Happy Birthday Blondie!


So I wasn’t going to even blog today, but I thought this was a special occasion. I needed to do something nice for my sister’s big day!

Today my little sister turns 21! We can both drink together! However I was told that she can’t exactly drink with her medication she’s on right now. So that part kind of sucks. ¬†There are other ways to celebrate birthdays without alcohol. I guess, I could get a tub of chocolate ice cream? Or we could watch the High School Musical Reunion together, but I’m kind of running out of things to do with her!

It’s kind of difficult to talk about how much my sister means to me. Mostly because she sort of puts up this emotionless wall like I do. We’d rather not feel any kind of emotions. Anyways, I do remember when I was a freshman (and I hope I haven’t talked about this on here!) I took P.E. and I couldn’t do some of the activities that the other students could do, so I would borrow one of the other girls to do an activity with me instead. Some of these girls hated whenever I picked them because they would show it “silently” on their faces. Anyways one of these girls got on the subject of our siblings, and I started talking about Blondie. At this time, she was still in elementary school and I was basically bragging about her, how awesome she was when we were kids; what she does when somebody stares too much at me and all that. I wish I could remember how we ended our conversation.

I love you so much Blondie and I’m happy to be your big sister!


Sorry I couldn’t hold it much longer. I’m lucky I got through four days with only telling one person! I wasn’t originally going to include it in the same post either, but I didn’t want to wait for two weeks for an open spot!

Yeah, you read that picture right!

I got this random text message from her saying “so Brandon and I are engaged!! Don’t tell dad” Monday night. They were supposed to come down the night before, but dad was mad at her about a gift that she got early, no she’s not pregnant! I’ll explain in a couple of days I promise! Anyways, I kept my end of the deal and kept my mouth shut even though it was all over Facebook and she has quite a few of his friends on it. We’re all surprised nobody told him after seeing that status!

They wanted dad’s blessing! My dad didn’t know that was the reason they were coming down, so dad had him fix a few things on my TV. According to dad, the dude looked like he was going to have a nervous breakdown! He did give his blessing though, because I somewhat heard it and I immediately texted my sister because she and mom went over to drop off food for my nana and papaw or something. I told her “He asked, so far so good!” I don’t know which one I was more proud of, because that’s a big thing for both of them!

I did pretty good as far as handling emotions. That is, until my mom went and babbled that she was going to ask me to be her maid of honor. Now I got told not to tell our dad that he had already purposed and she sent that text out to both mom and I, and mom still babbled to me about this maid of honor stuff because “she couldn’t help herself, it was too exciting!” I’m still a bit weirded out mostly because she could have her close friends have this and she chose me. I know it’s an important role, but still I just don’t think I’m cut out for the job just because I’m the sister. I don’t know, it’s only been four days and I could like it instead of being the bridezella. Like my mom said, I get to plan the bridal shower! ūüėČ

She already has a color theme: gray and pink. Our dad can wear a dorag (bandana) on his head as long as it’s in one of those colors! He’s already allowed to bring his motorcycle too! I’m comfortable with wearing a dress, but we’re going to have some serious chats about how pink these bridesmaid dresses will be, because I hate the color pink! They’ve even decided on a date sometime in October 2017! If you have advice to the happy couple and/or have any comforting words for me and my insecurities, I could use them too! Thanks!


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Music Video Review: “Be Together” by Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle


Ever feel like after¬†you watch something, you need a cold shower or maybe a cigarette? I don’t smoke, but I definitely need a cold shower asap!

That was sexy!

I’ve been trying to tell myself that nobody is going to look “cooler” on a motorcycle than my dad and his friends. Yeah, I watched this and that went right over my head! I tried to be strong, but I didn’t last very long and as much as I don’t want my mom to discover anything Major Lazer or Diplo related because she’ll just takeover and I’ll lose them for good. I kind of want her to watch this. She’ll agree with me on the fact that was just, yeah you get the point!

Moving on!¬†I had to look back at my review of the album and this song “Be Together” to see if my views have changed after a few months of listening to it (and finally purchasing it!) and I’m happy to say I might be a little bit more in love with it now then before! It was pretty good! I liked the “dark” theme of everybody walking together along the road, it kind of gave me this hippie feeling while watching it. I know that’s strange, but the dry plains around just did that for me! It was a different kind of music video.

I have been watching less and less music videos on YouTube because sometimes the message is hard to figure out. This one was fairly simple. ¬†When you’re going riding around on a motorcycle, don’t bring a hot girl–just kidding! No laughing matter, you should always wear senseable gear: most importantly a helmet! Both of my parents like to drive around and go to rallies, but they always wear a helmet even if it ruins their hair! My mom also doesn’t wear flip flops either! Just some helpful tips for you riders!

Have you seen Major Lazer’s new music video for “Be Together” yet? Do you like it or not?



