April Playlist + ANNOUNCEMENT!



I’m starting with the special announcement.

So we’re about to start May, which is the basically start of summer for a lot of people. If you have been reading my blog for a couple of years now, you know what I do during the summers. I write up different music posts talking about artists and bands from all over the world! It’s been a growing favorite which makes me very happy because around August or September, I start to feel like it drags on and on. This theme will go from May to October, which isn’t too bad. Everything will literally take off next Tuesday!

Now that I have that out of the way, we can discuss this past month’s playlist and how crazy it got in just one week! I have been adding songs onto this playlist like crazy! There was definitely a theme for April and it was anything mellow. I have a lot of Celtic Woman, Josh Groban, Plumb. It is full of everything that made me happy this past month. I didn’t care what I put in it this time around. I did add “Little April Shower” from the Bambi soundtrack as I could not include it into the playlist.

Last week one of the greats passed away, Prince. I grew up on his music. My mom grew up in the 80’s so she passed down her kind of music to my sister and I. We got a whole range of different music, covering rap and pop. I remember watching Purple Rain as a young kid and my dad basically freaking out about the sexual content in it. Nowadays, I can watch it two or three times a month and no, I am not joking either! On the day, it was announced he had died, FOX News and BET played a both of his music videos and my mom and I basically had a jam session throughout the whole afternoon! It was beautiful! I was going to add a couple of songs onto this post but I guess YouTube doesn’t have any official ones!

The song of the month was really difficult, which was weird since I was adding so many songs into it throughout the first couple of weeks. I figured it would be easy if I couldn’t stop listening to one, but as the month kept going it was more difficult to narrow it down. At one point I thought I would have about four songs because I could not decide on the winner, but I was wrong! The song of the month is “Bring Back The Summer” by Rainman featuring OLY. It’s a good song and I love it so much!

There may not be a monthly playlist post for a while. Since I can’t use my Spotify for the time being, so you might want to be happy I’m doing these Tune Tuesday posts! I’ll try to figure out something to fill up for Thursday’s review day though! It just might only be song and music video reviews for the time being!

What was your song of the month?


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Top 9 Favorite Vampires!

Okay, technically I should have had this list created and published by now, but I’ve been trying really hard to watch as many vampire related shows or films lately.

I honestly don’t know how it all started but the first time I had ever seen “vampires” that were animated on Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? and surprisingly I kind of grew to enjoy them. Since then I’ve been interested in The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, The Originals, and Underworld series. Now I’m in the middle of True Blood and recently finished both Queen Of The Damned and Dracula Untold films. So I thought I’d write up a little list of favorites from all of them or at least try to!


Charles Dance – “Thomas” in Underworld: Awakening (2012-16), “Master Vampire” in Dracula Untold (2014)

So this is going to sound a bit strange, but I have a small crush on Charles Dance. It’s small! And no, he’s not my first “older man” crush I’ve ever had…

I technically put him on this list because he’s managed to play a vampire in two films and found a way to make both roles stand out from each other! Charles as “Thomas” was stern but loved his son David and cared for the other vamps in his coven. His role in Dracula Untold, he’s basically alone. He is definitely more “scary” as the “Master Vampire” in that film!


Peter Facinelli – “Carlisle Cullen” in Twilight series (2008-12)

I wasn’t really into the whole Twilight hype, at the time I already had given my heart to the Salvatore brothers so I thought that was good enough! I didn’t start watching the series until 3 years later!

I wasn’t into who everybody was crushing over. The whole divide of Team Edward or Team Jacob was not for me. My cousin Kristi and I were more interested in Carlisle.The reason why he’s at the bottom of the list is because even though he’s a favorite, I still think he was too soft. However, the goodness of his heart was a reason why I liked him so much. He didn’t scare me or come across as a regular vampire.


 Deborah Ann Woll – “Jessica Hamby” in True Blood (2008-14)

I’m stuck on Season 5 of True Blood and considering from the first episode I watched with Jessica in it, I’ve been really into her character!! I’ve seen her grow into her vampire self and it’s been very interesting to see how much she’s changed.


Paul Wesley – “Stefan Salvatore” in The Vampire Diaries (2009-present)

I know, you’re probably surprised that I’ve added Stefan onto this list and not Damon, Klaus, or hell Katherine! In all honesty, if I really wanted to, I would add all three but I don’t think anybody is as good as Stefan. I mean, he’s learned how to control himself numerous times but I have to say seeing him lose it defines a vampire for me.

I give Paul lots of credit for being able to do so much for this role and when he played “Silas” in season four too!


Dakota Fanning – “Jane” from Twilight (2009-12)

I had a hard time getting into the whole Twilight scene. I didn’t actually watch the first movie until the franchise was starting the Breaking Dawn films.

Despite the fact I had a couple favorites on the “good” side of vampirism, Jane was my favorite of the Voultri. She was a badass from the very first time she’s introduced in New Moon. I almost felt scared with her fierce command as she walked into a room and then she brought different amounts of pain upon her victims and those red eyes alone could memorize you to obey her. I thought Dakota Fanning was a great choice for this role!


