ve written for Bloggeration Magazine! Here’s the link if you want to check it out!

Hope you’re all having a good first day of April! 🙂



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