From Ozzy To Bruce!


Hi! 🙂

This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of our cats. This is of Ozzy, he is our third gray/white baby. My mom, Blondie and I still have arguments which of our females is his mother. I still think it’s Wren because he was one of last kittens that started coming around us and let us hold him and love on him. He didn’t start letting us my mom and I pet him until he got fixed. He and Tavy have really changed in personalities. They both liked to keep to themselves but if you come around them, they run away from you.

When my cousin Kristi came down for Christmas, my mom was in talks with her to take home of our kittens. She’s been trying to talk my Uncle David to do it too, he actually wants Nelly! They already have one of our other kittens Roxi (who was originally named “Winnie” and “Swifty”) but she is the equivalent of our dog ChiChi, she’s a spoiled princess and likes being the only cat in their semi. Anyways, my mom wanted Kristi to take our littlest baby Tavy, since it keeps getting colder at night. We think he’s too little to be outside. The plan was for her to take him home with her, but once she got up to the house everybody just kind of ran up to her and the one who don’t normally like people were the ones who were sitting on her lap!

Mr. Ozzy was one of the last kittens to come around her, like he was dragging behind while everybody else was rubbing up against our legs! She almost went home with Midget at first because she reminded her of a cat she had in the past, but Midget didn’t like when she tried to put her into the car. She tried to jump out of her arms twice! And then here came Ozzy, my mom already told her that big Grumpy was off limits because he’s basically one of my dad’s favorites, so Ozzy is like the mini verison of Grumpy and Stormy! She sat back down on the ramp and she laid on her lap. It kind of shocked us a bit! He’s very temdid of his surroundings and people in general. The fact that he let her hold him and put him in her car was very interesting! He liked the front seat apparently, Kristi texted me saying he was asleep within the first hour of driving in the 2-3 hours back home.

Now about his name. I think the only reason why he was called that was because it was an “O” name. I mean, we had “Otis” and “Oscar” this poor guy just stuck with a random name and sadly I think I’m the one who named him! After so many cats, we were just throwing names around to see what we liked for each one! When Kristi first brought him home, everybody there didn’t exactly like the name “Ozzy” and I don’t necessarily blame them! From what I was told, they were saying names out loud and Kristi’s friend said “Bruce” and he turned around and looked at him and the name stuck. Bruce is doing well, he likes being inside and I haven’t heard of any fights between him and Roxi yet. Oh, and if I’m correct about Wren being his mom, then Roxi would be his aunt! Wren and Roxi were from the same litter!

What is the perfect name for a cat? What do you think of switching names on your pets?



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