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REVIEW | Shadowhunters


So I don’t know why I decided to record and watch Freeform’s¬†Shadowhunters¬†but I did. In some ways, after I found out they were coming out with a TV show inspired by Cassandra Clare’s series called¬†The Mortal Instruments.¬†I was mad at myself because I’ve been meaning to read the series since I watched the movie, but I haven’t been able to.¬†Anyways, if you haven’t read the books, watched the film and TV show versions but thinking about it, you might want to take a rain check reading this post! Because there will be spoilers and comparisons discussed below!

First let’s talk about the movie!

I actually loved¬†The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones¬†a lot! I have a love/hate relationship with movies being inspired by books I’ve never read especially if they’re part of the supernatural kind of genre. I remember watching the film wondering more about Jocelyn (Lena Headley) and Valentine’s (Jonathon Rhys Meyers) world. Where did they originate? You know a backstory to get familiar with to see what we’re dealing with beforehand, however in a way I think of how Clary (Lily Collins) found out about her mother and Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) and everything about shadowhunters, runes, etc was all needed to start too.

I was very confused about everything that was in the film the first time I watched it, but the more I watched and paid attention to the little details of the story and characters the more I liked it. I’ve never watched a film that had demons in at night. This film came out in 2013, I was 23 and still not have watched anything with demons in it at night. I was trying to finish and it got to the part where Clary and Jace were visiting the neighbor below their apartment to see if she knew anything weird about her mom’s past and Dorothea (C.C.H. Pounder) turned into this disgusting demon. It was like 8pm and I was just silently freaking out underneath my covers. It mustn’t been too scary since I watched the whole damn thing in one setting!

Let’s talk about the first episode¬†now!

Okay, I don’t know what Clary’s hair in the book but can I say how annoying and orange¬†this girl’s hair is?!?! Gosh, I’m starting to sound like my old art teacher! ¬†Other than that, she’s not bad. There are some scenes where I thought were too much and yet some were so good that I actually felt her emotion. Jace is going to be a character that’s going to drive me nuts. The “new” Clary Fray is played by Katherine McNamara and Jace Wayland is played by Dominic Sherwood. I already don’t like the chemistry between these two. I like the new layout of the characters cover story this time around. Clary is applying for colleges for art school and Luke is a police officer. Despite the fact the beginning shows Jocelyn trying to call Luke, there’s no real connection between them in front of the audience.

Anyways, I recorded the first episode four days after it premiered. Despite my opinions on the actors, I was very pleased with the ending result. The whole episode is an hour long, and even though I was skipping through my commercials to see what would happen next, there wasn’t anything that would grab at me. I do what to see what happens in this week, so I’ve decided to tape it because it was on the same time as¬†Agent Carter. ¬†I’m still trying to get through the second episode right now!

All right time for some notes:

  • I still prefer Jamie Campbell Bower, Jonathon Rhys Meyers, and Robert Sheehan as Jace, Valentine and Simon.
  • The club scene was better in the movie, especially the way everybody was dressed. Dark colors and goth vibes. Heavy metal sound, my kind of nightclub honestly!
  • Clary and Simon’s friendship felt more real in the film, adding a third into their scenes was a bad choice.
  • As for the special effects, they looked more realistic in the film. They’re just awful on the show! Those spheres look too Star Wars like.
  • The demons are scary as hell on both, but worse on the show!
  • The first episode seemed to rushed in the beginning, it’s an hour show, you can take your time and leave certain stuff off, especially if you’ve already seen it in the movie!
  • Is Luke a demon in the show?
  • This new Valentine reminds of Hugh Jackman when he shaved his head for the film¬†Pan.¬†

Reminder: Please don’t rip me apart with this review, I mean it’s all my opinion! If they would have kept it in film format we wouldn’t be having this bit right now. So what are your thoughts? What did you like or didn’t like about the first episode?¬†



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Album Review: “Tied Down” by Forever Still

Forever_Still_Cover_Artwork-690x690I’m so excited to do this review!! The band Forever Still is a new band I’ve recently been listening to since last August? I’m pretty sure that’s right because they were last minute additions into my Denmark Tune Tuesday worldwide series last summer! The band consists of three members: Maja, Mikkel, and Dennis. This trio has released three EPs last year, which is how I already know the lyrics of a few of their songs on this album. This album is called “Tied Down” and was released last week. I’ve already made myself a mental note to try and get this sometime soon!

