OOTD: Batman


Hey guys!

Today I have a new OOTD post for you! I’m a little excited to do this one as it came after spending like two or three hours with my grandparents on Friday. We usually never pay attention to the clock but I’m pretty sure it was that length of time. These pictures were taken indoors, actually in my nana’s office! She’s also the one who took my pictures too! She was a wonderful helper but she’s like my mom, they secretly like taking my pictures for my OOTD posts! 🙂

I actually have a funny story to tell before I go into the details of my outfit. If any of you missed my Christmas post I published at the end of December, I mentioned my sister’s boyfriend is a big fan of Batman. So my mom and dad got Brandon, Blondie, and I three different Batman shirts. When I opened up mine, I was a bit confused at first thinking it was Brandon’s present and then when they unwrapped theirs at my nana’s later that morning and it all started to make sense! I’m actually not a big fan of DC comic superheros, but I can make an exception! Fast forward to now, well Friday morning and I decided since I had a few seconds to kill that I’d snap a picture of myself on my phone and send it to him saying I was finally wearing my shirt. His text sounded proud of me! I actually wanted to wear it last week when I went to the dentist, but I wasn’t moving my mouth fast enough to ask if I could!

I was expecting this shirt to be rough, especially around the middle where the “Batman” design is placed. I’m always weary of designs such as these because I do have a sensitivity of different textures, but lucky for me the whole shirt is so smooth! Usually whenever you have designs anywhere on a shirt, you think there will be a clear difference in between the materials, but there’s not. The yellow area is very soft where the black area reminds me of swimsuit material, it has that kind of texture to it. Thankfully, because of the big “Batman” font, it is still readable when my hands are their normal places. The neck is definitely bigger than anybody would like it to be, but I like how roomy it feels on me so I don’t care if my shoulder is exposed! As for my pants, I wore my only solid black pants with the buttons on the side. Luckily my mom found those because I literally don’t anything else that would work for this shirt!

Batman Symbol Yellow T-Shirt (similar)

What do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay? Whose your favorite superhero?



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