My Poor Papaw


Hey guys!

So I don’t usually post anything on the weekends. I try to keep it empty so I can get ready for the week ahead or finish other things, but this is different. I also apologize if my words are all over the place. I was more concerned of letting it all out then spelling and making sense!

I don’t know many of you follow me on Twitter but for the past few weeks I’ve been asking for prayers for my papaw and the rest of my family. My poor papaw has been dealing with a lot lately. It started with the dementia stuff which I explained in January, but recently we’d been dealing with other stuff.

He went to the ER with a serve UTI and they kept him because they found a mass on his bladder and thought it could be cancer. Well, he was in the hospital for almost a full week and he had surgery to remove the mass. He’s been in the nursing home trying to regain his strength when he walks. He doesn’t walk very much but he does his own transfers to bed to wheelchair and walks into the bathroom by himself because there’s not enough room to take his chair into the bathroom. Anyways, he’s been doing pretty good, but yesterday my mom and dad took him to his doctor’s appointment and found out that the cancer was at stage 1 and non invasive.

Afterwards, they took him back to the nursing home. He was exhausted from the day, but literally an hour after coming back his laps came back and found out that he was back in the hospital for renal failure. He was transferred to another hospital and to be put on dialysis. During this time, I was at my nana’s house and I felt hopeless because she was upset because I know she wasn’t with him and then we have so much family drama going on, everybody’s acting on emotions and nobody can be right or wrong. I feel like I can’t have my own feelings without somebody looking down upon me because I’m not siding against them and it sucks. I’ve been trying to stay out of everything and be silent but god, everybody wants to test me! I’m trying to focus on my papaw, but yet be there for my papaw. I can’t be there for everyone. It’s just in my nature though! I’ve been trying to kind of fix that for years and yeah, as you can see nothing’s worked!

All I’m asking for prayers or positive vibes for my papaw, nana, and the rest of my family to attempt to understand each other and not push each other away because I know neither one of my grandparents want that to happen. Please don’t pray for me, they are my first priority.

Thank you.