WEEK FOUR | #PADCardiganJezebel


It’s the final week of February’s photo-a-day challenge!

I’m actually really sad that it’s ending because I really enjoyed figuring out each day, getting my parents and grandmother into it, helping me spot something out of the box to take a picture of has been fun!

I’m really happy that I keep going throughout March and I hope you guys are enjoying them too! ūüôā

Day 22: Out & About!


So this past week was very off. If Meggan had switched the first two days I would have the perfect picture for “out and about” because the next day I had a dentist appointment and I ended up taking a little nap in the chair while waiting for the thing he put in my shot to activate I guess! So this was a picture I took on the Friday before while I was outside. Those pictures of that weekend will be up soon I hope!

Day 23: Black & White!


This was part of an outfit I wore to the dentist. I technically wanted to take this photo myself but I just thought it would be easier for my mom to do it just in case I was too out of it to do it later that afternoon. I love these pants!

Day 24: Two!


These are two of our dog ChiChi’s babies. Her toys, especially the smaller beanie babies (which is what these are!) stuffed toys are her favorite because they are really tiny. Whenever’s in heat she tends to have these toys by her side more often. She’s got a total of four or five. So she’s got herself a fake liter of stuffed bears underneath the blankets with her!

Day 25: From Above!


While I was outside that same weekend I took for Monday’s photo. I was out for all three days and it was amazing!! Saturday was the best though because the air was clean and fresh! I love it when it feels like spring but yet it’s not. The bugs are out but not in mass quantities like in the spring and summer! I went out onto the front porch this time and actually took pictures of the sky! This was one of three good shots I took! I like the tree peaking into the photo in the lower left corner!

Day 26: At Home!


I was very confused on which picture to use for this challenge. If my room was cleaner I would have taken a picture of it so when I went through my others on Facebook, this one jumped up at me and I thought of the caption instantly! “Home is where your cats are. Except for Otis, he lives with my sister!” Which is true, he does!

Day 27: Lunch Time!


I had lunch at my nana’s this day and I had chicken noodle soup and a Twinkie for lunch! My mom had to take the picture and honestly it was the smartest decision ever because knowing me, the photo wouldn’t have been clear or my camera would have dropped into the actual bowl!

Day 28: In Between!


This is my nana’s little drawer that she went and DIY’d all by herself. When she did it, I was a little bit jealous that she had done it without me, but I was also very proud of her too! I think having all those little knick knacks in the empty spaces are add some cute elements to it!

Day 29: Surprise!


So I’ve decided to share a snippet of what the month of March and early April could consist of and forgive me for the sloppy writing. My pen was running out of ink on me. None of these topics are coming up this week. Maybe around the second to last week of March is when you might start seeing any of these listed above.


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I’ve Finally Watched The Tudors!


Hey guys!

Well, you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that earlier this month I started Showtime’s series¬†The Tudors¬†that was on air from 2007-10. It talked about King Henry VIII in dealing with difference in religious views of himself and his kingdom, plus the stories of how he came to marry six women from 1509 (with Catherine Of Aragon) to 1534 (with Catherine Parr). He fathered three living children: Mary I, Elizabeth I, and Edward VI.

I’m sort of familiar with the story, mostly while he was married to Anne Boelyn, but I realized how much of that marriage that I didn’t know either! I started watching a couple episodes here and there, between Showtime and BBC America. However neither were from the beginning so I didn’t pay too much attention to them. I finally decided to ask my mom to show me how to download them onto my DVR because I was in the mood for a little Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I ended up losing a part of myself for three weeks. I got lucky and I could watch all four seasons for free for the month of February, so I kind of went a little faster and had some all-nighters watching episode after episode! In one night, I watched four episodes! I finished the series as a whole on Valentine’s day. I’ve been going through mini withdrawals ever since!

I generally loved the show!¬†I was surprised with myself on how much I didn’t care of the fashion and locations as much as I’m kind of known to doing whenever I watch historical specials like this. I was seriously into the stories of each character, what significant each one had to the tale of King Henry’s reign. I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a brilliant choice to play King Henry VIII as I was very intimidated and felt both happiness and pain throughout the whole thing. He should have won that Golden Globe!

