NOTM: Greenge


Hey guys!

Technically, I got my nails done on the nineteenth of February, but I’m pretty sure both colors will hold up nicely for the whole month of March! If not, then you’re get another post with this same kind of intro for April’s nails!

Since I went with the dark concept for January with the royal blue and emerald for my toes, I wanted to go lighter this time around. I just need something kind of bright but not as obnoxious! My nana has a big collection of different nail polishes stored in her kitchen. She has tons of nude, pinks, and glitter polishes, but I don’t really use them as much!

“Peach” by Pure Ice:


I’m pretty sure I’ve purchased both polishes; both came from the same haul! What’s really weird is that the pink polish I was going to use came from the haul too! Sometimes they get back in the cabinet and are lost for a bit!

This one jumped out at me first, which was strange because like I said, I’m not really into lighter colors but some days I just need something happy and this one did just that for me! Unfortunately, there’s no name for this color so I’m going by what I described it on my previous post. This is my second time using a Pure Ice nail polish, they’re pretty good as far as quality! You don’t need a lot of coats to get the shade of inside the bottle, but if you don’t have a clear finish polish, then it’s best to do two coats just in case! That’s what we had to do as after I got to doing things for my nana, we had to add another coat because of it had started coming off already!

“Limestone” by Sally Hansen:


I’ve used this green before and for me, it just symbolizes “spring” for me! And for a lot of people that’s what March represents, the coming of spring! Considering I went from an emerald color for January, I didn’t think I’d choose another shade of green for the next month(s) but okay!

For a lot of people, they might agree I don’t wear a lot of colorful outfits and that’s just my style! I feel whenever I do my nails though, I’m very colorful! I have my days where I need those darker colors to really set the gloomy mood I might be feeling. I might not be complaining much about all the snow and ice, but it doesn’t mean I’m not tired of it and need more warmer days full of green trees, flowers, and stupid bugs! I honestly miss going out and taking pictures of our cats on the porch. Those three days in the middle of January wasn’t enough for me!

My papaw is responsible for naming this post! After I showed him my nails, this is what came flying out of his mouth! I had some fun trying to do these pictures for this post! I used everything we needed to do this! Cotton balls, tissues, and Q-Tips!

What do you think of my nails, yay or nay? What kind of polish do you have on right now?



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