Bumping Into Strange Boys


It’s hard to say how this started…

I was in this hipster looking little diner, minding my business with a couple of my friends. We were eating the Americana type of food. The type that you’ll have to do about 100 pull ups and squats afterwards. The taste of the cheese burgers and fries would make it seem worth it though!

We were only there for about a half hour, which seemed longer to me. Maybe it only seemed longer because the conversations between my friends and I weren’t very stimulus. They were too busy talking about the attractions like the lush park we just came back from visiting and where they had planned on going to next. As much as I was having fun with my girls and getting away from our normal lives. My mind was elsewhere.

We all had finished with our food when this group of guys came strolling in, full of energy and laughs! They were so loud that I was glad that they decided to come around when we were just about to leave the place. As soon as I started grabbing my coat off my chair, I was startled by one of their sneakers. I am very sensitive to hearing certain sounds, and this squeak was loud inside my head! I dropped my jacket and when I went to pick it up off the checkered floor another set of hands grabbed it from the other side at the same time and as we stood up together, our eyes never losing contact with each other.

“Hi.” this fairly good looking man looked up and said to me.
“Hello.” I said back at him with a slight smile on my face.
“Are you okay? Do you need some help putting this on?” He said, pulling my coat away from my hand and attempting to put it over my shoulders.
“Oh, no! It’s okay. I’m not cold right now.” Obviously! “but thank you!” I said back to him.

This strange guy looked as though he had just found his whole world, but I’m far from ever being an angel. He looked cute with his baby face charm and piercing green eyes. I’m usually a blue eyes kind of girl too. He looked so young, but I couldn’t help feel attracted to him in a tiny way. He had me written all over him, he just didn’t know it yet—Oh snap out of it Catie!

“Well, do I get a name to a pretty face?” This voice appeared back into my conscious.
“Oh, sorry! Sometimes I just space out! My name is Catie.” I said in a panic, gosh, does he realize how I’ve been staring at him!
“It’s all right. My name is Devon.” He said, looking over at my friends who were now staring at me like I was part of the statue they were looking at in the park earlier. “Where are you ladies from?” He said and the rest of his posse circled around us.
“We’re from a small town.” Jessica said, trying not to reveal too much of ourselves to them.
“Okay, well that doesn’t really help! Where? Do you live outside of NYC?” One of his friends said trying to push the topic a little more.
“No, we live in Boston!” Tracy said in a shrieking voice. Jess and I took our focus off the hunks in front of us for a second and turned to look at Tracy. “Look, sorry about to break up your little love fest. but we gotta go! Come on girls!” She said while tugging onto Jessi’s left hand and pushing me with all her might away from Devon’s gaze. I couldn’t blame her, by that time I was already imagining what he looks like without his shirt on! Tracy was moving so fast that I braced myself with impact of the front door. Thankfully, there was a gentleman ready and willing to open it for three crazy, lovesick girls from Boston!

Once outside away from the group of boys, I grabbed my jacket off my shoulders and put it through my arms and got a whiff of musky scent that he had left behind. It definitely wasn’t the normal teenage cologne I’m used to smelling at my house full of pre-teen brothers, but it smelled of something much older! I cherished that smell for hours, walking in the cold air with my crazy friends. I was back to my old self, distracted by missed opportunities!

I was just in the mood to write something last night and this was the ending result of one of many prompts you can find on Pinterest! I ended a free write type of thing before the blog chat started! 


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We Need Tiny Rings!

12728959_1062216837175979_1183783930622757393_nHey guys!

So we’re finally in March! This month symbolizes “spring” for everybody that is sick of the nasty ice and snow that they’ve been getting recently! I’ve realized here lately that I’ve been sort of accepting it, which is new for me!

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader and seeing all of the new blog posts that were recently published. I came across one from the ladies of The Flower That Blooms. They talked about a jewelry line called Coconut Lane. They got some cute accessories from them and I am still thinking about that snake ring, even though I despise snakes in general! Anyways, as I was reading the whole post, something clicked.


After reading Rachel and Lauren’s post, seeing the  words “adjustable ring” made me wonder for a second. Is it possible for my long lost dream of rings for people like myself can actually wear? Honestly, it’s a long shot but I don’t think it’s impossible either!

As you guys know I have a small jewelry collection. I shared my infamous, (almost weapon-like) spikey bracelet and my “Meghan” necklace that my mom found by chance at Wal-Mart. I have no rings in my collection, not because I don’t like them. It’s mostly because they won’t fit on my fingers. I asked my mom if she had any other rings besides her wedding ring, she also has a small jewelry collection but only has a few rings herself that she let me take pictures of. A couple of weeks later, I got a chance to look through my nana’s jewelry box (which totally put our collections to shame!) and she let me take pictures of a few of hers too.


Ever since I was little, I was into jewelry. I think they add to an outfit and if you like to wear a lot of black then you can wear some necklaces and earrings for a good add splash of color. I’ve always been into rings, but knowing they wouldn’t fit on my fingers always pushes me away from buying them. I used a few of my mom’s rings as props in these pictures and I apologize for the example photo; I was wearing my pjs! All I wanted to show you guys how much of a difference it is from a normal size ring looks like on my tiny fingers.

I’ve always wondered about my future. I mainly think about marriage though. I’m still on the fence of marriage as a whole. I think almost everybody gets engaged, then married and within the next year they’re heading to divorce! I think if you have a good thing going with your partner, why mess everything up and get married? My heart still wants to find true love, wear that white wedding dress, have a father-daughter dance and wear my wedding ring on my actual finger! I go back and forth on the subject matter, but being able to wear a ring on my finger would make me very happy!

I love those thick, Gothic looking rings but I wouldn’t be able to wear them without the fear of losing one whenever my mom or dad go to take off my jacket. I would like for girls and women that have Arthrogryposis and other conditions that tend to affect muscles to have all kinds of rings in their jewelry boxes.



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