February Playlist



We are now into a new month! It’s finally March, which means I have a new playlist from February’s favorite tunes!

I thought as though January consisted with more rock songs than any other genre included into the playlist, but as for February’s playlist it was more varied. I tried to add anything that I was listening to repeatedly and ones that I was maybe thinking of a lot or saw playing on my TV, like Gryffin’s track with Josef Salvat called “Heading Home.” I literally only put it into the list because my mom and I would constantly see it on on my TV! It was weird but it always happen.

In every month I get new music, if their albums are on Spotify I will try to include them onto the playlist. Since I did another music haul a couple of weeks ago, I added tracks from Butcher Babies, Like A Storm, Adele, Myka Relocate, and Danielle Nicole Band. I will also add any songs that I liked if I did any album reviews that month, since I’ve only been doing one album review a month lately. I added my favorite track from Lacey Sturm’s new album.

You know how everytime a person asks you the question, “what is your favorite song ever” you can’t answer it truthfully because you don’t even know yourself?! Something has happened recently. I’ve started to come up with my favorite track of the month! As for January, it was Pia Mia’s “Touch” because I seriously couldn’t get enough of it! This month it’s “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber and for the love of God nobody tell my dad that I said that out loud!

What song(s) were you hooked to in February?


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5 thoughts on “February Playlist

  1. I’m right there with you on “Love Yourself”. Why is this song so good???!?!?! I hate that I love it. PS I love this new monthly post 🙂 I always pick up a few new artists from you!

    – Amanda

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