There was one more thing I was disappointed on and that was quite a few characters/actors just kind of jumped off the face of the Earth. From season two to three, we lost Sir Anthony Knivert, Duke of Norfolk, Archbishop Cranmer, and Thomas Tallis. Either I didn’t pay that great deal of attention between these two seasons or all four really left. I was seriously confused why the actor that played Cranmer was talked about through seasons three and four, but never came back to the show!

I find it odd that I’m complaining about a show that hasn’t been on the air since 2010 but oh well!


The Two Natalie’s.

Like I said before, I knew more about the story of Anne Boelyn, but not as much as I’d like honestly! I’ve seen¬†The Other Boelyn Girl¬†which focuses on the Boelyn sisters, Mary and Anne. So I’m used to Natalie Portman. When I started watching, I fought hard in my mind of how much I could remember what was included in that film and what was different. Of course, the one difference was the fact that Mary had gotten pregnant and the rumors were that he was the father of her child, but he only recognized one illegitimate son by Lady Elizabeth Blout named Henry FitzRoy in 1519

I actually liked Natalie Dormer as Anne Boelyn more than Natalie Portman. She was fierce, powerful and mysteriously wicked. As it’s been a few years since I’ve last seen the film, I do remember not exactly seeing the chemistry between Eric Bana and Natalie Portman as to Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer. When you can see the deep connection between the actors, you know they’ve sold it! It all felt real to me! I found the end of the Boelyn’s very much upsetting as it did the first time. I felt Anne was tossed into this life without having a voice to say “no” because her father and brother were both at court and had the king’s ear just as much as she did! So when she and George were executed I was very sad. I had grown to love that character so much that it broke my heart. She and Jane Seymour’s deaths where the only ones I cried at the end of their episodes!


As For Queen Jane Seymour.

Even though I was very confused during that first episode of season three, seeing a totally different actress for Jane Seymour, I ended liking her a little more than I thought I would. Annabelle Wallis was more feminine and older looking as to the first actress that was featured in the last of season three.

She got along with everybody, which after the collapse of Catholic faith and the King basically calling him God, she made things between father and daughters less chaotic! Especially for Princess Elizabeth, as Anne Boelyn was awaiting her death baby¬†Elizabeth was considered a “bastard” to King Henry after he heard rumors of Anne’s alleged affairs and deformity of the last baby she had that died. I feel if it wasn’t for both Jane and Anne Of Cleves, she wouldn’t be allowed to court like Princess Mary and Prince Edward.

When that episode of the birth of the prince loomed, I actually got really upset again!! What is wrong with me?!?! Anyways, I’ve said that you could feel the love between him and Anne, but he looked like he genuinely loved Jane too! He must’ve really loved her because when he died, even though he was still married to Catherine Parr, he is buried with her at St. George Chapel in Windsor Castle.


I Hated Catherine Howard.

Something that got me while Thomas Crownwell arranged the married of Anne Of Cleves, that Thomas Seymour and Charles Brandon find a young woman at an orphanage to suit this king! In a way, I was thinking in my head,¬†have you people learned anything from Thomas’ mistakes?!¬†

From that first episode she was brought to court, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. And yes, I had spoiled it for myself beforehand and looked up how she died and her charges. What surprised me the most was Lady Rochford!! I think after going through her husband’s death George Boelyn and sister-in-law Anne Boelyn she’d know better! This technically didn’t seem like it was on accident. In ways, I felt as though she wanted a way out of court and life altogether and thought this was her only shot. She just ended up taking a king’s groomsmen and the Queen down with her!

I felt Catherine Howard was WAYYY too young to succeed to the throne! She wasn’t the ideal queen, as to those who came before and after her, who were proper and had grace surrounding them. There was no comparison to her and Princess Mary as far as they acted out in court. Even her ladies-in-waiting irritated me!