The album starts out with a banger called “Scars” this is one of my favorites! It was the first song I liked when I went looking for the band on Spotify! The songs have a raw emotions screaming throughout each one. I think “Scars” is perfect and I’m not being bias or anything. I really wish I could scream like Maja! I’ve got the growling part down, I’m hoping I can match her screams someday! The second song is “Once Upon A Nightmare” I always love these types of titles! It already gives you mysterious outlook of how the song will sound. It does have a soft, creepy introduction to it. The tempo is sort of slow, it’s not a ballad, but it’s still pretty good! Maja’s voice is very different, she has this country sound in her voice; almost a Stevie Nicks type of voice! It’s completely unique from other female fronted bands. Third is another favorite and I LOVE singing it! It’s called “Miss Madness” and it’s another slow track, but the content of it needs a slower tempo for it to be meaningful.

The next song is called “Awake The Fire” and I love how the guitar sounds in the beginning and the choruses! Ugh! It’s a little intoxicating! When I heard this song at first, I wasn’t really into it. I’ve only heard three times but I just couldn’t get into it as much I liked the sound of it. However, there are parts that I like of it now, so I can’t say I hate it fully. A track called “Breathe In” is next and after you hear Maja yell out the word “go” harshly, you’re kind of expecting the whole song to be heavy and fast and it’s not, well until you get into the middle and she takes a big breath in and screams, then the tempo changes and gets heavy then, but that’s about it. It’s not that bad though! Sixth track is called “Save Me” and this one is another slow but raw song. With this kind of title, there’s like a 80% chance it’ll be slow paced and soft than anything else. I like this one. I feel like they’re ballad-like songs are better because it just kind of takes you away from your daily problems and/or thoughts, you get lost in the songs! Those are always my favorites!

The last four songs starts with “Your Light” and it has the rock sound that everybody loves so much, the perfect soft moments just before the chorus start and beautiful sounds coming from the guitars. I love the soft and slow vocals of it, everything about it is amazing. The next is “Alone” and it starts off with my favorite kinds of intro, slow and ominous and then BAM! The whole thing just picks up and I was expecting it to be slower too, not because the whole album is that way, withe using the word “alone” as a title, you’re just kind of expecting it to be that way! I do like it heavy so that’s a plus! Ninth song is “Break The Glass” and I like this one! Mostly because of the guitars again! I think I might have a problem! The last one is the titled track of the album, “Tied Down” and I like how we started with a banger and end with another one. It has the upbeat sound in the intro and then it’s stripped with only Maja’s majestic voice and a piano, before Mikkel and Dennis finally join in again. It’s a nice mix of instruments honestly. Very good!

I think the album as a whole is very good! Considering they are an independent band, definitely surprised the crap out of me! There are a lot of slow tempo songs on it. Usually I’m not a big fan of those types of songs but I’ve kind of grown to like them recently. If you’re looking for some new rock music you should definitely check out this band. All of their music is on Spotify too!

What do you think of the debut album of Forever Still? Are you glad you have all of the tracks that were released on the EPs in one place? 


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OOTD: Batman


Hey guys!

Today I have a new OOTD post for you! I’m a little excited to do this one as it came after spending like two or three hours with my grandparents on Friday. We usually never pay attention to the clock but I’m pretty sure it was that length of time. These pictures were taken indoors, actually in my nana’s office! She’s also the one who took my pictures too! She was a wonderful helper but she’s like my mom, they secretly like taking my pictures for my OOTD posts! ūüôā

I actually have a funny story to tell before I go into the details of my outfit. If any of you missed my Christmas post I published at the end of December, I mentioned my sister’s boyfriend is a big fan of Batman. So my mom and dad got Brandon, Blondie, and I three different Batman shirts. When I opened up mine, I was a bit confused at first thinking it was Brandon’s present and then when they unwrapped theirs at my nana’s later that morning and it all started to make sense! I’m actually not a big fan of DC comic superheros, but I can make an exception! Fast forward to now, well Friday morning and I decided since I had a few seconds to kill that I’d snap a picture of myself on my phone and send it to him saying I was finally wearing my shirt. His text sounded proud of me! I actually wanted to wear it last week when I went to the dentist, but I wasn’t moving my mouth fast enough to ask if I could!

I was expecting this shirt to be rough, especially around the middle where the “Batman” design is placed. I’m always weary of designs such as these because I do have a sensitivity of different textures, but lucky for me the whole shirt is so smooth! Usually whenever you have designs anywhere on a shirt, you think there will be a clear difference in between the materials, but there’s not. The yellow area is very soft where the black area reminds me of swimsuit material, it has that kind of texture to it. Thankfully, because of the big “Batman” font, it is still readable when my hands are their normal places. The neck is definitely bigger than anybody would like it to be, but I like how roomy it feels on me so I don’t care if my shoulder is exposed! As for my pants, I wore my only solid black pants with the buttons on the side. Luckily my mom found those because I literally don’t anything else that would work for this shirt!

Batman Symbol Yellow T-Shirt (similar)

What do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay? Whose your favorite superhero?



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From Ozzy To Bruce!


