OOTD: Turquoise


Hey guys!

I haven’t been doing a lot of OOTD posts lately. This is mostly because it is winter in the where I live and we actually just got over Blizzard Jonas, we got the smaller part of it I think. We only got about three inches of snow. Which isn’t that bad, but considering we were supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow over a two day period and we only had one day! I’m not complaining on the amount of snow we got though, because I know our winter isn’t over and NYC’s amount scares the living shit out of me!

I have been out and about, I just keep forgetting to ask my mom for a picture of my outfit. Also, whenever we come home from the dentist I’m usually too exhausted to do anything else but take a nap that creating, editing, and scheduling a blog post for the next day  is just not important to me! So I hope you all will forgive me! My nana was originally supposed to take my picture for this post, but I forgot to remind her so my mom had to take them when we got home and it felt so good outside that we got to do them in the yard and visit with the cats a bit too!

If you remember, I’ve actually worn these leggings before and said I might do a OOTD post with my turquoise shirt. I remembered wearing the leggings, but the color of shirt was a bit fuzzy in my mind. My mom actually took the other outfit so knowing I haven’t talked about this version makes me happy and I can stop worrying about it now! My other post is here! I’ve actually had the turquoise shirt longer than the ivory shirt. Turquoise is very bright on me. I’ve only ever had two shirts in this color in my whole life! This shirt is just a solid, cotton shirt from Walmart years ago! It actually does match my leggings! I’ve wanted to find a big fiery orange necklace to go with it, so it would go with it too! It would be a nice finish to the whole thing!

Sorry about the socks by the way! I tried to take them off but I couldn’t tell when she was taking the pictures so that’s why the right foot is still covered, but since you’ve already seen the pants it’s not like it’s a big deal, right? Funny story, my mom couldn’t find a pair of socks in my room that went together, so I ended up with mis-matched socks so there’s another good thing about it!

So what do you think of this outfit? Which color do you like better? Turquoise or ivory with these leggings?



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5 thoughts on “OOTD: Turquoise

  1. Those leggings look so comfortable. Are they fleece-lined? I just bought a pair that are fleece-lined and I don’t think I will go back to normal leggings until it’s in the 50s again. The turquoise shirt looks very nice with them. It creates a beautiful contrast.

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    1. Thank you!! These leggings are actually normal, not fleeced. I wish they were though! I got my first pair of fleece-lined for my birthday and OMG! Where have these things been all my life?!?! Lol

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