Testing 1, 2, 3

I’ve always been a little hesitant because I know how big King Henry VIII got later on in his life. So I was really curious before I watched the third and fourth seasons of how big Jonathan would be willing to get for this role. Despite the fact that there are shots and shots of him eating, looking like he had absolutely no control over what he put into his body,¬†the only noticeable changes that were made for Jonathan were his facial and voice at the end of season four. I was really mad that they couldn’t depict him better than that!but once those scenes were finished I kind of forgot about it.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was brilliant! For like two separate nights I was in a bit of a daze, the first night I watched 3 episodes in one sitting and the other? Almost 5! That ultimately ruined my sleep pattern for a week! Anyways, I was basically stuck in my bed watching the story of his hopeless-romantic-but-if-you-didn’t-produce-a-son-he-found-himself-out-of-the-marriage kind of guy! So that right away tested my ability to watch it.

The second was while he put Catherine of Aragon out of the castle and she lived in poverty while he took up Anne Boelyn as his official mistress. Something usually happens as I watch these historical dramas like this that I didn’t even know I have trapped inside of me until later on after I’ve finished with an episode. I was feeling for every single wife he took on!

I even felt sorry for both Princess Mary and Elizabeth!!¬†It was mostly because he didn’t seem to care about any of them at all, only his needs. Which during the last episode of the series, where in a dream sequence Catherine of Aragon played by Maria Doyle Kennady, Anne Boelyn played by Natalie Dormer, and Jane Seymour played by Annabelle Wallis all come back beyond their graves and haunt Henry for his past sins of annulment, beheading, and not caring about his son, Prince Edward. As early season three appeared Jane Seymour was this gentle, modest Queen and she came back in what felt like to me out of character, but as I thought about it, it wasn’t. He wanted a male heir to the throne, but once he he got it, it was like he lost interest with him altogether. He couldn’t bring Jane back but he could have respect her and love on not only his son but daughters a little more too!


I Did Not Think This Through!

I did not know Henry Cavil was in this show before I started watching it. When I first saw the opening credits, I was kind of shocked but yet excited because I haven’t seen anything besides¬†Man Of Steel,¬†and the show is of course, before he signed up for Superman. I actually opened my mind a little bit for him as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. I was very impressed though. I didn’t genuine like the role until the end of season two. If he hadn’t switched sides that he would have been killed right along George Boelyn on something that he didn’t do! ¬†It was nice to see him outside of Superman for once and into this very gentle giant that was haunted by the lost, troubled souls he helped murder for the rebellion.

When I watched the season four opening credits and seen how long his hair and beard were getting, that about did me over!!! I am my mother’s daughter!

Now that I am finished, are they any other historical fiction shows that I show check out? Don’t worry,¬†Reign¬†is on my list for spring!¬†


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Album Review: “Life Screams” by Lacey Sturm

12191662_784366755006324_8323305373707741318_nI’ve been meaning to do this review earlier this month but I’ve had a lot going on with my other posts, so it kind of got lost with the other unfinished posts.

How about I give you some background information on the lovely Lacey Sturm! She’s a mother, author, speaker and an amazing singer. She fronted the rock band Flyleaf from the formation in 2000 to 2012. After releasing her book The Reason: How I Discovered A Life Worth Living in 2014, she set her eyes on creating new music with her husband Josh! The result “Life Screams” came out on February 12th!

Let’s get on with the review, shall we?

The song that starts off the album is the first single she released back in November (on my birthday to be exact!) called “Impossible” and I actually did a song review of that track, so I’m not going to be sharing my thoughts about it on this post. If you want to read what I thought about it, click here! Onto the second track called “The Soldier” and it’s got a great message behind it, I love the line “I might die today, but I’m gonna die anyway.” It reminds me of what our soldiers do whenever they go to war, they have the same mindset because that’s what sacrifice is all about, they’re willing to give up their lives for us. It’s very interesting that she brought it out in this song. The next is “I’m Not Laughing” and I actually like this one. There’s a part in the beginning that kind of mimics a clown clacking, I found that very cool! It has a very circus feel to it, despite the honest concept behind it. One thing I don’t like about it though is that she sounds like her voice is going to come out of her throat, like she’s forcing it out of her and I love her screams, but that was intense!

