WEEK SIX | #PADCardiganJezebel


It’s another week of March!

My memory is starting to fade on me lately! Something that I’ve been trouble doing while contributing every day to the challenge is there is like a 50/50 chance I’m not going to remember what the next day’s theme. The day before I started this past week I only knew Monday’s because I had technically done it two days earlier just in case! However, I didn’t know the next six days’ topics! So in a very interesting way, doing these summary posts are a godsend because it makes me remember them!

So they’re not just fun for you guys, but they’re helping me an awful lot! Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get on with the pictures!

DAY 7: 11 AM!


I took this picture on the Saturday before this picture was even due for one specific reason only. I would probably forget about it or sleep in, actually that’s what happened on Monday! I slept in and missed the time! So now I am really glad I took it then and I’m also very happy for the zoom button, flash, and for my camera to focus right for this picture!!

DAY 8: Stripes!


I think socks with stripes is very popular in my house than any other design! I have so many but grabbed the two closes to me and of course they were both dirty as crap! Sorry about that!

DAY 9: Something New!


I was at my nana’s a lot this week for personal things going on in my family at the moment. I’ll try to explain it all later this week!

My nana sends money to a school out West, for Native American kids and they send her different things! Back in December I explained that the advent calendar came from them which I love doing them! She got a lot of stuff: handmade cards, stickers, calendars, and this mini dreamcatcher and pen. This was the only picture that turned out pretty decent as to the other 20+ I took afterwards!

DAY 10: Smile!


So my nana and I are doing something cool! I am a Shriner’s baby and went there to get checked up about my condition, feet, and most importantly my back! I spent a good four months there recovering from my surgeries and having a blast really! Anyways, there are two ways to help support them. You can send toys or blankets. They are creating a giant quilt and we did a little design on ours! I drew a smiley face sun and added ours names underneath! We were going to put “you are my sunshine” but I knew it wouldn’t fit. I’m still surprised I wrote our names small enough that they were still readable!

Getting this picture to not end up blurry was not going to happen! I literally took over 15 pictures of it in a span of two days and this was taken during the second day and I’m pretty sure I know why it never wanted to work for me. It was either bad lighting or I need a lesson in figuring out how to stop shaking my feet mid-air!

DAY 11: Spring!


Th weekend before, it was absolutely gorgeous out and I got to spend quite a bit of time outside with the babies! This is Bear-Bear, I thought he looked all cute laying out on the ground instead of on the porch with the rest of us. (…don’t blame him one bit!)

DAY 12: Shhh!


Okay, a few weeks ago I went to the dentist and I was really tired! Between little sleep that night, getting up at the butt crack of dawn, and then taking medicine to help calm my nerves, this was the end result! I decided to take a little nap in between breaks of my doctor working on me! Another reason why I like this picture is because I was having a great hair day!

DAY 13: On The Go!


Okay, you’re probably wondering why I included this picture. All I’m going to say is “find the airplane!” I’m seriously surprised I got it! I thought it wouldn’t show up or the photo would be too blurry but nope! You can’t see the plane but you can see it’s line of steam, well barely!


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