Our Christmas Tree Is Up!


Hey guys!

Well, Christmas is next Friday and our tree is finally up! Blondie and Brandon came down for the occasion. My sister is not in the Christmas spirit like I am, which is weird because it’s usually the other way around! From what Brandon said, he was the one who mainly put up the tree in their apartment. They said it wasn’t that difficult to put up, all they had to was hook up each section and the branches just unfolded themselves! I’m still waiting for that text from one of them saying the cats broke it or something like that.

This year was actually really different from our past Christmases. We’ve never had an outsider help decorate our tree before, but Brandon got to do a lot more than he probably wanted to! My dad was too busy making us breakfast for supper! We had bacon and pancakes! Sorry for the food moment. I think he got to put on the angel on top of the tree. Oh, do you remember in the post about my nana’s tree, that unfolding the branches didn’t really hurt my toes? Yeah, it must have been something about the aging in ours. It’s like 25 years old and it pricked all around my toes. I only opened like four or five branches because that’s all I could take.

After that, two out of four of us took a break. I saw this an opportunity to grab my camera, but there was a small difference with doing nana’s tree. I was sitting on the floor for this one! I had trouble at holding myself up on my own to get a good picture of our tree as each step was completed. At one point I had to borrow Brandon’s leg so I could use it prop myself up to lean back and raise my feet up with the camera between them, it still didn’t work! So when Blondie decided to get started on putting the lights on I handed my camera to Brandon and he gladly took pictures for me of both the tree and my sister trying to use the tree to shield herself from it. And I got the five pictures to prove it too!! I was extremely short! I had to scoot back towards my electric wheelchair on the other side of the room to get a good picture of the whole thing, but between the bad, bad lighting and I guess everybody going around it, I got some cool shots of it and the lights, one looks like hearts/birds and I still don’t know how that happen!

My sister and I took a few minutes out of watching mom and Brandon build the tree to look at some our old Christmas cards that my mom used to hang around the doorway of the kitchen. That’s when we found Blondie’s cute, embarrassing little letters from when she was like six or a little bit older, Brandon got a kick out of them! After that, it was the time for the ornaments. However, if it was up to my mom and sister the tree would only be decorated with lights and tinsel. I love our ornaments and hardly of them have hooks on them so I can hold onto them with my toes without stabbing myself. However, I’m usually in my wheelchair(s) for this part so I had to make do with the one row and one branch from the second section. Once everything was finished, I finally gave up on trying to get pictures on my own, so this time I gave my mom the camera and she just went inside. She took pictures of almost EVERYTHING on the tree. I, of course didn’t happen, I basically directed her to each section of the tree and she thought it was too dark on the screen without the flash, so she put it back on. In this process, she accidentally took a picture of her foot! Ha ha! I have to give her credit on some of them though, I doubt the picture of the angel on would have been so pretty without the flash, so she’s forgiven!

I was sad when Blondie and Brandon left, but I wasn’t upset because they left, no…. I had a dentist appointment the next morning. I wasn’t too excited about it and if you follow me on Twitter you probably read all about it. Somehow I got sleep that night after having a full-blown meltdown with my mom just before she went to bed. I always do them at the wrong times! Anyways, I had medicine before we left and I felt out of it, but not as bad as I thought I would which was a bummer I have to say! At first, we didn’t know if I’d get anything done, but the longer they looked and left, and I think my mom jinxed me too. She told me they took us the bad news that I might get to have the milkshake after all since my parents technically still owe me. I got my cleaning, but they still had to use the shots, I got 7 in total and I just completely broke down because I hate those damn things! My poor dad came in after that and held my foot to help keep me calm. I felt bad for him because he usually doesn’t go to appointments with mom and I. After, the cleanings she (and she had to go deep) was done, I was done! I only got my right side done because I was already feeling anxious, exhausted and stressed to the max! I wasn’t originally going to share that much of the appointment in this post, but I felt I needed to!

What are your phobias? What makes you very anxious? And on a happy note, what do you think of our tree?

7 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree Is Up!

    1. Thank you!

      My mom did have a good point though. While I was in the middle of a meltdown the night before I told that I feel pretty defenseless whenever I go to the dentist or eye doctor, she came back with “Meghan, if you could use your arms, we would have a lawsuit on our hands because you’ve went and punched somebody in the face.” And she’s right, we would!! Lol

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  1. I love the Santa Claus bauble! Sorry to hear about your experience with the dentist, that sounds pretty bad!
    Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCorner


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