EP Review: “America” by XYLØ


I found XYLØ while following a playlist on Spotify. I couldn’t tell you which one because I don’t remember and I literally unfollowed a bunch of different playlists back in January so it may have been on one of those too, I don’t know! Anyways, I found this brother and sister duo on accident and I’ve never looked back!

Chase and Paige Duddy are the creators of XYLØ and they are definitely alternative, but I’d sort of consider some of their music in the electronica category too! They remind me of what Sleigh Bells would be if they chilled out a bit. I love Sleigh Bells by the way! No judgement towards them at all! Everytime I listen to their track “Afterlife” I start swaying with hardly any self-control. After seeing they had released a new EP two weeks ago, I couldn’t help myself. I knew I had to review it and hopefully you guys will get interested in them too!

So to start us off, the first track is called “Bang Bang” and like I said above, they remind me of the group Sleigh Bells. This is the main reason of how they make me think of them. This is very chilled but interesting in a way. Normally, I kind of hate songs that have hardly anything in them, I feel like if you’re going to put in a chorus, you might as well finish the rest of the song too! The beat is pretty good though, that’s probably the only part that doesn’t bug me too much. It’s not bad though! The second song is the reason why I got interested in the band. I had a nice three weeks of playing this one and The Chainsmokers “Roses” back to back! No regrets! It makes me feel good. People use drugs to get high and relax, I just need beats like this! Sorry not sorry! Next up is the title track of the EP called “America” which is so beautiful. It kind of gives me old Prince vibes with the synthdrums in the background. I like the dark theme and feeling this one gives off. It’s so good!

The fourth track is “BLK CLD” and I’m not going to lie, I thought it was “BLK CD” aka “blank CD” at first. It pays to listen to the song before writing it out! This one gives me summertime at the beach vibes which is strange because I’ve never been to a beach in the summer! It just feels like a good summer themed track! It’s a pretty song but it’s not a favorite right now. I’ll give it time and a little bit of love. It might change things! Next is a song called “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” and I really like the drums throughout the entire thing. There are certain times when you can use any type of sounds to highlight a track. You can hear fanfare drums, keys, and what sounds to me like police sirens that are very disorinated. Somehow everything works together and makes it very cool! Last one is called “L.A. Love Song” and at first, I didn’t like this one and I’m still wondering why because now I like it! It’s another gentle beat, but I feel like that high piched note gives it a little bit of an edge! I wouldn’t say it sounds dark, but it’s slightly eerie.

XYLØ are a new group/band, whatever you want to call them! I’m already starting to like them and you guys know that I don’t normally like getting into brand new acts because I tend to get very impatient and always wanting more. If you like Banks, GEMS, or FKA Twigs, you might like these guys too! Give their stuff a listen!


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