The Food Questions!


Hey guys!

So last night I hosted my week of #USBloggerChat and we finally talked about food! If you follow me, you’ve probably seen me promote it since Monday! I’m very sorry about the spam, but I just want to make sure everybody knew that we would have a chat and maybe there would be a good turn out! And it was marvelous! I had a great turn out that talked about their favorites and I’m hoping created some everlasting friendships!

Something I tried to explain to another person on Twitter, all of us at #USBloggerChat open up our Thursday chats to everybody! Jasmine, who is our co-creator, she tries to send out tweets throughout the week; to help promote the host, topic and whatever time it starts in your country! When I host, I don’t care if you are a blogger or not. If you want to join in it’s perfectly fine with me. As long as you use the hashtag or mention me at the start of your tweet, I will reply back to you as fast as my little toes will go! Never think because you’re not a blogger or someone not from the US that you can’t join the chats. You are always welcome!

I mentioned that I’ve been promising this topic of choice since last November. Somehow at the end of the chat, we started talking about food and I think because it was after Thanksgiving and getting closer to Christmas, everybody was sharing their favorite comfort foods and like three or four of them asked for that subject. Well,  I was hoping I’d have my food bucket list post up by now and that it would contribute to the whole chat, but I haven’t worked on it since early November! I’ve also had two other chats that I’ve hosted so it’s safe to say, this was a long time coming!

Thankfully, I still had my mom’s picture of the crawfish my dad made during the SuperBowl that I knew it would be the perfect “starter” to this post! When I made up these questions, once I was finished scheduling them and whatnot, I actually had a couple more questions pop up in my head. So since I didn’t have any more room that I would try add them onto this as bonus questions!

I hope you guys enjoyed the chat and like the questions! Hope I didn’t make you all too hungry during or after! 😀

Q1: Let’s start with a somewhat easy question, what is your favorite meal of the day?

Q2: As kids, we were picky eaters. What were some foods you never liked?

Q3: I shared that I was creating a food bucket list – places I just wanted to visit for their food. Do you have such a list?

Q4: Have you ever had anything exotic before?

Q5: Do you cook/bake often? What is your signature dish?

Q6: What is your guilty pleasure?

Q7: Who is your favorite chef?

Q8: We all follow at least one or (like me) 10 food bloggers. Who is your favorite?

Q9: Who inspires you to cook/bake?

Q10: What do you think of paleo, veganism, and popular registrations?


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4 thoughts on “The Food Questions!

  1. Oh no, I missed you hosting a chat. Damn, I kinda miss all chats. I really have to start a list and look at it, every day. Do you have a good list of blogger chats throughout the week? They’re so much fun but I’m just so super unorganized, lately.

    Love your questions and I love food. I mean, I can’t deal with people who don’t. 😀 I just loooove Italian and Asian food. I’m not a major meat person but I won’t say no to a good burger. I like to call myself a half-vegetarian. 😉 And if you ever have the chance to eat Burmese food, do it. It was my favorite restaurant in San Francisco.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s okay!!

      Interesting!! I’ve never had Burmese food before! What is it? I realized I need to try Japanese food! That and Italian food were very popular cuisines last night! Lol

      I don’t know where you’re based so I apologize on wrong timezones! 🙂

      Monday: TheGirlGang starts 8pm GMT, bdib starts 7pm GMT, bidbNA starts 8pm EST
      Tuesday: FBLChat starts 7pm GMT (2pm EST), bookbloggers starts at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) *those two could be backwards!* BlogHour starts at 9pm GMT (4pm EST)
      Wednesday: LbloggersChat starts at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) bbloggers & nerdybloggers start at the same time at 8pm GMT (3pm EST)
      Thursday: crazybloggers start at 8pm GMT (2pm EST) USBloggerChat starts at 8pm EST (1am)
      Friday: bdib starts at 8pm (2pm) and bdibNA starts at 8pm (1am)

      Both musicbloggerchat (Wed) & chattybees (Sun) changes weekly I think! Hope this helps a bit! I tried to remember majority of them! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay, awesome. Thank Meg. This is super helpful! I’m in Germany but I can figure out what time they start for me. 🙂

        Burmese food is also Asian and super yummy! But yeah, in general Asian food is just the best.

        Liked by 1 person

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