Julie Benz – “Darla” in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel (1997-2004)

The first time I ever watched anything about vampires as a teenager was from getting up at 5am for Angel, which if you didn’t know was the spin-off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I feel this show was a good choice for me to really test if I could get through the whole thing of vampires, witches, etc. Not to mention the first show I watch has the characters in full makeup, they do not look like people as vampires they generally look like demons I guess you would say and as I watched this show I grew to love Darla a lot and she scared the living shit out of me at times!


Alexander Skarsgård – “Eric Northman” in True Blood (2008-2014)

I’ve been watching True Blood lately but as my friends all told me by season five I’ll be addicted to it, I’m at that season and I’ve sort of lost my interest for it unfortunately.

I’ve been on the fence about Mr. Northman though. From the very first episode I thought he was very intimidating and powerful, but as the first season dragged on I didn’t think he had that sort of attachment with me he once had and I feel bad saying that now, but it’s true. Alexander playing Eric though, hot!


Kate Beckinsale – “Selene” in Underworld series (2003-2016)

I still can’t believe my dad got me interested in the Underworld series. It just seems so weird because it’s always been opposite.

I honestly love the characters of the entire series, each one has their own power and brings something different to the role of a vampire. I really love Kate Beckinsale as “Selene” though, I feel in ways I wish I could be that demanding and respected as a both fighter and survivor. I can’t wait for the new film this fall!


Sebastian Roché – “Mikael Mikaelson” in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (2011-15)

Surprisingly, Mikael wasn’t my first choice to lead the pack as the best vampire, but as I started to really think about it. Nobody really made me freak out longer than this man did especially when Davina brought him back to life. She’s gotta stop bringing the Mikaelson boys back to life!

Anyways, from the time we heard about the original vampire family and why Klaus, Elijah, and the whole crew were basically on the run from him. You know this isn’t somebody you want to mess with and the fact he managed to come around in both TVD and TO was pretty interesting! Despite him being such a feared character he’s reaction to see his daughter Freya in previous season of The Originals was very different, we actually saw emotion and him hugging her!! What the hell? Of course, he did end up being killed at the hands of Klaus  in front of Freya, the man still lives on in the mind’s of the remaining originals.


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REVIEW | The Girlfriend Experience

I’ve done it again! I’ve started watching a new series on Starz. Ever since Flesh And Bone ended I’ve been really sad because it was something that I really looked forward to on Sunday nights. Now I’m watching this show called The Girlfriend Experience. 

One of the differences between Flesh And Bone and this one is that I had seen promos as early from July and the show didn’t premiere until early November. I had only known about this series for maybe a month or so. I knew early on that it wouldn’t be a show I would able to watch in the middle of the night without having to explain to my dad why I’m watching a show about a woman who is working as an high-end escort. I’m still trying to figure out why I wanted to watch it in the first place.

The way I publish this review will be after the second week, so I won’t be including my thoughts about that episode. Just the first two episodes called “Entry” and “A Friend.”

Normally when you watch a show on TV, there’s a small introduction of who stars in the show followed by the names of crew. Well, there’s no little written names at the bottom of the screen or an actual theme song, so I had to look up who plays the main character Christie Reade, who is an intern at a law firm and she still goes to law school with her friend Avery who works as an escort. She’s generally the one that gets Christine interested into the deal in the first place. However, Christine seems like a very adventurous person sexually speaking considering she and Avery go to a bar and she finds a guy at the bar and sleeps with him. So you already have this vibe that she’s always been curious about escorting, or at least that’s what I got while watching that first episode.

The second episode she actually gets her picture taken very boudoir and starts working with Avery’s I want to say manager, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s still pretty close considering anything the girls are comfortable with doing with their clients she gets about 30% of the amount. This person, Jacqueline is her name books her clients and offers to pay a deposit on Christine’s new experience apartment that she ends up having to share with Avery at the end of the second episode because the client she was living with asked her to leave. Anyways, in the course of both episodes Christine has about three different clients.

While I was watching the first episode, it was pretty interesting. The actress Riley Keough, at times reminded me of Kristen Stewart in Twilight very timid and quiet. You want to know what she’s thinking in her head in different scenes. She also reminds me of Emma Watson in some senses, especially when she dresses up all fancy. The waviness of her hair made me think of Emma. One of the main things I like whenever I feel like is because the lighting around, it’s very dark and almost murky. It creates a very raw atmosphere. I’ve only heard of the bad side of escorting and from seeing the previews for the later episodes, it could turn bad for Christine or Chelsea as she’s called by her clients. I sense something goes down with keeping those two personalities and jobs separate. I see her or maybe Avery fucking something up in the near future!

Have you watched The Girlfriend Experience yet? What are your thoughts on it?