The next isn’t exactly a song, more like a skit or intro to the song after it. It’s called “Vanity” and it sounds like Lacey and maybe her husband speaking normally, acting like they’re going to break up. They’re not by the way! I don’t normally like skits, but it does give you an interesting vibe before the next song starts, which is called “Rot” and it has this dark theme going through it and I love it! The stumping sound going throughout is amazing! I love this song! That’s all I can say about it! These next two songs and I’m really sorry I’m even saying out loud, reminded me Of Mice & Men’s tracks on the most recent album “Restoring Force.” The first is called “You’re Not Alone” and it has very a somber feeling to it, but I love it! I like the lyrics to this one more than I thought I would. My favorite placement is the chorus! The next is “Feels Like Forever” and I love the introduction to this one! It has very interesting electronic sounds intertwining with the building guitars and drums! This could be another favorite of mine!

The next is a slower song that I actually accepted with arms wide open, because I thought Lacey has a gorgeous voice to belt it out for these easy-going melodies. This is the title track, “Life Screams” and it is absolutely beautiful! It has a dark theme going but it’s more like melancholy. It’s interesting. The next track is another slow one; it’s called “Faith” and I don’t really like it. Although I say that now, because there’s a 50% chance that could change in a few more weeks. I just don’t like it, sorry! The next is cover of “The Police” and I have to say before we get into this song, my Uncle David and my mom have a tendency of singing this song every once in a while, mostly because Dave and my Aunt Katt named their cat Roxanne “Roxi” and honestly it is her song! Anyways, it’s a live cover and it sound ahh-mazing sung by Lacey! Last but not least is a song called “Run To You” which is another ballad, almost acoustic tune, that sounds so beautiful! Ughh!

The album as a whole is pretty good! I was afraid that it would sound like a Flyleaf album (as everyone was thinking) but it wasn’t and you got that vibe from the start of it, with “Impossible” that this would be totally different from her time in Flyleaf. I feel she’s much stronger on her own, with her husband, and with Skillet’s own Korey Cooper on writing the lyrics for each song. If you need a new rock album, I would definitely recommend you pick up “Life Screams” right now!

What do you think of Lacey’s first solo record? Did you love it or hate it? Tell me, this girl wants to know!


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Music Haul | Pop & Metal



So I’m back with my second music haul post! Ironically, the day the first post went up, we went back to the Record Cellar and purchased the next batch of albums! I did not plan that whatsoever! It just happened.

Before I go too into this post already, while I was busy taking pictures of the CDs I bought I thought I’d attempt to do my own little header for this post using the materials I had for the whole thing! A CD, foam board, and different colored bandanas! So yes, that is my “footwriting” if anybody is wondering! I actually put three pictures of the banner in three ways and I had everybody on my Facebook vote. Everybody seemed to like this one the most!

I kind of talked my parents into taking me after I got my tooth filled at the dentist. I spent the rest of my Christmas money plus some that I raised while working for my nana! I purchased six albums! The first one I got, well technically I looked over at the new releases before we went to the back of the store, I almost bought MGK’s¬†General Admission¬†because I’d seen it there down at the bottom, it was in reaching distance, I should have went for it but I didn’t feel like explaining to my dad that I wanted to get a rap album. I would have heard about that choice the whole way home! I did finally get Adele’s new album though! I like sweet, melodic music I really do, but I found out that when I’m angry and want to sort of stay that way, it’s not smart to switch from heavy metal to a pop album. It was a total buzzkill! Despite this, the album is really good!

While my mom and dad were looking for music that they’d enjoy, my dad bought like two albums and had to listen to an acoustic album by Joe Bonamassa the whole way home, which by the way wasn’t that bad! Anyways, the other two albums I remembered in my head before my brain really did go blank. I had to order both Butcher Babies’ “Take It Like A Man” and Like A Storm’s “Became The Enemy” and I had to wait a week or two to get them because that was the week of the big snowstorm! So I had to not only wait to get my CDs but also my teeth fixed all in the same week! It was worth it though!

The next batch of albums I’m about to discuss were pure recommendations of the owner of the place. Like, I said my brain kind of went blank after I got the three I wanted (so I should have bought MGK’s album!) and Rick came up to me and asked if I liked Bullet For My Valentine and/or Of Mice & Men, which I do and I should have asked if he had anything by them! I’m pretty sure my medicine was just kicking in at this point! He suggested the band Myka Relocate new album “The Young Souls” and I have to say out of the three he offered, this was my favorite! Gosh, it’s so good! It kind of kills me though that I hadn’t even heard of them before! What’s wrong with me?! If anybody out there wants new(ish) rock music, this is thee band you need to hear!