Hi! ūüôā

This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of our cats. This is of Ozzy, he is our third gray/white baby. My mom, Blondie and I still have arguments which of our females is his mother. I still think it’s Wren because he was one of last kittens that started coming around us and let us hold him and love on him. He didn’t start letting us my mom and I pet him until he got fixed. He and Tavy have really changed in personalities. They both liked to keep to themselves but if you come around them, they run away from you.

When my cousin Kristi came down for Christmas, my mom was in talks with her to take home of our kittens. She’s been trying to talk my Uncle David to do it too, he actually wants Nelly! They already have one of our other kittens Roxi (who was originally named “Winnie” and “Swifty”) but she is the equivalent of our dog ChiChi, she’s a spoiled princess and likes being the only cat in their semi. Anyways, my mom wanted Kristi to take our littlest baby Tavy, since it keeps getting colder at night. We think he’s too little to be outside. The plan was for her to take¬†him¬†home with her, but once she got up to the house everybody just kind of ran up to her and the one who don’t normally like people were the ones who were sitting on her lap!

Mr. Ozzy was one of the last kittens to come around her, like he was dragging behind while everybody else was rubbing up against our legs! She almost went home with Midget at first because she reminded her of a cat she had in the past, but Midget didn’t like when she tried to put her into the car. She tried to jump out of her arms twice! And then here came Ozzy, my mom already told her that big Grumpy was off limits because he’s basically one of my dad’s favorites, so Ozzy is like the mini verison of Grumpy and Stormy! She sat back down on the ramp and she laid on her lap. It kind of shocked us a bit! He’s very temdid of his surroundings and people in general. The fact that he let her hold him and put him in her car was very interesting! He liked the front seat apparently, Kristi texted me saying he was asleep within the first hour of driving in the 2-3 hours back home.

Now about his name. I think the only reason why he was called that was because it was an “O” name. I mean, we had “Otis” and “Oscar” this poor guy just stuck with a random name and sadly I think I’m the one who named him! After so many cats, we were just throwing names around to see what we liked for each one!¬†When Kristi first brought him home, everybody there didn’t exactly like the name “Ozzy” and I don’t necessarily blame them! From what I was told, they were saying names out loud and Kristi’s friend said “Bruce” and he turned around and looked at him and the name stuck. Bruce is doing well, he likes being inside and I haven’t heard of any fights between him and Roxi yet. Oh, and if I’m correct about Wren being his mom, then Roxi would be his aunt! Wren and Roxi were from the same litter!

What is the perfect name for a cat? What do you think of switching names on your pets?



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Reading Out Loud


If you guys knew what kind of music my nana listened to, you’d either be surprised or overjoyed. I’m like right in the middle of both feelings. She’s even listened to some of my favorites too, like Linkin Park, Sixx:A.M., and Within Temptation. However, nobody has her attention the most other than Adam Lambert. Ever since he started touring with the legendary band Queen, she’s been listening to their music more and has even followed Roger Taylor and Brian May on Twitter!

Our entire family has known about her growing love of modern rock bands for the last few years, but my Uncle Rick has gotten her something to enjoy that doesn’t necessarily involve Adam Lambert or listening to music in general. For Christmas, he got her this book,¬†The Untold Story Of Queen by Mark Blake.¬†He got the paperback edition which I have to say I love paperbacks, but for her, she has trouble with holding the book open and reading the small print. So I decided to help her out a bit and read the book for her.

I’m still trying to figure out why I decided to do this because I’m not a fan of Queen and I doubt I ever will be a fan of theirs, that’s just something I do. Anyways, I like reading out loud. My only problem with it is that whenever I read out loud it’s like nothing registers in my head.. I might be reading it, but there’s a good chance I won’t remember all the information that I just read a half hour ago. I had this problem in school too, somehow I block it out. That’s not the reason why I volunteered to read it for her, she would have never been able to read the book if I hadn’t offered. I mean, her original idea was to use a magnifying¬†glass and hold it as she’s reading. She’d never make a dent in it that way!

It’s a pretty thick book, so if we don’t do any DIY projects for the next few months, you’ll know why! On the first day of reading it, we only made it through four and a half pages. The last page had a slight error which at first I swore up and down it was just me. Maybe I had read it wrong, but I had to say that sentence like four times before I showed it to my nana and she said it wrong too! There was an un-needed “this” in the sentence and I thought it needed to take out the “th” in the word and just be “is” but she thinks it needs to be changed to “was” but anyways, it does pay to read aloud a few times to see and hear mistakes in not only your own work, but somebody else’s too! I probably won’t do a review about it, but if my nana is up for it I might ask if she would like to do it instead!

Have you read this book? What do you think of it? Do you listen to Queen? What are your thoughts about Adam Lambert taking Freddie Mecury’s place on tour?


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