An Open Letter To My Papaw


My papaw has been gone a month…

It’s been a rough time for my whole family to deal with, some more than others. I’m only saying that because I don’t know how my northern families are dealing with it so I apologize if that statement offended you.

I’ve managed to keep quiet on the subject because despite being the writer in the family, I can’t produce the words to explain how I’ve been feeling. Truth be told, I’ve been fine. I know my papaw is someplace where he’s no longer in pain, but I do miss him dearly. I just deal with things differently. I’m a very strong person. I’ve realized that I’m more like my dad than I thought. I’ve managed to control my emotions a little better than certain family members but there’s a reason for it.

In the past, anytime somebody has died whether I went to school with them, were a family friend, or a celebrity I’ve been sort of quiet on the whole thing. I’ve talked about this a couple of times on here that I believe in recarination but I also believe in the fact a person is never really gone. The memories you have of them will immortalize them and so they’re not really gone for good. For some people, this might be a sign of denial but this is my belief and it’s the reason why I’ve been able to control my emotions and most important my thoughts.

I really didn’t grieve like everybody else, which is normal and I know that, but it’s still the fact I’ve only cried probably four time in the last thirty days.

I do have a funny, but interesting story though. Growing my whole family, including my papaw has always believed that their house is haunted. The upstairs and part of their living room just gives some eerie feelings when you go into a certain area. Sleeping over there, especially on the couch that is directly below the staircase isn’t good for my paranoia at all. Anyways, the other night I had a dream where my papaw showed up and literally scared the shit out of me. He stood in the corner and never spoke, just winked which is always something that he did with me. One of my last memories is of him in his bed at the nursing home, when we brought him his pizza he winked at me when I smiled at him. Something that has bothered me since then is that I never told him I loved him. I was still hopeful that he was going to come home and I didn’t think he would hear me anyways, so I just didn’t say it.

Also, another thing that we used to do as kids. Whenever it turned 11:11 my mom would always say “hi papaw” it was just something she did, whether or not she was talking about her dad or her papaw I still don’t know! She recently told my sister and I that she hasn’t seen a 11:11 since everything happened. I’ve seen tons of times, especially anything trains too! Everytime I see it though, I’ve stopped making wishes and just say “hi papaw” now. It actually makes me feel better when I notice it too.

I actually feel a lot better now that I’ve been able to let it all out today. I’ve held a lot in that I feel I should have talked to somebody, especially my friend Sammy who’s been for me since January when he was going through the dementia and all that. This weekend we have his furenal service and I feel like I’ve had my peace with it. I feel bad saying that out loud but I just feel like in the way that we’re doing it, he wouldn’t want that. He’d want everybody around each other, sharing stories and pigging out since that’s what he looked forward everytime we had family over. It’s just going to be weird again knowing he’s not going to pop in because we were getting too loud.

Oh, I’ve stop here. I’ve cried three times while writing this. I’m also not checking my spelling and all that for this post. If I look over it, I’ll never push publish. Sorry.


NOTM: Cotton Candy!


Hey guys!

A few days ago, my nana and I had a whole day to ourselves! Which was very weird for us since papaw has passed and she’s been dealing with other things, plus my mom has been working a lot lately too. Everytime that I went over with her, we didn’t have time for us to talk and do our normal things without having other people around us.

Before we left to go over, my mom had to cut my finger nails. As I’ve said in the past, I’m scared of the clippers like crazy! My nails grow so fast that I feel like we have to do them every other week. This time we did it in front of my dad in the living room and somehow my anxiety wasn’t so bad. I still had to breathe slowly but I hardly pulled away from her so that’s a plus! My toes need it too, but I decided to get them painted before the horror of the clippers comes near me again!

For last month, I started this bright look for my nails and I must be liking it because I chose two more colors that represent spring for me!

“Big Teal” by Xtreme Sally Hansen!


I went for the 360 Big Teal for my bolder color this time around. I wanted this last month for my fingers and I actually took it home with me so I could possibly get my mom or dad to paint them for me, but I kept forgetting about it and for my fingernails, I have to be in a mood to have them done.

I really like this color, it reminds me of the sky and the ocean a lot so it makes me happy! One of the good things about this is the fact the polish is so thick that we only need one coat for both feet!

“Hardcore Party” by Sally Hansen


Yes, I actually went with a pink! A very light pink I might add! It’s called 160 Hardcore Party! It’s a good thing I like this shade of pink because I think this is what color my maid of honor dress for my sister’s wedding next year is going to be!

Of course, this was the most difficult color I decided to put on which sucked! Since it’s so light it required more coats, for like two toes I have like four or five coats on them because either nana missed a section and later I start talking with my feet I accidentally hit the side of her hand. Not even two minutes later I tried to move the bench back underneath the kitchen table and manage to chip a nice little part of my big toe right off! Thank god it looks pretty or I would have told her to remove it and add the blue on those toes instead!

So what do you think of cotton candy toes? Yay or nay? What do you have on your nails?



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