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If you guys knew what kind of music my nana listened to, you’d either be surprised or overjoyed. I’m like right in the middle of both feelings. She’s even listened to some of my favorites too, like Linkin Park, Sixx:A.M., and Within Temptation. However, nobody has her attention the most other than Adam Lambert. Ever since he started touring with the legendary band Queen, she’s been listening to their music more and has even followed Roger Taylor and Brian May on Twitter!

Our entire family has known about her growing love of modern rock bands for the last few years, but my Uncle Rick has gotten her something to enjoy that doesn’t necessarily involve Adam Lambert or listening to music in general. For Christmas, he got her this book, The Untold Story Of Queen by Mark Blake. He got the paperback edition which I have to say I love paperbacks, but for her, she has trouble with holding the book open and reading the small print. So I decided to help her out a bit and read the book for her.

I’m still trying to figure out why I decided to do this because I’m not a fan of Queen and I doubt I ever will be a fan of theirs, that’s just something I do. Anyways, I like reading out loud. My only problem with it is that whenever I read out loud it’s like nothing registers in my head.. I might be reading it, but there’s a good chance I won’t remember all the information that I just read a half hour ago. I had this problem in school too, somehow I block it out. That’s not the reason why I volunteered to read it for her, she would have never been able to read the book if I hadn’t offered. I mean, her original idea was to use a magnifying glass and hold it as she’s reading. She’d never make a dent in it that way!

It’s a pretty thick book, so if we don’t do any DIY projects for the next few months, you’ll know why! On the first day of reading it, we only made it through four and a half pages. The last page had a slight error which at first I swore up and down it was just me. Maybe I had read it wrong, but I had to say that sentence like four times before I showed it to my nana and she said it wrong too! There was an un-needed “this” in the sentence and I thought it needed to take out the “th” in the word and just be “is” but she thinks it needs to be changed to “was” but anyways, it does pay to read aloud a few times to see and hear mistakes in not only your own work, but somebody else’s too! I probably won’t do a review about it, but if my nana is up for it I might ask if she would like to do it instead!

Have you read this book? What do you think of it? Do you listen to Queen? What are your thoughts about Adam Lambert taking Freddie Mecury’s place on tour?


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10 thoughts on “Reading Out Loud

  1. I like Queen. I am not an avid fan but I like their music. As for Adam Lambert, I’ve only heard one song from him that I have in my iTunes library but I don’t really know much about him to have a real opinion on it. I do know that Queen is a legendary rock band so hopefully Adam Lambert can live up to what fans of the band are expecting. Good on you for reading to your grandmother. Not many people these days would take the time to do that, not even for family:)

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      1. And your grandmother loving him is kind of cool in a weird sort of way. Most of her generation isn’t interested in the new music. Hell, I’m not even interested in new music unless it’s a certain genre or by certain bands. Lol

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  2. I haven’t read this book yet. I bought it for my brother who’s a huge fan of Queen, but I haven’t had time to read it yet ;p He read it in one day tho and he liked it 🙂 I really like listening to Queen, but I needed to “grown up” to their music. I’ve a huge respect for what they’ve done for the music in general, for being the inspiration to so many people. Meeting Brian May is still one of my biggest dreams. I wish I could live in “Freddie’s era”. He was an amazing and talented performer, frontman, musician and singer. I don’t know Adam’s solo work. I only saw some videos of him performing with Queen. I gotta say, I respect him for taking this challenge and for not trying to “replace” Freddie. He doesn’t try to pretend he’s somebody else or sing like Freddie. But, it’ll never be the same without Mercury 😉

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  3. I love Queen! My Dad is a huge fan so I grew up listening to them. My Dad would play his records when Mum was pregnant with my & every time I would kick like crazy to the point where she banned him from playing his records when she was pregnant with my sister! This definitely needs to go on my reading list! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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