The other two, I feel like one of them was meant for my dad and not me, even though I bought it! It’s from a band called Danielle Nicole and the album is called, “Wolf Den” It sort of has that bluesy rock that he’s been really interested in lately, like Joe Bonamassa! I tried to listen to it the next day and I couldn’t get past track three. The other one is a little interesting! It is in different packaging then the previous albums which makes me think it could be more of a demo? I don’t know honestly, I hardly ever see folded album cases unless they’re by unsigned or demo. They are called Mercury Rev or Red, I couldn’t tell by the packaging what exactly they were called nor could I find anything about them on Google/Facebook. Anyways, this album is very mellow, it sounds more alternative than anything else! I like that and it’s really not bad, I just wouldn’t buy it on my own!

After I told my dad that two of the six were “duds” and that he could have them, he got mad at me for not liking them or listening to them on Spotify. First of all, if I couldn’t find their band pages on Facebook, there’s a pretty guaranteed that I’m not going to find them on Spotify! He thinks I wasted money on purchasing them, but in ways I don’t see it that way. He can listen to it and have a complete outlook on them. I do see his point in a way, but I will take recommendations on different, new music. I just shouldn’t buy three of them at a time! That part I’ll admit was a little dumb, but I just can’t turn down everything. I have the ability to listen to almost every genre and I take pride in that, so I don’t necessarily hate myself for wasting my money on them.

So what do you think of my latest purchases? What was the last song or album you bought? How open are you in finding new music?



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WEEK THREE | #PADCardiganJezebel


Well hello,

Now we are onto week three of Cardigan Jezebel’s photo-a-day challenge! I have to say I have been really enjoying figuring out each day’s challenge of the theme. I’ve been having fun with my parents; having them involved in it is very helpful sometimes! I hope you’ve been enjoying seeing each picture I post on Twitter and in these posts too! Here, I get to explain the story behind the picture. If I didn’t do these posts then I probably wouldn’t know the next day’s theme! So it helps me keep track of everything!

Day 15: Motion!


So I started out my week with a picture of my tire of my push wheelchair aka “The Death Trap.” This is technically the cleanest wheel between both chairs!

Day 16: Together!


This is Gru and Oscar. It’s a photo I took back in September before Blondie and Brandon took Gru to live with them in their apartment. I haven’t got to seen him, Toni and Otis for a few months now! It makes me sad! From what we were told, Gru is a fatty now! Oscar is our lovable, but skittish kitten. He’s fine with us, but is scared of everybody else!

Day 17: A Part Of Me


Okay, before I scare anybody else with this picture! I did not just cut off my hair for this photo challenge! This is from like 13 years ago, back in 2002 I had to get my hair cut as I was going to have my back surgeries plus have a metal halo screwed onto my head so I had to cut my long hair. It was saddest day for a lot of people in my family, including myself! I loved my long hair and I honestly hate getting my hair cut short.

Day 18: Balance!


All right, back on Monday I was fiddling around with my foam board trying to put it behind the wheel of the push wheelchair for that day. Once I was finished, I moved the foam board over a bit and I’m not kidding it just stood there on its own! I couldn’t help myself and decided to use for the challenge of “balance.” It was awesome!

Day 19: Good Morning!


Friday, it was my dad’s birthday and I had breakfast at 10am! I slept in a bit! This was my breakfast! It is Coco Pebbles if anybody wanted to know! I’m tempted to do a post on how I eat my meals, so if you would like that post just leave me a comment on here or on Twitter and I’ll get everything arranged!

Day 20: Repeat!


Since it was “repeat” I decided to do a previous challenge over again! I really wanted to do “one of a kind” again, so I took a picture of my nana’s Christmas trees that she has on all the time, spring to winter! It doesn’t matter! Technically, she’s got about four of these trees! It lights up and they’re very cute!

Day 21: Message!


I had to really think about Sunday’s photo challenge mostly because I had two ideas. I was going to use a picture of a thread message between my mom and sister that was posted about how they’ve both cried over cats this week, but I ultimately decided on writing out a quote on a note card and this was the end result.


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